The 35 Green Eyes Quotes

There is nothing rarer in the world than green eyes, another mutation that is brought to the world by time, something that is truly not commonly found.
And there is nothing more romantic than having some pretty words string together to describe your green eyes.
These are some quotes that will mean the world to those with the green eyes with the hope that they will appreciate the green eyes that are alluring, that were given to them by the heavens above.

You have green eyes like a siren and I cannot help but keep staring right into them, darling.

You, the owner of the pretty eyes and that invigorating smile, be with me tonight, I ask of you.

I can see how adventurous you are, I see it as I stare into you, those wanderlust you have.

Maybe you would tell me that you would marry me tomorrow and I won’t say no to your orbs.

I am more than willing to hold you all night if you keep on staring at me like you do right now.

Like a cat, you look into me with those green eyes and I am helpless against you, baby.

Her eyes truly shone when she looked at him and I knew that he is the one she loves the most.

How do I compete with the shadow of the past when she’s the one you think about all the time.

You relax me, whenever you hold my hand and look directly into me, I feel like I can let go.

You take care of me and I can see the passion in those eyes, they’re lovely, indeed they are.

It takes a single look to really know who and what a person is, take that risk right now, girl.

You look so wonderful with those green eyes of yours, they suit you in the most perfect ways.

Every second that I stare at you, I can only imagine what dresses would suit you just fine.

You bring magic into me whenever I see you looking at me, I can feel something new, really.

Those eyes of yours are like grass and they sparkle like they are pools of water shining truly.


Those olive pools are amazing, I want to drown in them if I can, if you would let me do that.

You have that decisive look in you that tells me that you want me to fight for you right now.

I would gladly lay everything I have in the line if it means that I get to be with you this night.

And no one else in the world can ever make me feel like you do when you stare right at me.

My eyes were unafraid of you, truly wanting to just stare at you and lose myself in you as well.

I had always known it, that you and I had connections, I never expected it to be this strong.

That look seems as if you are mocking me, urging me to be the person I used to be back then.

I cannot even imagine how you would look without those green eyes, or any other shade.

You are pulling me back as I am trying to tear myself away from you that it is truly amazing.

I am lost in you especially when I try to pull myself back from staring but I still couldn’t help.

I need you and I can see that is what you are trying to convey to me through those orbs, dear.

How do I even begin to tell you that you might just be all that I am ever going to need?

You have this lightning effect, zapping me every time that you lean closer into me to look.

Whenever I look into your green eyes, I stare at them with envy, wishing I can have them too.

I try to evade your gaze but you make me feel alive, you make me feel I can actually make it.

Those crystals in your face are like diamonds that are of emerald color, truly fantastic, love.

When I look at you, I am reminded of spring, I am reminded that there is still some hope left.

I wonder how passionate a person can be and then I got to know you and finally, I knew how.

And it was too late at that moment, I can no longer look away from your green eyes, anymore.

There was that moment when all I wanted to do was grab you and close the gap between us.

If there is no other way, I would rather have it my way, so that I can finally call you mine.

Those emerald orbs stare at me like I am its prey and I cannot help but shiver in excitement.

You lifted your face and I saw the sun touch it and I cannot help it, you look like a goddess.

Of all the girls I have met, you are the only one I would rather call a lady, a woman of good.

Like a black hole, your green eyes sucks me in and awaits until I no longer have the power.

I have always thought people with green eyes are magical for they are so pretty and fragile.

You have the power, you have power over me when you look at me and just plead, I succumb.

The first time we kissed, I notice how wonderful those pools look, how addictive they are.

I stare at you and cannot even take note of how many hours or days has passed me by.

That moment, I saw those soft washed eyes the color of my favorite dress, too loved to wash.

I wish that I can stare at your orbs for as long as I want because they are quite amusing.

They dance in the lights, I can see them reflecting any source of it and I love every moment.

It is these priceless moments with you that I would never exchange for anything in the world.

Who would have thought green eyes would look so wonderful in your face, I never really did.

I can only wish that you would look at me once more like I am the love of your life, I miss that.

But there are still moments when I wish I can freeze time and remind you that you’re pretty.

Those freckles of green in your orbs reminds me how unique you truly are and I am amazed.

And those green eyes drew me in, they drew me like I am a pirate that is looking for his ship.

You are full of surprises, that is the truth and I find I can no longer pull myself away from you.

There are so many things I want to tell you but I get lost tracking time because you drown me.

Your voice is silky like no others and I cannot help but wonder what I am going to do to you.

Maybe you can show me what you are made of as I stare into you, wondering what to do next.

And your green eyes could easily look like stars indeed, they are so wonderful to stare at, girl.

You looked at me as if nothing else in the world matters to you and so I did the same thing.

Who would have known that it would still be you I would look for in crowd years later, dear?

There is no one else I would rather look at forever than you for you make me feel different.

I want to succumb to your memory, to the way you would look directly at me every time.

In your green eyes, I have found acceptance that I have never felt before and it’s truly lovely.

You stare at me like I am the first person you have ever seen in this world and I just love it.

There is nothing I truly want than to have your gaze upon me, knowing you love me a lot.

Maybe tonight, as you look into me, you would be reminded of how much you used to love me.

Let us keep staring at each other as I look straight into you, willing you to look at me too.

Maybe it would serve us right to keep staring at your green eyes, lost in that very moment.

I would rather be alone in the world than to be with someone who does not care to look at me.

Look at me and show me that you desire me, that you want me, that you care for me a lot.

I never would have expected this to happen, but then again, you were the one for me.

At the first time we met gazes, I knew we would end up crossing paths once more than before.

And so I kept my gaze locked into yours and hope that everything would fall into their place.

I would never have thought green eyes to be romantic until I finally get a good look at yours.

Who would have thought we would end up together, you and I, after all this time, still, dear?

You were the last person I was expecting to see when I opened my lids but there you were.

I look into your green eyes and I am surprised at how deep and daring they seem to me, dear.

I love the way you would stare into me as if you have nothing else better to do in the world.

I know when you are lying because your green eyes turn into a darker shade whenever you do.

In my world, you are the most beautiful and I want no one more than I want you right now.

If loving you is the best, I bet you can just tell the world that I love looking right into you.

I would love to keep gazing into your green eyes as I make you feel the love I have for you.

I shall show you how much I love you by the way I tend to stare at you a lot.

You smile and all I can see is your green eyes that makes me feel truly special, that’s about it.

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