The 45 Unconditional Love QuotesChild

The best kind of love there ever was is unconditional love.
Truth be told, unconditional love comes from parents, from God, from those who knows how to love in a pure, untainted way.
There is something about being given unconditional love that makes you feel as if you are just so lucky about your life and about being loved like that.
You want to know how to give unconditional love as well but to do so, you must first be able to understand it and relate to it.
Here are some quotes about unconditional love that you might just find useful.

Unconditional love is the purest love of all, how a mother looks at her child with all the love.

There is no perfect love in this world but one can always try to make it near perfection, right?

Go ahead and love someone as hard as you can simply because one person will be for you.

Love with your heart and never with your eyes, it is personality that matters, not looks, girl.

Good looks will eventually fade but a love so true never will so go ahead and find it, my boy.

The purest love the world can ever have is the way you mother looks at you like a treasure.

You can try to love someone unconditionally by not expecting anything at return at all, dear.

When you feel down, remember those people who love you with all that they have, my girl.

You will learn to accept people for who they are and when you do you will learn to truly do.

Out of all the love out there in the world it is unconditional love that I want to have the most.

There is something about loving a person who you know so much that makes people happy.

Believe in me and I promise you that I’ll love you with all I have with all that I am right now.

You are set apart by all the memories that I shared with you and feelings that I have for you.

I wish we will be able to somehow grow old together, with you by my side as I open my eyes.

Every day is a new day, a new beginning, a challenge to love you again in a different way.


Once more than before I want you to know that I love you because I just do, nothing more.

May you know unconditional love from someone that is not related to you at least once, girl.

Even if you do not reciprocate it, I will keep on loving you with all that I have at this moment.

What I can promise you is this: I will keep on loving you until the very last moment I have.

You deserve an unconditional love because you are the best kind of person in this world, boy.

Unconditional love is when you do not even expect anything in return at all but give it all.

And when I take my very last breathe, I swear it will be your sweet name on my dull lips then.

Even time will not be able to lower the intensity of what I feel for you, I promise you on that.

You may just be facing a time so difficult but I swear I will be here for you through it all, dear.

I want to be there for you at the hardest times and the sweetest moments of your life, honestly.

I do not want to be the girl who waits for you by the phone, but the girl you are with always.

And so I have decided that it is going to be you that I will always love now and until forever.

One of the easiest show of love that is so unconditional is the way a dog loves its master so.


When you give all that you have, all that you are to the person it is called unconditional love.

I will step on my pride if it is needed to be because without knowing I just began loving you.

I do not know how I am going to be able to get through the day without you, I’m used to you.

What is another way to love a person besides loving him unconditionally? I do not know.

There is only one love that can last for a whole lifetime and that is but a love that is pure, girl.

I love you with everything that I have but if it isn’t enough I don’t know what I can do on that.

And when you finally experience that unconditional love, never take it for granted, please.

Would you tell me that you love me because I need you at this very moment more than ever.

I am so scared of falling in love and so I do not like falling in general and still I did for you.

Loving someone without any restriction, without any fear is the best kind of love there is, child.

May you know how to love without demanding anything but just keep on giving all you have.

I think you are perfect exactly like that so do not change for I love you as you are right now.

I guess the truth is that even if you change it will still be you and so I will still love you same.

I see the good in you and for that I love you so and still I see the bad and love you more for it.

Knowing you are not perfect just like I am is much of a relief and makes me love you more.

Let me drown you in my love to the point that you will never get out of it, I care for you so.

There is something about unconditional love that sounds so amusing, that you never let go of.

When you love with your heart, when you give it your all that is what unconditional love is.

One day, you will find an unconditional love and when you do, may you realize it, I hope so.

If he loves you the way your parents does, with pure and unconditional love, he is a keeper.

I know I am not lovable at this very moment but still I hope you would be there for me, still.

Is it hopeless to tell you that I am hoping you will keep on accepting me for the person I am?

Actual love means that you need not change that person because you love him too much.

I care for you more than you know and I hope that you will be happy about that, my dear.

I just wish you find someone who will hold you at the moments you are weakest, and love you.

Today may just be your last and so I hope that you’ll find people who you need to say bye to.

When your definition of happiness is seeing someone else happy, that might be real love.

One of the best kinds of love is that which asks for nothing in return, but gives everything.

If you want your love to last for a whole lifetime then learn to love someone who is changing.

God love us with unconditional love that can never be compared with any love in the world.

I guess the point is that you should give all that you have so that you would not regret things.

Let them be themselves and learn to love them for that, for exactly who they think they are.

When you know every quirk about a person and still love them that is what real love really is.

The concept of love may be too much for a person’s mind but basically it is acceptance.

Forget the expectations and learn to accept someone for what they can give you, even small.

Just keep telling yourself that it will be okay because that is the truth of this life, my dear.

Even if it’s hurt you should keep on loving because love doesn’t stop because it is a bit hurt.

And when you are actually at the receiving end of unconditional love, may you appreciate it.

Keep doing the things that you do with everything that you can and you’ll be successful, child.

Your eyes are truly the key to your heart, the doors to that soul inside of you waiting to love.

Give it your all, tell yourself that it is alright to get hurt because you learn in the process.

Be devoted to the people who care for you and devote yourself to doing kind things, my dear.

Love can actually create miracles believe me on that because I have been there one time.

There is nothing that love creates that is not beautiful because love itself is very beautiful.

Do not expect a reward when you try to feel for someone because that is the way you should.

That moment when you want to give unconditional love, never limit yourself, go for it.

I hope you find someone who deserves the kind of unconditional love that you keep giving up.

An unconditional love will never make you give things up when you need not to, believe me.

How do I even start on explaining to do something that you are not aware of, I do not know.

You need to open your eyes to the things happening around you and still keep loving others.

To fall for someone who sees the best in you and accepts the worst is the best thing in here.

You have such a beautiful soul that I love getting to know it, let us keep being this way, boy.

Do not give up on something that you love because it is worth it, love is always worth it all.

Understand that not everyone will be able to understand you but having someone is enough.

I am just but a girl who tries everything in her ability to show you that she loves you so much.

It is inevitable not to love that person who is always right beside you all the time, right?

There is something about unconditional love that makes us feel better than ever before.

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