The 40 Quotes about Waiting for Love

One of the hardest experience to ever be in is where you are waiting for love.
It is very hard to be patient, it is very hard to keep yourself from going out there and searching for love.
Everyone says that waiting for love is practically the right thing to do, that it is your best option.
On the other hand, you are afraid that they are not telling you the truth, that maybe you can do something to hasten the pace, to actually make it seem as if you did something in the process of finding your true love instead of waiting for love.
No matter, here are some quotes about waiting for love that you might be able to relate with.

I have long been waiting for love and until now it still hasn’t the nerve to show its face to me.

Some days, I ask myself if I should wait or if I should go out there and try to find my own fate.

Maybe the point is that we are all but trying to find that person who would accept us fully.

And in the middle of all the chaos happening in your life right now, somehow you will see him.

You will know that he is the one when suddenly you cannot see anyone else but him alone.

Baby, I am not sure if things are going to go right but let me know when you have arrived.

You try and try all your life to find the right one but always end up making the big mistakes.

It is okay to not rush, you just have to wait it out, eventually he will come knocking at you.

If you keep waiting for love I wonder if it will ever really come, no one is sure about that too.

The right person will show up at the moment when you are about to give up on everything.

Maybe you have seen the right one but you did not know and so you need to be more patient.

One day you will walk inside a room and suddenly you know that there he was all along, dear.

Patience has always been a key to a lot of things and this might be one of those moments.

I wonder if he is out there just trying to feel me out because I am trying to do just the same.

If tomorrow I leave this world, let him know that I tried to search for him but he wasn’t there.

You should stay still and just relax, you would not find each other if you both are searching.

Listen when I say that you are going to find her if you just wait for things to unfold, darling.

I got so used to waiting for love that I did not recognize real love when it has been on my face.

She may be with the wrong person right now and you can’t do anything but just wait it out.

You will get to her, don’t you worry, you will have the chance to catch a glimpse of beauty.

When the world seems so big you will see her and realize it has been but a small world really.

One moment you will look into each other’s eyes and find a click right there inside your heart.

All along I was waiting for love but it seemed my soulmate was right beside me all this time.

There are days when I ask if the man sleeping beside me is really the one meant for me, really.

Is it enough that I tried my best to try and search for him but I got tired and so I stopped.

I bet you should just stop everything altogether because things are not going to be like that.

Go for what you feel is right, trust your gut feel but never forget to think about the good, baby.

For even the brightest stars need to rest after a long time of burning, so do you in searching.

Stop trying to find the love that you have long been longing for, instead try to be contented.

Just appreciate what you have right now and once you do he will come running to you, baby.

My dear, how can he try to adore you when you do not even like yourself in the first place?

Before you go flinging yourself to random guys out there, may you realize your self-worth.

I think it is useless, waiting for love that you know will never come, it is just sad to think of it.

There is no sense of justice in this world, that is the truth but you need to fight for yourself.

In the middle of everything, you may have to fight someone for something, so go ahead, do so.

He exists, I assure you that he exists out there, he may just be caught up with something now.

Maybe, just maybe there were some delays along the way but he will get to you soon, surely.

Keep going, do not lose hope, there are answers when you know where to look for them, girl.

Let me tell you about the girl I used to know and how amazing she was, that she truly is.

And you meet someone but you are afraid it is but a big mistake and push him out, sadly.

Who knows who the right one might be, maybe it is the one sitting next to you, no one knows.

Waiting for love is like waiting for the sun to stop shining, waiting for the sea to stop waving.

Take your chances, that is all you can do now, just take some risks, you will be just fine, love.

Once in this life you will find the one who is worth all the time you spent just wondering there.

And I wonder if he’ll be cool and what he’ll look like but I know that I will figure it out then.

Somehow you anticipate the way he looks and the way you will try your best to find him once.

All at once it is like everything that ever happened suddenly comes rushing back to you again.

How do you even tell this from that when you are the one that makes me want to start over?

It is a hard thing to do, waiting for love but once you found the one for you it will be worth it.

It does not matter how long you are single because you are waiting for love, the right love.

All the built-up anticipation of waiting for love has finally caught up to me, I am in love baby.

When he comes along, you’ll forget all the time you spend wondering if he will really arrive.

So tell me what do I do now that you are here and I am so scared how to approach you, dear?

Close your eyes for a while and imagine how life would be if he was here with you right now.

Would things be different, will you believe me when I say that it would just be the same, boy?

And maybe you will like the way she looks or maybe not but surely you would figure it out.

Then there would be sparks shooting out of somewhere even when you did not expect it to.

The moment you least expect he will come is the moment that he will as life is just like that.

Filled with surprises to the core and of amusement of what should have happened then.

I kept wondering how things are going to work out with someone you have yet to meet, girl.

He is always in your dreams but you just cannot seem to place his face and it annoys you so.

You know him, you know of his built, of how he feels like but you do not know who he is.

If waiting for love be a dream, I just want to wake up from the nightmare it has long been.

You will know he is the one by the way he will say your name: gentle and yet romantic.

When he looks at you, you will feel like melting, you will want to melt on the very spot, baby.

He must be everything you are looking for or kind of the opposite but you will surely love him.

And when he comes, you will be glad that you waited for that moment to happen; his arrival.

Maybe you will be together for a long time or maybe you were fated to meet just shortly today.

How do you know if he is the one you have waited for a very long time, you’ll know it, really.

And in the middle of life, you will get surprised by the sudden arrival but you will accept it.

Because things that comes in surprise annoys people but they love them at the same time.

The love and hate relationship will make you feel alive like you have never felt before, honey.

And I am here, waiting for love to finally come along but it seems that will never ever happen.

So just relax, just sit back and realize that what is meant to happen eventually will happen.

Stop waiting for things to happen and start doing something that will make you go places.

How do you survive the agony of waiting for love when it is all you’ve ever had in this life.

Let everything keep on falling apart, I will be right here just waiting for love, that I will be.

In this world full of people wanting to fall in love I will be the only one waiting for love, baby.

And I want you to know that waiting for love is something you do because you want it right.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for love especially if you want to be as sure as you can.

Let me be the one waiting for love instead of the one who constantly breaks her heart, babe.

I wish you are waiting for love the same way that I am right now, my soon to be spouse.

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