The 40 Smart Self Love Messages

Sometimes, you need to discover yourself and who you are in order to find out how to be able to love that person that you are as of the moment.
Take the time you need for self-discovery and knowing self-worth.
Here are some quotes that will help you understand the love of hope.

The key to being the best person you can actually become is to start loving yourself more.

You deserved to be loved just like anyone else in this universe that we are living in, dear.

You actually need to realize that there is nothing wrong with loving yourself, it is okay.

You need to find the time to understand yourself more, to find who you truly are in the inside.

Value every single moment you have and you might as well enjoy every single second of it.

You may need to find a reason why you should value yourself because you are amazing.

There is no one in the world that can ever par with the love I have for you but also myself.

Had I been selfish to just let myself be the person that loves herself more than anyone else?

There is no man that can be comfortable enough not knowing if he is on the right side of luck.

Never allow yourself to be a victim to anything in this world, go and define who you are.

It is never good to be silent, even for matters that need to be formal and all that, my love.

Before you go out there and love any other, it would be great if you start with yourself first.

Self-love is important because other else, who would love you most besides yourself?

There is just this thing about loving yourself that enables you to do more things than the usual.

The point is that no one can hurt you more than you allow them to if you know self-love.

At the end of the day it’s just you on your own so you might as well learn to love yourself.


It may sound funny but a little bit more of self-love can actually bring you a long way.

To love yourself is one of the most basic rule of life, you cannot love someone else without it.

It may sound cliché but you cannot indeed love anyone else if you do not know how to love.

There is nothing wrong in learning how to love yourself before starting on someone else.

You can never be comfortable with anyone else if you do not approve of them, that is the truth.

Let no one else define who you are and instead be the one who will define yourself, my love.

If you really want to get something done the key to that is to learn to love yourself, dear.

It is important to embrace your individuality and accept that you are human and has flaws.

Do not allow yourself to be a victim, do not fall into their traps and just be yourself, dear.

If you learn to have some self-love you will see that everything will fall into their places.

You just do not have a right to be your own, but you actually have the obligation to be that.

If you can see just how important you seem to the people you meet, you will love yourself.

There is something about you that you impart with every single person that you meet in life.

If you want to have your heart broken less often you need to have self-love, that is a fact.

You will just keep on holding yourself back if you do not learn how to love yourself, love.

You may not know it but you are an important person to someone else, start loving yourself.

Who else would dare to like someone who does not even know how to love himself, right?

You need to care enough about yourself to actually love yourself and do things for your body.

The best gift you can give to yourself is to learn how to love it and to appreciate yourself.

Caring for yourself is never a selfish act but only taking good care of the one gift you have.

You were put on earth to give yourself to other people so you might as well take care.

You need to adopt a new way of life where you will learn how to fall in love with yourself.

Change your point of view into one where no part of you makes a judgement of yourself.

The highest level of criticism comes from within you, the voice inside of yourself, you know.

The most unconditional love of all will come from inside of you and can only be given by you.

Stop being affected by other’s opinion because it does not really matter what they think of you.

Forget about the things you regret in your life and just live a happier life than the usual.

Stop being negative and try to be more positive for a change, then learn to love yourself.

Have some self-love so you can spread the love that you feel to another human being.

The key to loving is to love yourself so much you then decide to share the love to another.

The best person to spoil is yourself, you need to do that from time to time, you know?

Stop justifying yourself to other people because you do not need their approval, dear.

Add some quality to your life by living the life that you really and truly want to live, friend.

Every choice you make matters to your life so make sure that you are doing it for yourself.

The decisions you make are the one that will change your life, be careful on making them.

In order for others to learn how to respect you, you must first learn to respect yourself.

The best person you can be in this world is yourself so you might as well learn how to be.

Only you can be responsible for making things in your life happen so just keep doing them.

Accept yourself fully, completely, both good and bad and then you will learn to love you.

Stop trying to be what the world needs you to be but start being what you really want to be.

Do what makes you happy because that is the only time that you can start living your life.

Stop underestimating yourself because first and foremost, you should be able to love you.

When you decide on what you want to do, never let anyone else tell you that you are wrong.

There will always be difficulties in life that makes you want to change your mind, be strong.

Always look at the world with your head up high and you will be just fine, believe me.

Maybe you should stop criticizing every single thing you do and start approving yourself.

Try to be faithful with the inner you, your soul and you will see that it does matter in the end.

The most beautiful of people are those who have lost for they know how to get back up.

If you start acting like every move you make will matter, then it actually would, my dear.

The person you spend most of your time with is yourself so you might as well enjoy the time.

Stop looking outside of you to start making things happen and instead, start looking inside.

No one in the world should ever make you feel inferior without you letting them do so.

The more comfortable with yourself you feel the more confident you will truly ever become.

Celebrate the person you are and stop being embarrassed of yourself for the things you love.

You are powerful but you do not know it because you never bothered to look at yourself.

You always look up to other people but have you ever looked at what you can do alone?

You are the answer to your biggest questions so you might want to start loving yourself.

You can get out of any situation if you just learn how to trust yourself despite everything else.

Believe in yourself, so you need not to convince others because only your approval matters.

When you start to accept yourself for who you are, other people will start doing the same.

The only person that you should aim to be better than, is yourself and no one else, my friend.

Being hard on yourself is not really the way to be and that is the truth of this life, my dear.

When you conform to the norm, everyone would surely like you except for yourself.

Do not dare to be anyone but yourself because that is the best person you can ever become.

You lack the confidence that you need simply because you do not believe in yourself, love.

Stop looking at other people like they are but reflections of you and start to be yourself more.

When you love someone else, you give them time, so why do you not give time for yourself?

You do not feel comfortable with other people because you are not comfortable with yourself.

There will come a time in your life when you realize that loving yourself is the right choice.

Stop thinking about what other people thinks of you and just start loving what you are.

What matters is how you feel in the inside, who you are is the only thing you should care of.

Leave whatever it is that makes you happy or make you feel small, that is just self-love.

When you learn how it feels to love yourself, you will never stop for anyone at all, my love.

The best things in life are not really free because you need to pay for them with another.

The purpose of loving yourself is to be able to do things more freely without holding back.

When you learn how to love yourself, you will realize what it feels like to really love.

The pieces of you that you shared can be recovered by learning to love yourself, my dear.

Just repeat this after me: No one should make me feel bad for loving myself.

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