The 35 Weekend Quotes

One of the best moment in this life is the weekend, where you can do anything you want, where you can take a break from studying or working, when you can actually just relax and have fun.
There are so many things you can do on a weekend, you can laze around the room or you can be as productive as you can be.
To those that looks forward to the weekend, here are some quotes about the weekend that you might just like to try out in case you want to share to the world just how awesome the weekend really is.

I would definitely love to spend every weekend with you for that is how much I love you so.


I can barely remember the last time that we had bonded together, so let us do more today.


Looking forward to something is the best feeling in the world, would you agree with me on it?



We would get to bond more, and we will do everything we have never done before, my dear.


Let us do this more often, spend more time with each other because we have to do it all over.


I would still hope that we can just hangout from time to time because I miss you a lot, brother.


We should celebrate things every moment that we get because I love being with you, lil sister.


It was the moments that we laughed together that I would remember in this life we are in.


Can we spend the weekend together, my dear for I think that I want to be with you always.


There is not much I can do but to tell you that I miss you and I will make time for you, love.


Just hold on tight and believe me when I say that things are going to be alright, that it will.


And in the end, it was the times that you showed me that you cared that I treasure the most

Now we can do anything we want, we have no work left to do, how fun is that to think of, boy.


I just love the weekend because I get to finally rest after a week’s worth of work and sweat.


We no longer have to worry about anything else and just have all the fun that we can get.


I still love to listen to every single story you have about things you have been through, bro.


Sis, I am just glad that you are here for me right now, I miss you a lot, see you again soon.


The truth is that two days is not enough, I want more time to be with you for I love you a lot.


How do I even show you that I love you a lot that would impress you as much as it can, babe.


There is nothing better I love than chocolate than the weekend as I get to take a break, really.


You are the one that cranks me up when I feel down and that is enough for me, that is true.


I want you to know that I care for you a lot no matter what they say, I want you with me, dear.


And in the end of the day, you will realize that making time for people makes them happy.


How can anyone dislike the weekend when it brings joy to everyone in this world, right?


So just be with me and we can do nothing if that is what you like just as you are with me.


I do not want a love that is counterproductive anyways, I want to be as great as I can get.


Please do not mind me, I just want to be with you as much as I possibly can, my big brother.


This is the first time you came home after entering college, so I want to treasure this moment.



There are so many reasons to love the weekend, but my favorite is that I get to be with you.


I want to just relax and do nothing today and this is actually the perfect day to do that, right?


How come you never tell me to do what I want when today is such the right moment to do so?


It is a matter of managing your time and doing your best so that your work does not pile up.


If only I did it earlier, I would have been done by this time of the day, and I can enjoy now.


Weekend is family quality time and that means that I am solely at home during those times.


It is in every day closer to this day that I have long look forward to because that is how I love.


You mean a lot to me, a lot more than you think you do and that is why I love you a lot, baby.


I am thinking of what I am going to do in the two-day break that I get this week, I wonder still.


If I can just spend every weekend doing whatever I love to do then I’d look forward to it a lot.


You mean a lot to me and I wish I can spend some time with you, is that alright with you?


I don’t really know what happens now, but I know that I want to spend every break with you.


At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is when I am with you, that it really does.


If you can just tell me want to celebrate with me then we can do it all day long, that we won’t.


The problem with the weekend is that I get tired too easily and somehow it sucks so much.


Rest up and gather up some energy back because you are heading back to another week, dear.


You need to just keep going after this, and look forward to the next time, you got fine, baby?


For now, just keep going because eventually everything will fall into place, believe me on it.


How come the worst things in life never really come true until you are actually praying not to.


How do I even tell what is the weekend from the weekdays when you have work every day?


I won’t even think about it, all I wanted was to rest up and now I am dreading for it to end.


Just keep going because no matter what, you should look forward to the two-day vacation.


Treat this like a mini-vacation you do four times a month and things would be a lot better.


I get to spend every weekend with you and, so I always look forward to it, every single time.


The problem is that you get caught up and do not want to leave anymore and that is not okay.


You have to wake up and realize that this is only temporary, you have to prepare for the next.


It is but a short escape from reality, you have to keep in mind that you need to go back to it.


Sooner rather than later, you will have to face a lot of problems again, hold on for now, babe.


Every weekend with you is something I always look forward to, I just wanted to let you know.


In the middle of this all, I still wish for the best, that everything may be just fine right now.


Just hope that another holiday will come to extend your short break of two days, my dearest.


In my dreams, I get to rest for the two days that I stayed at my house, just sleep and sleep.


If I could, I would laze around all day for two freaking days and do nothing at all, my love.


Is it okay for me to just rest and forget about the world, what do you think about that, dear?


I wish every day is just like the weekend, so I can just laze off around the whole day, really.


Maybe the problem is that you are expecting too much when you should not and that sucks.


Stop trying to get out of your chores, just do them and then rest afterwards, my dear child.


I know how much you have been looking forward to this which is why I am with you, kiddo.


Somehow, I wish the weekend would not suck as much as it does right now, I am so tired of it.


I promise I will try my best not to disappoint you and your expectations of your stay here.


Soon, you will get used to all of this and you will be just alright, believe me on that, dearest.


I want to be the one who will hold you tight and never let you go, clinging to you all day long.


There are times I wish weekend is the weekdays and vice versa, you know how people are.


For now, what we can do is to keep trying to extend the moments that we are together.


I am so indecisive around the weekend that I suck to be with, do not get caught up with me.


If I can undo one weekend, I would rather not because every single one I have spent with you.


There is a reason why they call it the weekend since no work left to do and sleep is there then.


Unlike everyone else, I do not look forward to every weekend because it means being apart.


When the weekend comes, it is a signal for us to part ways and I really do not want that.


Baby, you are all that my weekend needs for it to be complete, that’s about the truth of it.


I wish I can be with you every weekend but that is certainly not possible, we are too far away.


I have decided that I will put every weekend to good use, I will sleep all through it, all along.


When was the last time you had a lot of fun in the weekend, you should do it more often.


You need a break and the weekend is the handiest excuse possible to just sleep all day long.

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