The 50 Culture Quotes

One of the most important thing that every citizen of every country must preserve is their own culture.
It is through their culture that they can actually be proud of where they live.
Culture has been passed down from one generation to another through time and it is one of the things that has been valued in every place.
Now, if you know anything about culture, then you are very lucky, here are some culture quotes that might help you to appreciate culture so much more.

It is outmost importance that the culture of the country is preserved, you must abide by this.


History is a tough enemy which is why we must do our very best to learn from its ruins now.


Over the years, we have learned new things, but we must also learn to treasure the past still.



It is not enough to just preserve things, it is more important to practice and keep it alive.


Traditions are meant to be celebrated for, not ashamed for so keep your head proud, my dear.


Through the hearts and the soul of the people in this country, our culture will be preserved.


There will be people who will judge you for what you do, never let them shame you into that.


Be proud of the traditions that you have carried from your ancestors, they are your treasure.


And it was history who showed us what we must change in order to be better people of now.


The culture of this nation will always be inside the soul of the people and in their hearts too.


It is hard, changing what you have been believing in since you were a child but you must.


Of course, tradition and your beliefs may be different but each needs to be respected too.


I just hope you realize how important and unique every civilization’s traditions are, child.


You do not need to involve other country’s culture to prove that yours is so much better, dear.


Though you may not realize it now, there will come a day when you will realize who you are.



What you are is what you do but who you’re is the one person you have long been way before.


I think that our people must accept the changes that comes with technology along with things.


It is in the ways that you try to make your culture blossom that you truly help your country.


Maybe it is of our culture to shame holding hands but to encourage those holding real guns.


Reality as we see it must be faced, we must all know what we are doing, let us hold hands too.


Let us all work together hard enough to make sure that the traditions we have do not ever die.


I think that this can be our legacy too like the ones before us, way before we came to exist.


I do hope that our culture can still improve, that someone we can find ways to be better, now.


We are the future, we define what will survive, I just hope we try our best to choose wisely.


There are some things that will take a mark on you, some that will be permanently yours too.


There is a fine line on traditions and on being a fanatic, never cross the other side of it, dear.


And now, I must say that these things are just there to guide as, not to do us any harm at all.


You should not contempt others for the culture that they follow, but instead give them respect.



Maybe tomorrow we would all understand each other better and realize to respect each other.


It may not be in my nature to help people in need but I can defy it, I can defy my fate as well.


They say that they can read my fate with stones but I beg to differ, I believe I can do things.


I want to change the world, respect beliefs but still to make a better place for us to all live in.


If we all just keep on respecting each other’s culture, we can live a more simpler life, indeed.


And right now, all I can think of is the reflection I saw in the mirror, looking straight at me.


I wish I can be a great leader someday, helping people respect how things used to be before.


The world is full of details and we must cope with that, find the guides, all that you can see.


I think that the future can change by what we do now so let us keep on rejoicing about things.


Do you want to change your culture, then you are better off trying your best in this sense, girl.


When a thing becomes a habit it’s hard to let go, now so is something taught to you long ago.


Believe me, it has been arrange that way because that is the way it has been supposed to be.


We are all free to make the choices that we need to do and so we will try our very best to it.


Let me tell you that our desires may fail us but those in which we put our faith in never would.


Maybe we can get past the culture we are raised upon and start making our very own futures.


For now, I just want to make sure that you realize how much of an impact things you do make.


The sad thing is that now it seems so stagnant, the things that we believe in, never evolving.


What do I do now that we want to create new things, we need to make new ideals for future.


The purpose of our culture is to set us apart from other nationalities, I really believe it now.


It seems so impossible right now but we will change what people believes in, we definitely.


There is a greater force out there working but we must also do our best in order to survive.


For now, what we can do is to practice our culture to the best of our capabilities, my friend.


What do we do now that things are not going as well as they seem, I truly wonder about it.


May people start to take responsibility of their actions instead of blaming things on tradition.


I think that it is the fact that women has been oppressed before that they became cowardly.


With every time that we make sure to practice the culture we were raised upon, we get better.


Let us join hands in creating a better future for the world we live in, come and join us now.


This is our battle, this is our world, we are the ones who live here, let’s make things fair.


From now on, never be ashamed of your culture, it is something to be proud of, to pride in.


And all women ever wanted was to be given the same rights as men ever had, that was all.


I may not be a feminist but I believe that women need to find themselves in par with men.


It is through empowerment that people are going to be able to live a happier and better life.


I want you to realize just how beautiful our culture is so you will learn to appreciate it too.


There are some people who will leave marks in you, appreciate them, learn from them as well.


It is our customs that has made us who we are right now but we can still find change within.


Customs may not always be right but they have been a good guide until this very moment.


For now, what I can do is believe that my customs are right until they are proven to be wrong.


When you see your culture for what it really is, you will realize it is something to be respected.


With all the power that has been vested upon me, I will try to change this world I am in now.


It is necessary to have a habit because it forces you to be alive, but habits can change as well.


I think it must be that I am so used to doing things that way that I find it so hard to adapt now.


And we have the future on the palm of our hands so now we must make do with what we have.


The story behind things that are in your culture now will matter to you years from this day.


We are powerful but we must also be aware of the ones that have power over us: customs.


Our habits may be good or bad and we are capable of changing them all if we want to do so.


You are the one to decide whether or not you will follow your own culture and no one else.


I never would have imagined I had the power to change my fate if I just pushed hard enough.


And now I can’t even describe this feeling of a new found freedom here in my heart and soul.


May you follow your culture and be blessed for the good things that you will do from now on.


And my soul, I just hope that I can do anything that I can in order to justify what I have done.


Believe in your spirit like people has believed in you, and you will be just fine, believe that.


I just wish that today will be the best day ever, that your culture will be kept preserved, girl.


You have power hidden within you, so for now, just do what you can to fight fate harder.


I want you to know that I appreciate every single thing that you do to win your battles too.


This moment, you are highly appreciated by the people around you, remember that.


We are the ones who’ll continue on this culture that we have so that it will never be forgotten.


Culture is important because it will represent each and every one of us in the future, really.


For now, what we can do is to tell how our culture is to the rest of the world, that is it, friend.

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