The 40 Innocent Baby Smile Quotes

When you see a baby smile, it lights up his or her face and you just want to keep staring.
Making a baby smile is not so much of a hard work, after all, they laugh at the simplest of things although they are pretty much unpredictable.
However, it is very easy to think of having a baby smile at you and keeping that smile throughout the day.
It is a very nice experience, having your baby smile at you and you realize that what a joy it is to have no problems in the world after all.
Here are some baby smile quotes that you may want to consider.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are the one who made the baby smile, right?

You are simply the most adorable little girl I have seen of all the babies I have tried handling.

The truth is that you look like an angel sent from the heavens above, those curls are amazing.

Fantastic is what you are, with that laughter that sends me on my knees, I love you so much.

How incredible you look and how awesome it is to be in your presence, you little cutie pie.

Babies are such adorable creatures that you just want to keep hugging and squishing tightly.

It must be great to feel like you are loved and that everyone loves looking at you, right baby?

How wonderful it is to have a baby smile at you, removing every stressful event all day long?

Those cute little fingers of you are something to behold, and the way you move them, kiddo.

Okay, little pal, we got this, you keep on smiling and I will keep trying to make you happy.

I want my child to be as happy as can be so that he would just be smiling all the time, really.

It may seem as if nothing is going right but the truth is that the best things in life are cool.

How do you deal with kids when they cry because I only know how to make them happy.

The best moment in the world is when you hear that little girl laugh after long time crying.

What can I say but that there is not anyone in the world I would trade you up for, baby boy.


When you come home and you see your baby smile the feeling of being tired just goes away.

You are so cute and adorable I was wondering why no one wanted to snatch you up my arms.

I would never get tired of looking at your face and your features they are just too cute to bear.

I have something for you and I hope that you will reward me by smiling at me like you like me.

I have this strange affinity for little kids where I just do all that I can do somehow keep okay.

The best thing about being a babysitter is seeing the baby looking at you, that is the truth of it.

Maybe life is not meant to be like that, maybe it is meant looking at the cute little babies, dear.

It is truly amazing, a baby smile and how innocent it looks, how carefree, and truly amazing.

I wish I can also make a baby smile, mostly I just make them cry and I do not know truly why.

There is nothing more I can hope for but that you grow up to be strong and as healthy, sister.

Maybe today is the day when I will finally be able to treasure that are your teeth, cute baby.

I live to hear you laugh and see you are becoming as happy as you can possibly become, dear.

You are the sunshine in my life that I cannot afford to ever let go of, I love you a lot, darling.

I will do all that I can to keep you as safe and happy as you can become, I promise you that.

You are the one who decides what you want in your life but for now, I get to take care of you.

I want a baby smile at me, something that is worth noticing, something to make me happy.

And all this time, I wonder how amazing it was that I am the vessel you used to be right here.

You are quite the smallest person yet the most innocent and pure one as well, I love you so.

Maybe I can get used to this, seeing you all happy and being amazed at everything you do.

Keep on playing, I don’t mind, all I care is to see on your face the smile that costs millions.

You are precious to me and I hope you appreciate that, I hope you get what that really means.

If loving you is something I cannot do, I do not know how to live this life any longer, my dear.

If that baby smile at me, maybe I am not as bad looking as I thought I am or maybe not at all.

How I wish I can see you right now so that you will be able to brighten up even my sad days.

It is truly spectacular how you are able to smile and have no bit of worries on your mind.

The truth is that everyone is planning to be awesome so just keep being what you are now.

Do not grow up to fast, enjoy your childhood, enjoy the life you are given, my dearest baby.

You keep growing up way too fast and it kind of sucks at times when I miss you the most.

And you used to be one foot tall and now you are walking and eating on your own, darling.

Time flies by and I miss you even more than ever, I cannot even decipher this happiness, love.

I swear to you there is no one else in this world who will love you more than me, your mum.

I am the type of parent who wants to see her child smiling every now and then, as often.

And when the time comes that you will have to go and see the world, I will gladly let you.

It’s not like I can do anything but let you go once you begin to explore around the world.

How do you make a baby smile I find it hard to do, will you teach me and show me how to?

I want my baby smile to be there all the time, but it is hard to do so, it is honestly difficult.

And when a baby smile at you it feels as if the heavens are calling out to you, truly, it is that.

How do I even begin to explain the charm that a baby smile has when I do not know it too?

You look like a doll and I cannot help but wonder how many women you’ll charm later on.

The charm that you have is truly irresistible and I cannot help but give you what you want.

How do you look as cute as you do because you are fantastic and just simply superb, honey?

You are basically filled with sugars and happiness and I love you so much, my honey bunch.

When things go wrong in my life, I just look at you and everything feels so much better now.

I just wish that I can do all things in life so that you can live yours a whole lot better, love.

You are the one person in my life that I cannot afford to lose, you are my exception, baby.

Go on and do the things you love, I will be behind you, supporting you the best that I can.

You should keep being happy, I am just here for you, always and forever, do not worry on it.

No matter what happens in life, rest assured that I will try my best to always be there for you.

You are the one person that I love the most in the whole world, I hope you know that, my dear.

The best treasure in the world is you and no one else can amount the way you do in my life.

Making one baby smile is a fulfilling event in anyone’s life, wondering if he’ll remember you.

The truth is that people are bound to hurt other people but I am never going to hurt you ever.

You are the exception to every rule that I ever made, you are mine and I am always yours.

There is something about your innocent smiles that makes everyone go in awe of you, cutie.

Honey, just say what you want and I will gladly find ways to give it to you, for I love you.

No matter how difficult life gets, I promise that I will never ever leave you behind in this life.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I will always treasure the bond we have.

I love you with all that I have and with all that I am, no one can surpass you in my heart.

There is nothing in this world that I would not give up for the few moments we spend together.

So, go ahead and keep that baby smile on his face so that he’ll be just okay through it all.

I wonder if you realize just how much I love you and how much I adore you: a whole lot.

Maybe the truth is that you are saving me more than I am trying to let you grow up, babe.

You are heaven sent, a gift that I have long wanted to get and is finally blessed to me.

The best kind of smile is a baby smile filled with nothing but pure happiness at the very core.

For now, the best that I can do is try and make this baby smile and so I will try my best, girl.

Baby smile for me and make me feel like I am floating in heaven with your laughter thank you.

The best kind of smile is a baby smile how heavenly it feels to look at it shining so brightly.

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