The 25 Quotes about Liking Someone

Liking someone is practically the best feeling in the world, the moment when you know there is someone that makes your heart flutter and makes it beat as fast as it never did before.
When you are around the person you like, you feel flustered and there are these butterflies in your stomach that you have never felt before.
Here are some quotes about liking someone that might just remind you of that feeling you have always liked.

The thought of you liking someone really excites me because I know how much you deserve it.


One look was all it took for me to be hooked to you, that is what I wanted to tell you all along.


How can one person look so damn beautiful to me and everyone else look so plain and boring.


At one point in your life, you are going to meet someone who will make you feel scared too.


Love is scary but it is also exciting as well and one day you will actually meet that person.


You keep your eyes trained on them wherever they go, and you know you have feelings.


Deep inside you wish that he would not look at other girls the way he is looking right now.


When you are alone, just you and her, you feel like you can explode, you feel so happy then.


You try to lock your feelings and throw away the key but the truth is that it is already with her.


You are still hoping that maybe your feelings for her will get answered with the same feelings.


Maybe you have wanted to tell her how you feel but you are afraid what her answer would be.


Before anyone else, I was the one who noticed who wonderful she looked, but I was ignored.


I understand, you have been here before and that is why you are scared that you would fall.


It is hard when he finally noticed you after all this time and you don’t know what to do.


You are so in love with the thought of you together you miscalculated being just friends, sadly.



All he wanted was to be friends with you but you wanted so much more and that’s the issue.


It is natural to like someone but it is your choice whether you will keep the feelings or not.


One day you will stop thinking about that person and realize the flaws he already had.


Maybe it is not your fault he does not love you, maybe the problem is him all along, dear girl.


It sucks when you have to watch the one you love falling in love with someone that is not you.


And then you discover who he really is and that makes you fall for him even more, that’s hard.


You have chemistry between the two of you but that does not meant that you will work out.


It sucks a lot because I thought that he liked me back but turns out he was just too friendly.


The hardest part of all is the thought that one day, no matter how he feels, he would leave you.


You learn to love him because you find out that you can make them laugh, that’s the truth.


He was so different when the two of you were alone you made yourself believe a big lie.


She was just playing with you, stringing you along, taking abuse of the feelings, you had.


In reality, all I wanted was to stay with her no matter what but it is now hurting me too much.


When you really like someone, you would care for them despite all of their flaws, my dear.


Have you ever felt like you cannot breathe if he is not in the room, then that is love, my girl.


It hurts when they do not reciprocate your feelings, when you are literally left in the air.


I wish I had known all along that it would hurt this much, maybe I wouldn’t have fallen.


I want to know how it feels to want to be with someone so badly I cannot stand being apart.


It hurts knowing that no matter how much you try he will never feel for you like he loved her.


Is there a possible way in which you can learn to unlike someone, to forget all about her?


And because it hurt me so much, all I wanted was to be away from her and just forget her.


Who would have known that this feeling of liking you a lot would turn into me hating myself?


How can I ever forget those sweet lips and the way she looks at me like I am her treasure?


And you wonder why it is hard to admit your feelings when it is because you are scared to.


The thing is that it is exciting to be in love with someone and take advantage of moments.


You know he likes you when he wants to spend every waking moment together with you.


Is it too much to ask for, to actually get something for myself, maybe a little affection, boy?


Be careful, sometimes people are just too overfriendly with others, they are misunderstood.


No matter what your walk of life is, you are going to fall for someone all the same, really.


I want to be involved with her no matter what, that was how much I wanted to be with her.


Is it so wrong to hope that the one that you like would actually feel the same way about you?


When you are liking someone, but he does not like you back, the pain hurts like no other, girl.


I wish I can turn back time because if I could, I swear I will not even feel anything for you.


It is simple, really, all I wanted was to be with her and tell her that I’m willing to do anything.


You want to speak the truth that you are in love but it kills you inside to know she does not.


And the moment I fell was the moment we danced, her and I, like it would never ever end.


I want to be with someone who would accept me for me and keep loving me for all eternity.


And baby, I am telling you now, I am just so happy that I got to meet you and fall for you.


In my life, everything I did was wrong except the thought of being in love with you, that it is.


All I need is to look into your eyes and make you realize that I really do have feelings for you.


My world gets filled with happiness whenever I am beside you, whenever I am near you, baby.


I like you a lot, more than I do myself, more than I love every addiction I have ever been in.


Loving somebody is quite easy, the hard part is when you start hoping for something else.


You are a blessing in disguise and my life would not be as happy as it is without you in it.


It is not a necessity to get an answer when you confess, not getting an answer may be it.


You just got to deal whether you like him or not, that is the part of the game life offers us all.


It makes me so dizzy, just by looking at you because I find you so lovely so please be with me.


I want to be with you, to fall for you more and more as each day passes the both of us by.


May you stay as wonderful as you are, the way you do when I have fallen so hard for you.


I am going to warn you about the pain that comes with liking someone so much, it sucks a lot.


When you are near me, all the air out of me feels like getting knocked out, that’s your effect.


In silence, I pray that you would not fall in love with anyone else rather than me, that’s it.


If you like somebody stick to liking that person and stop trying to like someone else.


It must have been a miracle, finding someone to care about more than you do for yourself.


I feel that it is related, how you want your ideal mate to be and the thought of falling in love.


Maybe liking someone is a blessing but at times it can be a curse, depending on the situation.


If liking someone is a sin, then I gladly accept the punishments that will be given to me, I do.


The thought of me liking someone keeps me awake at night, it does not ever let me sleep, dear.


And in this moment, I want to know why liking someone so much hurts the same intensity, boy.


I wish I can stop liking someone, it hurts so much to the point that I wish I hadn’t started, girl.


Maybe liking someone is a blessing given to us because we did something good, somehow.


Liking someone is hard especially when the person you like loves someone else, it’ll hurt.


Liking someone is one of the worst feelings in the world, it makes you so vulnerable, really.


If I can have it my way, the thought of liking someone would never even come across my mind.


I do not know if I should tell you this but liking someone may just bring about your doom, girl.


The truth is that liking someone may just make you feel like you have never ever felt before.


If you want to feel something new, maybe you might as well start on liking someone, friend.


Dear friend, would you be able to tell me how it feels to actually start on liking someone?


I just wish I can experience it one day, liking someone so much it breaks my heart in pieces.


And in this world, the idea of liking someone is very much romanticized, to great extent.


There really is not much to tell when you start liking someone, you just feel it in your heart.


Who would have thought that liking someone turns you into this green eyed- monster, really?

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