The 30 Kiss Quotes

Our affections are sometimes best shown through actions.
Kissing your loved one is one of the most romantic things to do, and surely they would feel loved. These quotes about kissing would make your heart melt with romance and love.

See and feel how important I am after you kiss me.

Just one kiss from you could make me forget all the mistakes and terrible things in my life.

The sweetness she felt came from the fact that he was kissing her.

He gathered her in his arms gently with all his strength and kissed her as lightly as he could.

The moment he kissed me, deep waves of memories crashed through me and the years that are between us crumbled away.


Telling secrets to the mouth instead of to the ear is what you call kissing.

When we kissed it was like we were drowning; catching our breath like it was the first time we have discovered it.

Kisses live forever from lips to lips, generations to generations; they live and die but are still living.

Kisses are meant to be as sweet as honey.


Immortality begins on our second kiss and the second glass of cold wine.

I felt his kiss like he had waited years for it, fearing that he would never taste it again.

How terrifying a first kiss is, just as well as the last!

The kiss he gave her could move mountains and let stars fall from the sky; even a soul’s thirst could be quenched by it.

I want to be kissed, and only by someone who knows how to do it.

Kiss me on our first date, and if I like it then a second date will follow.

Never kiss on a first date, because if it is not right then there will be no second one.

The first kiss I experienced was a new kind of kiss that is so passionate and reviving.

Endless bliss comes from a soft kiss.

A kiss is expensive in Hollywood, more expensive than the soul itself.

I never cared where I was the moment he kissed me because all that mattered was we were there.

Just a single kiss and everything was said between them.

When you have your first kiss, it feels at first that it is a secret between you, then it becomes too private to keep and exchange becomes necessary.

The moment I start kissing you I could not promise that I will stop.

When you have never tasted a kiss, consider it wasted forever.

I was like his water as he kissed me like he is so dry with thirst.

Kisses are free; it is neither returned nor exchanged.

What is the worth of all the kissing when you would not kiss me?

Whenever I am with you I cannot choose between kissing you or tying you down so you could never run away.

The kiss that happened between us is the only solitary one but is still an accident.

I have planned every inch of this kiss yet when he placed his lips on mine, it was shockingly sweet.

Heaven is like kissing on the beach during a full moon.

Kissing you good bye and good night are two different things, and that is the trouble with it.

The way you kiss me is like you are devouring me and consuming me.

I would choose a kiss that is not all tongues in the mouth.

I would always want to kiss you.

I do not care if I would regret kissing you, I will still do it.

If you steal a kiss from me, I would have you imprisoned in my arms for life.

I would rather be kissed out of desire than out of pity.

The moment he kissed me, stars lit up the sky and the whole world brightened.

Kissing passionately is more wonderful than sex.

When their lips touched, it was like his brain was also touched and thoughts came whizzing past them.

We still kissed against all odds, against all reasons, and the world dropped beneath us.

A kiss could make me immortal, so please give me one.

If you cannot breathe without a man, try kissing him. You will find out that the breath does have little consequence.

I want to feel your stubble against my jaw when we kiss.

No one can live with only kisses; lovers should also eat.

When a man can kiss and drive safely simultaneously, then he is not paying attention to the kiss.

Kisses could become a period or a comma or an exclamation point, every woman must master that.

Kisses are the signature of love.

You get so close to each other while kissing so that you could not see any flaw in each other.

As lovers’ lips touch, their souls also meet.


It is never a first edition when a kiss can speak volumes.

A man must start with kissing ladies’ hands before proceeding to the lips.

Kiss a girl and smoke a cigarette at the same time, and you will never have time for cigarette after that.

If you want to get what you want, remember that kisses taste better than whine.

When you steal a kiss, remember that you have to have an accomplice.

My children may already be asleep but I never fail to kiss them good night.

Whenever I kiss you, even my whole existence fades away.

You kissed my soul, not my lips.

When you stopped kissing, what is left of your soul?

Kisses thrown in the wind are from lazy people.

You must hug when you kiss because it is like the fragrance of every flower.

Two heads are always better than one, especially in kissing.

Be careful of his kisses; sweet lies may hide behind them.

Giving a kiss to someone else is like handing out happiness; it feels the best.

I want to speak to you through my eyes and kiss you with my gaze.

We started with a print on the lips, and ended up with one full edition.

Once you kiss, the thirst would increase like drinking salt water.

When he leaned in for a kiss, my world dropped open.

Make sure that you would want to kiss me, for it will seal our lips together for eternity.

When the words that come out of her mouth become redundant, stop it with a kiss.

You left me to desire the rest of you after that one fateful kiss.

Everything turned to chaos when he kissed me good night.

When once your lips curled in pain, remember that it could still be kissed back into a smile.

Deciding to kiss for the first time is the most crucial decision at the start of every love story.

The sexiest thing one could ever desire out of me is my kiss.

My first kiss felt like something melted and hurt inside of me at the same time.

The very thing that I can taste whenever I kiss you is your soul.

Kiss me every night so I can dream of a thousand kisses more.

Kisses that you cannot hold back are the real ones, just like tears.

Kisses are actions of love shown through the lips.

To make your heart young again, kiss; it wipes out the years.

You will really feel like you are the winner when you have a kiss at the beginning of love.

The echoes of a kiss last longer and louder than the sound of cannon.

The best lip that you could kiss is the lips that taste like tears.

The angels blew us a kiss and they appeared in the form of our friends.

One kiss could make the heart quake.

Place a kiss on the wine glass and I would not look for wine.

If you want to kiss like a beginner, you should practice some more.

I cannot utter a word whenever you are around, so let’s kiss instead.

We turned from being a couple who could never separate without a kiss to a couple who would part without a kiss.

Our lips are made to kiss another’s lips, not to use it for disdain.

Kissing her is just like whispering in her mouth.

My soul thunders in response whenever you kiss me.

I would give up all my worldly riches just to take a taste of your heavenly lips.

A myth once said that our souls are carried in our breaths, so a kiss would unite our souls.

Soft lips bring soft kisses.

The best thing you could do with your lips is to kiss, the second is to smile.

My heart enlarges as a result of the contraction of the mouth: a kiss.

The rain is always an audience to people’s sweet kisses.

If you want to shut a girl up you should kiss her.

I do not want to see your lips lonely, so let it meet mine.

The way that she kisses him looks like she is telling his lips a secret.

Share you kiss just like you share happiness so you could both enjoy it.

A kiss is an intimate affair, and once it is given everything else follows.

Women blush when they are kisses, or swear, or bite, but the worst is those who laugh.

The best moment before a kiss is when he looks into your eyes and your heart is pounding loudly.

We are right for each other because if we are not, then I would not feel this way whenever we kiss.

Your kisses tell a lot than your words do.

I did not know you when I met you, but I memorized everything about you when we kissed.

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