The 35 Why I Love You Quotes

Feeling in love is the greatest feeling a person could have.
Moreover, there are several reasons why we love them but can’t easily describe it and there are times we don’t know how to express this love.
Well don’t worry because the following quotes can help you.

You push me to be better and give positivity to me that is why I love you.

I love all about you, everything you do, everything you love.

Your smile is very beautiful that makes my heart melt.


Staring at the starry night, you are like the brightest star that gives light on my life.

My love for you is like a flowing river, it is endless.

Even a million reasons are not enough to describe how much I love you.

Why I love you? I don’t know either, all I know is I love you.

As I stare at nothingness, your face is what I can see.

Your face is what I see in my mind, your name is what my heart beats; it is making me crazy.

Everything you do is like no other, you are not perfect but I love you so much.

I am good in numbers, especially in counting but I can’t count the reasons why I love you.

I don’t know why I love you so much despite of all the heart aches you’ve done.

I hate you, at the same time I love you, seems impossible but because it’s YOU it’s possible.

My love for you is never ending, reasons why I love you is countless, and you are my forever.

Whether during success or failures, you are always beside that’s why I love you so much. Looking at you from afar makes me wonder why I love you.


You have a unique personality, a pure heart and soul that is why I love you.

You are unique on your cute little way that is why I love you so much.

The reason why I love you is hard to explain but can easily be seen.

Your voice is like a whisper to my ear that calms me each time I’m in pain.

If you would ask me why I love you? I will answer it with no lies and with all my heart.

Loving you is hard but I have one reason why I should love you. You.

Without you I will be nothing, so please don’t go.

Your love to your family and friends is what I love to you most.

I don’t believe in fairy tales and happy endings but when I’m with you I feel I want them too.

Why it is hard for me to explain my feelings, why I love you? Do you know why?

I can’t find the reason why I love you, I tried to find anywhere else but I always found you.

I always hope I could find the meaning of true love but when I meet you I already do.

No words coming out of my mouth, I can’t write anything on the paper, I can’t explain why.

You listens when I speak, you pay attention on anything I love that’s why I love you.

Oh darling you are my angel, my love and my life. No one can’t change that.

You never mind to look silly just to make me happy.

My dream is your dream and you supports me to achieve it and that’s why I love you.

You see the best and worst in me and loves me for who I am.

One of the reason why I love you is you love me too.

I love you for all your qualities whether good or bad because I accept whatever you are.

My love for you is like a semi-colon, I pause and rest but never stop.

I love all the things you do because for me it is special and brought meaning to my life.

Whatever happens to us in the future it will never change the reason why I love you.

You make me laugh, happy, sad, cry and crazy but that’s what I love you the most.

You always protect me, hold me tight in your arms, and make me feel safe.

You are like my cellphone and laptop, I can’ live without you.

You treat me like a princess and serve me as a queen though you are my king.

I don’t know how it starts, I don’t know why I love you but I know definitely I love you.

I don’t need any reason to love you because I know that I love you no matter what.

My imperfections does not stop you to love me that’s why I’m loving you for who you are.

The reason why I love you is only YOU and nothing else.

I never stop thinking about you from the time I woke up until before I sleep.

You love the people I love; my friends and family and even my pet.

Distance for you does not matter as long as you want to be with me.

I kept thinking what make me love you and found out they were too many.

If you will ask me why you are my love? I’ll simple answer YOU ARE MY WORLD.

I love every time you pinch my cheeks and nose whenever I feel sad.

You are not a perfect person but for me you are perfect that is why I love you.

I don’t know how, when did I love you. It is simply without a reason.

There is no constant in the real world, but for you our love will never change.

You love me like no other and you are always there no matter what.

You always believe in forever and happy endings.

I love you for making me different and for bringing out the best in me.

You are my dream and my life and I will be yours forever.

I love you because you are the sweetest and most caring person I ever met.

You are not just my lover but also my buddy in different things.

I love you because you are my better half and no one can change that.

Whatever problem comes to my way you are there helping me to find solutions.

Whenever you hold my hand I feel at peace because I can feel our love is pure and true.

My life is filled with laughter, excitement and joy because of you my dear.

The meaning of true love for me is YOU and only you.

I blushed whenever you look at me and become shy when you smile at me.

You love me more than anybody else that is why I love you with all my heart.

I love you because you are the sunshine of my life.

You support and love me unconditionally that is why you are my love.

You respect me and never hurt me in any means.

We share happy and memorable moments together and I love each of them.

You cared for my family like you cared for me and you treat them as your own too.

Time is not an issue for us because you always make time for me.

You always respect my decisions and opinions my dear.

For every fights you always understand me and accepts all the rude things I’ve said.

You make me feel beautiful at all times by complementing me every day.

Because of you my life became better, adventurous and meaningful.

My troubles fade away because you make me happy.

You always make me feel that our hearts beat as one.

I feel our love has no ending and no one can stop us.

‘Being with you always feels like valentine’s day.

Whenever I am upset you also know what can make me happy.

You know everything about me; good or bad but still loves me for who I am.

You never stop loving me even I’m unreasonable many times.

You never let arguments affect our relationship and let me win every time.

You fulfill what is missing at me, you complete me my love.

When I am lost, you are always ready to pull me at the right.

Your physical absence does not matter because I can feel your love wherever I am.

When all turns back at me, you are at my back hugging me so tight.

In our relationship, giving up is not your thing, holding on is what you do.

You are my shield, my armor and my protector, you never let me hurt in any means.

You are fulfilling every promises you make and never fails to do it every day.

Whenever I feel burden, you lighten it and help me carry everything.

During our fights you always end up saying sorry even it is not your fault.

You never takes my immaturity against me instead you understand and accept it.

You promise me forever, a never ending love and a relationship like no other.

You make me feel I am the best thing happened to you

You are my motivator, my adviser, my cheerer and my supporter, I love you my dear.

You love me like no other and for who I am.

Everything is possible to us because our love make it happened.

You are consistent to give me chills and make me blush every time you touch me.

You cherish every moment, every memories we make and every time we are together.

Whenever I needed you, without a thought you are immediately beside me.

We don’t mind to be childish sometimes when we are together.

People respects you because of your pure heart and soul, I am lucky because I have you.

When I want to give up, you are still holding onto me, not letting me go.

You are best in effort and best in patience that is why I am your best in that two too.

You are my number one fan, number one believer and you never lose hope on me.

Though no one is perfect, you seems perfect to me, I love each detail of you.

I love you because you are real, no lies and you are a person with pure heart.

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