The 40 Self Love Quotes

One of the most important kinds of love in this world is self-love, the ability to appreciate yourself and actually accept who you are.
Everyone should have the capability for self-love but not all is able to actually execute it.
There are so many things that can sprout from having some self-love: to be capable of respecting yourself and demanding the same thing from others and to actually know your worth.
If you ever feel like you do not have enough self-love, here are some quotes about self-love that might make your realize that you should be the first person you love.

Self-love is more about knowing who you are, accepting that you are not a perfect person too.

You deserved to be appreciated; you deserve not to be taken for granted, take note of that.

Girl, respect yourself and when you do I am sure that other people will learn to do the same.

Love yourself as much as you love that person you are with right now as much as anyone else.

Value yourself because that is the only time that other people will also know how to value you.

You should never be comfortable with things unless you have your own stamp of approval.

The thing is that your opinion about yourself is the one that should matter the most to you.

Do not let what other people think about you affect the way you view yourself believe me on it.

One day someone will come up to you or confront you, listen but never get swayed by them.

You should never let anyone define your life for you because it is yours to mess up after all.

If you want anything to get done then actually learn to know yourself better than before, dear.

You should never let anyone step on you, never let them demand respect, let them earn it.

The first thing you should do is to have self-love even before anything else in this world, dear.

You have an obligation to actually care for yourself and someone to actually love it, start it.

Every person you meet gets a piece of you that you can’t ever get back, and it’s just okay.


You will learn eventually, how hard it is to be an individual without even knowing yourself.

Stop driving your life with your hand steady on the hand break and learn to look up ahead.

Imagine just how much better life would be if you actually try your best in what you do.

When you realize just how important you are, you will have some confidence to gather.

Rediscover who you are, discover something new about yourself and you will do just fine.

Darling you should put some self-love first before going out to love some other person, really.

Stop thinking about how other people view you as and start thinking more about who you are.

Who you truly are should show in every single thing that you do or are doing right now, girl.

The thing is, what matters are those that seem simple but are actually very deep, my dearest.

Forget about your failures in life, you should never be measured based on them alone, girl.

When the time comes, what matters is if you actually love yourself enough to keep going.

I sincerely believe that loving yourself will help us achieve the best that we can become.

Respect goes hand in hand with self-love, you won’t respect in every single way possible.

You define what you want and every single choice you will make will matter, believe me on it.

He may be flattering but at the end of the day those that comes from you matters much more.

Do not let what other people think about you affect the way that you look at yourself, dear.

You are going to be a bright star and keep on shining, so keep going for it I believe in you.

Self-love is important and I hope that someday soon you actually learn how to have that, boy.

I wish I can teach you how to have self-love but you need to learn it by yourself, truth be told.

You may be having a hard time now but you’ll survive it, I promise you that it does, really.

As much as I would love to tell you it’s all about respecting others, it’s also about self-respect.

You always have a choice and one day I want you to learn how to actually choose yourself.

In the midst of everything, it is only you who can decide when you want to stop it all, my girl.

Never rely on someone else on being happy, you have to find that happiness within you, boy.

My dear, the point is that this world needs more self-supporting people, be one of them, okay?

Stop undervaluing yourself and realize that even your weaknesses can be turned to strengths.

Hold your head high because you did not do anything wrong you faced all your monsters, girl.

Self-love is what you need, I’m telling you, go figure it out and be relieved in the truth of it.

The first step to being a brand new person is to have the following: self-love and confidence.

You will have a low self-esteem if you do not even have self-love in the first place, honestly.

Remember that out of all the kind of love out there, self-love is one of the most important, girl.

When the time comes that you have to decide, do what it is you think will be best for you, boy.

Stop criticizing yourself only to be so down and start to actually try to praise yourself, dear.

What you do now will make a difference in your life, believe me so you might as well start.

Every path you take will affect your life so be careful on choosing which way to go to, honey.

There is something about people who have struggled; they have a better understanding, really.

Start looking inside you to grow instead of looking far away when you need to improve, okay?

Life will try to get the best of you but you must do your best to prove yourself to it, believe me.

You are powerful, you are awesome, you are charismatic, believe that you are enough, girl.

Trust in yourself and in your ability to actually make the right choices than you believe, okay?

What you see is just the surface, you need to go soul searching and try to find who you are.

You need to have enough self-love so that you can actually respect yourself and so do others.

Never let anyone else in this world distort the self-love that you might have at this very day.

At the end of time, it will only be you and yourself and so forget those monsters, try it out.

Talking to yourself actually matters, asking yourself if you are okay will help you, really.

When you accept yourself, other people do not have a choice but do the same thing.

Never let anyone feel that they are superior to you without your permission, my dear boy.

I think that being an individual should promote originality or being unique, my darling.

Self-love is learning how to put value on yourself so that you never let yourself be doomed.

Those who bullies other people most not have enough self-love to appreciate others too, sad.

The sad truth is those who let themselves be victims are those who do not know self-love.

Practice self-love even through small things and you will wake up and see, you have enough.

The little acts of kindness on yourself will eventually contribute to your self-love believe me.

It will haunt you, it will eat you inside out, that is who it is when you do not know self-love.

I’ll save myself no matter what the situation is, I have enough self-love as it is right now.

Self-love is important simply because at the end of the day you only have yourself, anyway.

You should feel better about yourself, be proud of what you are doing, you can do it, love.

And in the end, it is not what they call you that matters but to which you answer to, boy.

Just keep on trying to actually find the place you belong to, that is the key to success.

No one should know you better than you do because it is you whom your body belongs to.

If you want to be better, be a better version than your last self, that would be achievement.

Let the lord help you in knowing yourself better for He knows every man here on earth.

Go ahead and dare to be who you really are, only then will you actually be better, honestly.

Sure you may have a person with you now but it is still you who can give yourself self-love.

Stop stepping in your own light, instead step up to the darkness that surrounds you, dear.

May you learn to stop judging yourself by the wrong decisions you have made in your life.

Basically, life is about understanding who you are and making the most out of that fact.

Stop making excuses and apologies and just try to live your life with a better care, my love.

You have an advantage if you actually know yourself than just pretend to know yourself.

And in the end of time, what matters is the actions you took to get to where you are now.

Having self-love is not selfishness, it is simply being able to accept yourself for who you are.

No matter what other people try to tell you about self-love, remember just how crucial it is.

And when the time comes for you, I hope you have enough of self-love so you can survive it.

Love is about being happy and I am telling you that to be happy you will need self-love, girl.

You need self-love, do not forget that and always try to give it your all, no matter what you do.

Self-love is the act of actually forgiving yourself for every mistake you have done in the past.

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