The 40 Cute Selfie Captions

Selfie has taken over the social media in the recent years, and although taking a good one may be easy, thinking of some good selfie quotes to go with your pic is a bit difficult.
So here is an awesome list of cute selfie quotes that you can use as captions for your pic:

May you someday find someone who will love you as much as your selfies indicate how much you love your self!


Have you ever considered doing another hobby besides taking a pic of yourself?


Maybe she is born with it, but maybe it is just an Instagram filter. Whatever it is, she looks really great and lovely in that pic.



Do not expect anyone to fall for you if you do not even know how to love yourself.


To learn to love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.


I am on the path of being someone I am equally terrified and obsessed with – my real self.


Do not ever dull your shine just for somebody else.


Try to fake a smile, don’t be afraid to lie and say – you are better now than ever and your life is definitely okay even when it is not.


Sex appeal is 50 percent what you have got and fifty percent of what people think you’ve got.


Some would call it arrogance, but I would call it confidence.


Try to accept who you are and revel in it.


To try to be yourself in a world that’s constantly trying to turn you into someone else is one of life’s greatest accomplishments.


In order for someone to be irreplaceable, one should always act to be different.


Always believe that you are beautiful, regardless of what people will say.


Confidence is the key. Sometimes, you just need to look like you are confident even though you are not.


Do not waste your energy in trying to change the opinion of others about you. Just do your thing. It does not matter if they will like you for it or not.



Always remember that you are actually braver than what you believe and you are smarter than what you think.


I think everybody is weird. We all should learn to celebrate our own individuality and not be ashamed or embarrassed about it.


You will never be too much for someone who can never get enough of you.


Why would you try to compare yourself with others? No one in this entire universe can do a good job of being better than you.


Do not forget to fall in love with yourself first before you fall in love with others.


People call it a selfie because narcissistie is just so difficult to spell.


Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Always be true to yourself because the way you treat yourself will be the basis of how others will also treat you.


Falling in love with your self is actually the best secret to happiness.


If you are looking for that one person who will change your life, just simply look at the mirror.


It is not really selfish to love yourself. Just take care of yourself. Make happiness your priority because it is really necessary.


Take time to date yourself. Treat yourself out for a sumptuous meal. Watch movies but do not share your popcorn with anyone. Stroll around an art museum alone and fall in love only with your self.


Be as picky with men, as you are with your selfies.


The more that you love yourself, the less nonsense you will tolerate.



Learn to fall in love in taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.


Just be yourself and let people see the real you. Do not be afraid to show your imperfections, flaws and quirks.


What if you simply devote this year to simply loving yourself even more?


Behind every girl’s selfie are approximately 40 nearly identical photos that just did not make the cut.


A selfie a day, keeps some of your friends away.


Loving yourself starts with liking yourself and starts with respecting yourself, which also starts of thinking about yourself in so many positive ways.


Lose yourself to the things you love for that’s where you will find your self too.


Love yourself first because that is whom you will certainly be spending the rest of your life with.


If we can only take selfies of our souls, do you think you will find it attractive enough that you don’t mind to post?


Stop picking yourself apart in front of the mirror. Blow yourself a kiss instead and tell your self that you are amazing.


And I said to my body softly, I wanted to be your friend. It took a long breath and replied that I have been waiting my whole life only for this.


Eat like you love your self and no one else. Move like you love your self and nobody cares. Speak like you love yourself only and most of all, act like you love yourself.


Your relationship with yourself set the tone for every other relationship that you will have.


Do not ever allow anyone to dull your sparkle.


You need to love yourself more, so much to the point that your energy and aura will reject anyone who does not know your worth.


People who shine from within will no longer need a spotlight.


Do not be afraid to show the world the real you. For as long as you are happy with your self, none of the opinion of others will matter.


Sometimes, your biggest enemy is not really the person who hurt you. It is that person who is staring back at you every time you look at yourself in the mirror.


Life will get so much better if you stop caring about what others think and learn to start loving yourself.


Self-love is not really selfish. You cannot truly love another until you will learn how to love yourself.


Happiness means trying to love your self and being less concerned with what others think.


Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love the people who are closest to you despite of their faults.


If you will keep on avoiding self love, the universe will keep on sending you people who will also avoid loving you and you hoping you get a little clue.


Being beautiful is when you can start to appreciate yourself. Once you start loving your self that is when you are most beautiful.


Love yourself first and everything else will follow suit. You really need to learn how to love your own self in order to get anything done in this world.


Love who you are and embrace who you are. When you do, people can kind of pick up on that. They will see your confidence, and naturally, they will gravitate towards you.


You should learn to love yourself and be yourself a hundred percent before you can actually start to love someone else.


It sounds like a cliché, but I have also learned that you are not going to fall for the right person until you learn to really love yourself and feel good about how you are.


Learn to love other people as you would have loved yourself.


If you are happy, you can pass on that happiness to someone else. But if you are unhappy, you cannot give anything else but that.


You need to learn to love yourself. That is the single most powerful thing to do.


If you start to learn loving yourself and all of your flaws, you will be able to love other people even better and that you should be enough to make you happy.


You will end up protecting your being once you learn to love yourself better. That is the only secret to happiness.


To tell the truth is to be beautiful. To start to love your self, you need to value yourself first.


Your body is your body. It is natural. You should learn to love yourself for it.


You should learn to love your self or you will never be able to accept compliments from others.


When you wake up and you learn to love yourself and you made the decision to take care of yourself more, the things around you will become so much better.


You cannot be hateful if you learn to love yourself.


The more you learn to love your self, the better the actor you will be. That is always going to be something that you should train yourself.


This is a broad thought, however, loving yourself and having enough support is the most important thing that your people can get.


Make it a habit to smile in front of the mirror. You should do this every morning and you will start seeing a huge improvement in your life.


Your face is the mirror of your mind and eyes without confessing the secrets of the heart.


There are two ways to spread light – to be the candle or the mirror, which reflects it.


I learned that when I look at the mirror and tell my story, that I should be myself and not peep whatever everyone else is doing.


Life is like a mirror and it reflects back to the thinker about what he thinks into it.


Behavior is a mirror where everyone will show his or her image.


A man’s manners are a mirror where he will show his portrait.


I just love looking at the mirror and feeling good about what I am seeing.


Life’s big question nowadays – are you really that gorgeous or your selfie game is just so strong?


For every perfect selfie, there are more than 50 failed ones.


I do not need to be in a relationship. I just need someone who appreciates the obnoxious amount of selfie that I take every single day.

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