The 40 Life Goes on Quotes

There are moments in our life when all you want to do is to stop time and everything else most especially if you are feeling exhausted with all the trials and pains of life.
No matter how hard you wish that you can do that, you just can’t because life goes on.
Yes, life goes on for us to move forward as well, if life will remain still you will not be able to get out of the situation that you are currently in right now.
Here are our hand-picked quotes about the going on of life, may this list gives you an idea why life really goes on.
Enjoy your time reading and feel free to share this find.

The reason maybe unknown to us but life does go on with a reason. All you have to do is to trust it.


Life goes on because it has to; it has a purpose and a purpose worth living for.


Second chances in life can only be attained when life continues to go on; because you can’t have the second chance on the same day when you wasted your first.


A day will come when you will be grateful to the entire world that life goes on.


Life can sometimes be happy and painful at the same time. You can’t predict what will happen next but one thing is for sure, it will go on.


Express yourself and take every opportunity as life goes on.


If you quit you are only punishing yourself because everything else continues, life goes on and so should you.


Living fully is rarely seen today in the world because people now only exist and not living.


Some people say that having kids will put your life in a halt, in my case it makes my life go on in a fast forward pace.


Life has some similarities with the game of chess the only difference is that the game of chess has an end while life goes on.


If terrible things happen to you and around you do not quit, do not stop. Just take a brief moment to collect all the good things that is left then move forward. Bad things will end eventually if you move forward with life.

Life goes on it is the only thing everybody can be sure about the many uncertainty of life.


So most of us thought that when someone powerful or famous die the world will stop, but just like everyone else, life will still continue, life will still go on.

Life will go on no matter what happen in the worlds even after apocalypses itself, life will still go on.


Everything else you know changes, everything around you will change but life will go on.


Do not ever think that you are indispensable, because life will go on with or without you.



Allow your life to go on; do not be trapped inside the hatred and misery of the past. Move on and go on.


Try and do your best to have a positive outlook in life, things happen because they have to because if they don’t life will not be able to continue.


Whether you are alone or you are in a company of someone always bear in mind that your life will go on. Always remember that.


If there is one thing that we should be thankful for, it is the fact that life goes on.


Nothing is much better than living the life that you have while in continues to go on.


The world may have lots of rains, thunder and storms but no matter what happen to it, life on it will continue to thrive and life will continue to go on and on.


Life will always go on for it has no reason to stop, but it has the reason to continue.


Some people do not want their lives to go on because the more their lives continue they face more and painful deaths.


All of us can’t run away from the continuity of life, not even after death. We will continue to live in the hearts of those people who love us.


I do not simply care if lots of people do not like me because whether they like me or not, my life will go on and I will still continue to live.


Sickness can’t stop me from living my life. Yes, I may become weak to chase life but I will still follow it no matter how hard. I will do everything that I can so my life will go on.


My life maybe miserable as of this moment but I also know that life goes on. I am positive that one day I will look back to this day and be thankful that it happened.


The cycle of life will not be complete if it will not go on. Nothing can be achieved when you choose to stop. If you want to go on you have to move on.


People will surely change. Love does not have any assurance that it will last. Only life is certain. Life is certain that it will continue to go on.


Existing and surviving in this world is not synonymous to living. They are extremely different, so extreme.


In life we are given lots of choices to choose from but only few chose to live their lives to the fullest.


Dying will not stop life from going on. Life itself has no choice but to continue, without minding what is happening with everybody.


Life is can be compared to grammar rules. It has past, present and future all intense.


Life is like pavement. There will be bumps. Cracks maybe present and it might be blocked at times. The only most significant thing is that it continues to go on.


Life goes one even if all the things around it changes.


Life goes on not because to remind you of your mistakes. Life goes on because it wants you to learn the lessons of your mistakes.


Life is more like riding a motorcycle or a bicycle. In order for you to keep your balance, you must keep on moving. Once you stop you will fall.


You may be weak and helpless right now, but keep in mind that life goes on and someday you will be the strongest.


Do not let the hardship and difficulties of life break you but allow it to mold you into a braver and tougher person who can face all the changes in going of life.


Life will go on in any way possible. Nothing can change that. Not even life itself.


Be reminded that the morning will come because it has no choice but to come.


We have to live with a purpose in life because if don’t have any purpose then we are just existing not living.


Life will keep going even if there are only few pieces left. Bear that truth in mind.


Life does not wait for anyone no matter how important person you are. Life will not wait for you; it will keep going on its own.


Life is a lot like reading a book, if you want to finish the story then you have to go to the next chapter, you don’t stay on the same page.


Smile to life because crying to it will not help you.


The longer the life goes on, the longer the hardships will be and so as the happiness and joys of life.


In our lives, accidents do happen. We may get our knee scrapped, our bones broken and skin slashed but as long as our heart continues to beat out life will keep going further down the road.


Life is like the waves on the ocean, it keeps going.


Be grateful for all the things that remain with you because you will need them in moving on while life goes on.


If you keep looking back on the past while life goes on around you, you are missing your whole life yourself.


God gave us rain to remind us that life will not always be sunny but it will keep going on.


Life is like an inextinguishable fire. It will continue to burn no matter how hard you try to put it off.


No one reaches the top of the stairs by making backward steps. If you want to be on the top, the only way is forward.


Life has so much to offer to you so why imprisoned yourself to someone who is long gone?


Losing someone is such a painful process to deal with but once you understand that life will still go on without them, it will be easier to bear.


Your mistakes in life do not and will never define you who you are. Life will continue even if you are being judged or not. Just live your life and follow what you must do.


Reinvent yourself; break the chains that hold you back in exploring the wonders of life.


Life and time will not stop for anyone or anybody. Both of them will continue no matter what.


Life will set off no matter what happen in the world, even after the apocalypses itself, life will still keep going.


You can cry, do not forbid yourself to do that. You can take a break and rest, do not deny yourself of that. But after all of those things, get back on your feet and continue to live your life.


Do your best to make new things, keep exploring and keep wandering. Life has lots of things to offer and it is up to you on how you are going to discover them all. Life goes on.


We can do many things with a simple stone in the water. We can make ripples on the water by throwing it. We can entertain ourselves by letting it skip the water. Or we can stick them together to stop or redirect the flow of the water. The bottom line is, the choice is in our hands likewise with life.


If there are no difficult moments in our lives then we will never learn how to appreciate the good ones in life.


Like a fish in the vast sea, all of us should just keep swimming and go with the flow of life where it wants us to be.


Do not allow anyone to imprison your imagination and questions in a jar. Explore and discover what life can offer.

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