The 40 Blue Eyes Quotes

One day you will meet a person with blue eyes and you will wonder if you have ever seen anything bluer than them.
Blue eyes are not as common as people think and you can easily lose yourself in them.
There are a lot of people with blue eyes but there is one that will speak stories to you.
Blue eyes that you can confide in, whatever your heart tells you to.
Here are some quotes for those that appreciates blue eyes or those that have them and wants to feel better about themselves.

And I come to the house and when I open the door, those blue eyes stare widely open at me.

Your eyes are the most amazing thing about you, they suck me in and then I am lost in them.

When I look at you, it is your pools that catches my attention, every single time, my dear.

It is those moments when you stare directly at me that makes me want to look at those orbs.

Your pools are like the ocean, staring straight at my own, making me forget the whole world.

Once those blue eyes locked on mine, I knew we were meant to be, she and I, forever and ever.

I wish I can tell you the truth, how I have been caught in your webby orbs since day one, girl.

Like telescopes looking at me, yours were as blue as the sky, those headlights in your face.

She was as pretty as anyone else but the way she looks at me makes all the difference, it does.

And when I think of her, I remember her orbs that are as wide and blue as the ocean itself.

You stared at me and at that moment, my whole world stop and I can just stare back at you.

It was those blue eyes that made me realize that I have a lot more things I can do right now.

How wonderful it is to have someone who constantly looks after you, every single day, babe.

He has eyes like he is going to eat you but when he smiles, it looks like he loves you a lot.

There is a certain look that he gives off whenever he is happy and you’ll know it one day.


Things he never said out loud but I can see as I stare into the mirror looking straight at me.

Her piercing blue eyes stares at me and I cannot help but wonder if they hold the ocean in.

It was the light and the glimmer reflected in his orbs that makes me rethink who he really is.

It might just be that he had planned this all along, that I fall for him due to those pools of his.

The sky cannot even compare to those pair of circles in her face, it was that true in color.

I can only wish that one day, I get to stare at your orbs and you realize that you love me too.

Your crystals look like they are hiding a lot of unbidden secrets, they really do, that’s true.

It was an amazing experience, starting straight at those blue eyes of yours filled with love.

For a moment, I cannot think of anything but the way his pools make me want to be sucked in.

I have never met anyone with orbs that is much bluer than you, that is about the truth of it.

When she was once in a daze, I could have sworn I saw the wide berth of the ocean in her.

The shade of them was something I could not fathom, I was torn whether it was really a color.

Those who said it was a shade of green were obviously color blind, it was bluer than all of it.

You have these blue eyes that has a shade that is utterly distracting and I just love it a lot.

And when your slits turn wide and looked straight at me, I wonder if I am going to live then.

When you stare at me, I can see that they are the perfect shade, they are truly beautiful.

Your vision is important, and you should be proud to have those beautiful pools of yours.

She gazed at my lips and then met my own gaze and I knew she was the one for me, truly.

There is no other way I can say this but that she is the one fated to be together with me.

No one realizes just how big I am once they are caught by my blue eyes and my charm.

And now I have realized that there is nothing better to be in than your stare, I am in love.

She bore her gaze upon me and I can no longer utter a single world, how powerful she is.

I think she must be a siren, willing me to follow whatever she asks me to do without a doubt.

When I look at her, I see everything that we can ever become, all of the future together.

Those deep stares filled with charm are what I long for in these cold windy nights of ours.

I knew those luscious shade that I was again hooked into you and I wouldn’t get out of it.

The one time she directed her blue eyes at me, I forgot completely what I was trying to do.

Your laugh resounds when I look into your crystal that runs for long nights, truly amazing.

You take every breath away from me and I could not help but smile in your direction, dear.

If I had a penny for all the times you have crossed my eyes, you’d be surprise, believe me.

And I am a slave to her blue eyes, giving whatever she wants when she looks at me with them.

What you have is a mutation but a damn beautiful one indeed, I love staring into them.

I think I can go on and on about things like this, you have an amazing look, I have to tell you.

I bet you are an amazing and loyal person, I can see it as I stare directly into you, honey.

That stare you have is truly striking, it can make me freeze at the spot I am in for the day.

Her blue eyes were beautiful, I never noticed that before but I certainly do now, it’s amazing.

They used to think I am strange but really, I am more of confused by your beautiful eyes.

Your face seems so happy and your plates so lit up, I think I can probably roast in them.

I love the way you look at me when I am doing something you like, it looks so lovely, baby.

I can only talk about it in rhymes for yours is the face that came before the time, long ago.

When she lock her blue eyes on you, you will stand still, wondering what she is going to do.

I would stare at you if I could but there is just no other way around it, I love you a lot, dear.

You have that smile and then the world just quiets down for a moment til I met your gaze.

I wanted to take your life but you were looking at me as if I meant the world to you, then.

One look and I knew what you were thinking of, that is just how much I truly know you.

Questions filled her blue eyes as they began widening like saucers, trying to figure me out.

Who would have known that after all these years, it will still be you I would be thinking of.

So stare into me and tell me that you don’t love me and I shall see if you truly speak the truth.

I will know if you truly hate me once you look at me, I can discern if you are lying by looking.

There is something so magical about you that makes me forget everything else in the world.

I can see her soul through her blue eyes and I just have to say she was an amazing person.

Who would have known we’d be as close as this when we can’t even look at each other before.

And I was hooked the moment I stared into your orbs, I was truly shook, I am telling you now.

For you hold promise when you gazed into my own, we both made our promises by then.

I wanted to tell you that I care for you and I hope the look I gave was enough to do just that.

Those big blue eyes seem so mischievous right now, I can only wonder what he’s thinking of.

There are so many secrets that I can see that are held inside those pair of orbs that you have.

I am thinking of you as I see someone with the same sought for color and I am reminded.

You exist and simply that reason alone is enough to make me wonder what I did right.

I must have been blessed to be able to look into you and see the light of the rainbow reflected.

It is those blue eyes that gives him a different sense of appeal among others, it truly does.

I think it is truly a wonder that I am still standing right now, without melting at your stare.

You seem to focus on me, zoom in if you can and make me feel wonderful things, you do.

I am doing things ahead of you and then I will wait for you until you tell me you care for me.

One day you will stare at deep blue eyes and realize how it all makes the difference, believe it.

I think you are lucky to have those blue eyes that makes people want to stare at you all day.

There is not anyone else, you can check it out as you take your turn in staring into me tonight.

You looked up into the sky and I can see your dreams, I can sense all of what you are thinking.

There is no word to explain this feeling in my chest when you locked your gaze into my own.

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