The 30 No Makeup Quotes

Girls look pretty with no makeup on as much as they do when they have makeup.
There are women who prefer to have no makeup at all and it is their choice to do so.
Having no makeup or with makeup is all up to the person who will wear it, after all.
Here are some quotes about having no makeup and how it makes all the difference for some people.

Whether I am wearing no makeup, I am still me, the one whom you know to be, the real me.


I think the best look that you can have is something that is truly natural of you, be that person.


No matter what other people may think of you, be confident in yourself, in what you can do.



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It is not the way you look that matters the most but what is inside of you, believe me on this.


The best person you can become is yourself and I believe that you should matter the most.


You only need to be happy to look beautiful, you need not much else in life besides that.


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Being happy can give you a natural glow that even blushers cannot dare to match out, really.


Sometimes, in the middle of this life, you will meet someone who will accept you wholly.


Be thankful for the people who thinks you are pretty without any make up at all, my dear.


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Honey, I think you look best when you feel like a mess, I hope you actually believe me now.


There is no one else I would rather spend the rest of my life with than you; you’re beautiful.


I might have no makeup on but deep inside, I am still but the same person, so don’t bother.


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Find a man who would make you feel like a princess even when you look like a mess, girl.


When you find someone who stares at you as if you matter the most, do not let him go.


And you will meet someone who will think you are pretty when you smile and stick by you.



It is not the way you look that matters but the way you handle your life or at least try to.


There is no one else that I would rather be with than you for you love me for who I really am.


You need not worry that your face is running with sweat right now, just focus on yourself.


You need to rediscover yourself and make yourself believe that you deserve better than this.


For now, what I want you to do is realize that you look pretty no matter how you look like.


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People look good with no makeup but I cannot imagine a movie where actors don’t have it.


A lipstick alone cannot make a person, it is the countless of times you spend accepting you.


I want someone who will like me even when I feel sick and tired of how I look like alone.


I feel like I look like a rag, with makeup running down my eyes and still you kissed me.


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How can you make me feel like I am someone wonderful when I myself feel like such a rag?


Beneath those makeup, I think those with no makeup look truly beautiful when they smile.


You should really find yourself someone who would look at you like you are his world.


You would not often find acceptance when you think you’re ugly, learn to love yourself too.



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It is a matter of perspective, I really think so, you need to believe it before you feel it.


There comes a time when you will realize who the ones who accepted you for you really are.


And I wanted to tell myself that it is enough, that having one person to believe me is enough.


I am so used to using no makeup at all that I feel so awkward when I put some on my face.


You wanted to touch me though I looked bad and that is how I know you really do love me.


I am wearing pajamas and slippers and still you were not ashamed to be seen with me.


It is love, you know it when someone can look at you when you wake up and want to kiss you.


I do not even know where to begin to tell you that I care for you and I accept you for you, gal.


I may be an actress but when I am at home, I am truly your average person, that’s the truth.


There are still people like us who wear no makeup at all, I hope that you see just that now.


I hate getting dressed up, that’s the truth and your okay with that, for that I love you a lot!


You see beauty in her when she does not even see it in herself, that is what love does to you.


A man is someone who would not force his beliefs to a woman, who thinks she is pretty without makeup on.


I think the real definition of beauty is how you feel when you are alone in your room at night.


No matter if you wear no makeup or a heavy makeup, I still think you look beautiful baby.


If you can look yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection she’s pretty then you really are.


The less cosmetics you wear, the more natural you look, the more beautiful you seem to me.


You have no idea how much I love going out without any cosmetics on, all natural I say.


Just stay true to who you want to be and you will realize that there is so much beauty in you.


I am a very simple person and I think that is the best thing that you can ever be: yourself.


You alone have the power to be pretty or ugly, it all depends on your perspective of you.


I don’t care whether you wear no makeup, what is important is that you are happy with you.


I think I should make some effort, after all, I should be the one that I make the effort for.


No one else can tell me whom I should be, I should just be me and then strut it out there.


I have always been the same person, no matter how I look like on the outside, on my face.


Something tells me that you love me and it is in the way you look into my eyes like I matter.


He thinks that she looks beautiful with that simple smile on her face and he is really in love.


You need to be happy, that is the best makeup of all even when you have no makeup on you.


There is no one else I would rather be with than someone who makes me feel I am perfect.


A canvas, that is what your face is and sometimes a smile can be a paint on that canvas.


There are a lot of locations in the world where you can be but your smile stays with you.


I really think that the best accessory that you can wear around your face is a smile, baby.


You should go for what you think is best for you whether it be with no makeup at all, darling.


Dear, just focus on what you can do and for now, that would be looking your best as well.


There is no one else I would rather be with right now than you who makes me feel whole.


Your words tell me I am okay but your eyes make me feel so special, enough to stay with you.


The best beauty tip I can give you is to always have a gloss on your smile, no matter what.


For now, just wear whatever you want, the prettiest people are the ones comfortable in them.


I believe that every girl is pretty even with no makeup as long as she wears a smile to top it.


Be really comfortable in your own pretty skin and you will realize all the difference in them.


I have got no time to flaunt how I look, I just want you to know that you matter a lot to me.


For now, just go ahead and live your life as is, you need not change looks but perspective.


You make me feel wanted and right now that is enough for me to believe that I can look good.


You cannot use cosmetics to make you look pretty in the inside so you have to get better, girl.


I think that the measure of beauty is not in the looks, no makeup or with, just keep smiling.


Work on your flaws instead of covering them up with cosmetics, it gives better results, really.


The most important rule to being the best you can be is to remember that no one cares, dear.


Sometimes, having no makeup makes you feel vulnerable, makes you feel more real too.


When you look into the mirror, reinforce yourself with positive thoughts, my girl, do just that.


I guess having no makeup gives you a new perspective to the world and that is really great.


A smile is so much better than any type of lipstick that you might ever put on, so stay happy.


I look like a drag with no makeup on and messy hair and still you pour your love for me.


Be as happy as you can be and no one would realize that you really have any cosmetics on.


I find it amazing that someone could love me with makeup and no makeup on, amazing, right?


You should try your best to be the person you want to be and then you will shine right now.


I think when you have no makeup, you look the prettiest person you can be, no offense on it.


With no makeup, you already look fantastic, why do you want to look much more than now?


For now just focus on becoming the person that you want to become, that’ll make you prettier.


No matter what happens, you just need to stay healthy and be who you are.

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