The 35 Opportunity Quotes

When opportunity comes knocking on your door, it is best not to slam the door but instead open it wide and take every single opportunity with a smile on your face and your head thinking about what tomorrow can bring.
Remember that every opportunity in your life will make you have a better chance in life.
Sooner than later you will see that the opportunity that you did not let pass you will make an impact in your life that will make a mark in this world.
In case you are wondering what to do with an opportunity or if you want to share to the world how far an opportunity can take you, here are some opportunity quotes just for you.

If you find yourself face to face with an opportunity, I suggest that you take it seriously, really.


Don’t let anyone stop you in the race of trying to prove yourself to people, that you shouldn’t.


See these experiences as teachers trying their best to teach you a lesson, trying to give it all.



Maybe you should think of these as training for when you are actually doing the real thing.


Stop spending your time looking at what people has that you do not, value what you have now.


How can an opportunity run away from you, nevertheless, I wish you would chase it down.

The problem is that you try and look for your flaws instead of focusing on your strengths, boy.


I think you should know what your weaknesses are and then do your best to improve them too.


There will be more challenges to come and more opportunities to prove yourself, just hang on.


When you value the things you do, it will be a lot easier to transition from one job to another.


Do not let any opportunity pass you by, instead make it your own, do all that you can to do so.


Keep your focus and you will be just fine, you will get to where you want to be, that you will.

Now, more than ever is the time to dedicate yourself to what you need to do, believe me on it.


Stop depriving yourself of the fact that you have a value, stop depreciating yourself anymore.


I think that it starts from within you, self-healing and appreciation of what you have done.


When you see an opportunity passing you by, tackle it to the ground and make sure to get it.


Do good things without a hidden intent in mind and you will be blessed now and forever, love.


Always seek those problems and solve them right up instead of trying to get away from them.


Be like a magnet that draws near the good things I life and you will be just fine in this life.


It is through brilliant actions and thoughts that the leader in you will be awakened, really.


There will come an opportunity that is meant especially for you and you will know it then.


This time, never let anything go past you and catch them all up with your bare hands, baby.


When you see an opportunity, the right thing to do is to het it with all the energy you can use.


There will be times when you will fail to see what really matters but that is not the end, love.


You can still do a lot of great things if you keep believing in yourself that you really can do it.


The thing is that you only see problems where you should be looking at opportunities, dear.


Life is not always going to be as perfect as you want it to be, but you have no choice, really.


They say I am young and that opportunity will come knocking my door, I still chased for it.



Embrace the life you are given and do what you can to make it even more exciting than ever.


You decide whether today is going to be a great day or one of your worst, it’s in your hands.


Who knows what tomorrow will bring, what you should do is focus on the now, you fool.


You may be old, but you should still remember to drive slowly and just be safe, my dear.


I believe in running for every opportunity that I see no matter if it is for me or not, I tried, girl.


Forget all your grudges and your pettiness and just hang on tight on what you have, my love.


Honey, I believe that we should just face everything for I know we can do them together, boy.


There will be tests and trials to come along you, but you should keep faith and believe in you.


When an opportunity presents itself to you, I just hope that you will do your best to get it, girl.


Once you realize your limits, you should do your best to improve them in any way you can.


Stop complaining about your obstacles and instead make them stored opportunities, my dear.


Love is all I have right now but that will be just fine to keep me going through the day, honey.


When you fail, your pride goes down and you realize just what you have done wrong in life.


It is through our mistakes that we learn on how to improve ourselves even more than now.


There are a lot of possible opportunity in the world, so be patient to get the one that is for you.


What we are now is but a product of every experience that you have been through, that’s true.


It was only years later that I found out what I had to do and regretted no pushing you away.


When it stares at you straight at the face then maybe you should do anything you want?


Value your comrades and your friends and believe me that is just the first step to doing things.


Maybe one day you will have an opportunity of a lifetime and that is one you shouldn’t let go.


Do not fear what is head of you and instead look forward towards what tomorrow will bring.


Every single day is a new chance to improve yourself, to be a better version of yourself, dear.


I want to be with you and I will get every opportunity I can get just to be together, you and I.


Just be positive and everything else will fall into place, believe me when I say that, it’s true.


The thing is that you should end every day on a positive note and you’ll be just fine, girl.


Always be kind because it pays off to be kind in the long run, that’s the truth of it, my baby.


You are the one who should create chances for you to be better, stop trying to rely on others.


Have faith in Him and you will be just fine, you will get to where you want to be in, my dear.


How come I always lose the opportunity to be with you when I try my very best to get closer?


Take offense of your fears and do your best to overcome each of them, that is the goal of life.


Go out and battle everything you need to fight for and conquer everything with braveness.


Always be kind and always be brave and you will be just fine in this crazy world we are in.


Try to help others as much as you want others to help you, that is the key to a happier life.


No more wasting any opportunity that comes along, I will answer to every single one, swear.


The real problem is that we see things as a challenge instead of seeing them as a chance.


Do not waste your time on things that you know will never happen, you are better than this.


For now, what you can do is be on the lookout for someone who will bring a change in you.


Stop waiting for other people to come and start it yourself, take the initiative, the first step.


I wish that I get the opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me, I appreciate it.


We are defined by the people who will see us grow us professionals, we are gonna be okay.


The one way you can improve yourself is to listen to your critics, to the bashers, my baby girl.


Find someone who will listen to you and won’t get bored of talking to you about anything.


So, forget about it, just let me know that I have an opportunity to share my dreams and goals.


May you always try your hardest in everything that you do, always give it your best, my dear.


You are alive because you have a purpose, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, my darling.


And when the time comes that you do not feel like doing anything, remember why you started.


Do not let yourself wait for the opportunity to come, instead, you should make it yourself.


Inspire yourself to do more than you think you can, push yourself to your limits, all the time.


It is with great expectations that you will come with realizations to be a better person, honey.


Stop being the person that they always shun, be the person the run to when they have problems.


In the end, it all comes down to whether you have done your part or not, you should do it.


Maybe it just wasn’t enough that you had to try, maybe you need to excel in it even more.


Baby, listen to me when I say that those who make opportunity for themselves are a lot better.


And when another opportunity comes along, I swear I am going to make the most out of it.


Always believe that the opportunity for you are endless, you just need to wait for your time.


Opportunity is not a one-time thing, it will come along your way if you believe that it will.


So, stick with me and we will journey every possible opportunity out there, trust in me, baby.


What can I say but that opportunity is something that comes along when you least expect it.

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