The 100 Butterfly Quotes

A butterfly is such a magnificent creature for it beholds a beauty incomparable to others. Butterfly Quotes are here because it is not only just a mere creature of beauty but it also symbolizes hope and a reminder that each struggle has a lovely ending.
Here is our list of one of kind quotes which is inspired by the butterfly itself. Be mesmerized as you read through the list and do not forget to share this charming list.

Soar up high with the beauty and grace of a butterfly.


The butterfly does not count the months of its life but rather it counts the moments and yet all the time it has is still enough.


Each butterfly that you see is a reminder that there is always a person who longs for you to see, and that is me.


May the butterfly that I sent find you so it can give you delight and keep you from being blue.


Butterflies are more like flowers; there only advantage is that they can touch the sky.


A butterfly always reminds that there is always beauty in the end of all the pain.


When I thought that my life was already over I became a splendid butterfly.


What we thought as a difficult struggle in our lives is actually a metamorphosis.


The caterpillar is the one who did all the work but the butterfly gets all the attention.


The caterpillar believes that she is an ugly creature until she became a butterfly and came to realize how beautiful she is destined to be.


Butterflies are tiny, graceful and enchanting creatures that lead us to the bright and happy side of life.


Nothing is more beautiful than a flower that flies, they are called butterflies.


Happiness is comparable to butterfly; the harder you try to pursue it the further it goes beyond your reach but if you just sit down patiently and calmly it will perch on you all by itself.


We only appreciate the beauty of a caterpillar once it becomes a butterfly; it reflects how we perceive people in our society as well.


Some people are like butterflies, they can’t see how lovely and stunning they are.


Love is lot like a butterfly-it undergoes metamorphosis to achieve its most exquisite self.



I want to be free like a butterfly flying and dancing with glee.


A butterfly is not just a mere insect, it is a symbol, and it is a sign.


Butterflies are flowers that are free and have flight.


Flowers and butterflies are cousins in nature.


A butterfly is a fascinating and mysterious out of this world creature.


Butterflies are fairies in disguise for the flutter of their wings sounds like magic.


The butterflies are the jewels of the green grass meadow like how the sky has its stars.


A butterfly is a living reminder that one must be ready to undergo tremendous changes to be able to achieve the best version of himself.


A butterfly is blank canvass that was magically and magnificently splattered with all the colors of the paint.


Oh butterfly, how can you be so beautiful and free at the same time?


Nothing makes me any happier than seeing a wandering pretty butterfly.


The butterfly is the only creature that is more exquisite than the sky where it flies.


Whenever a white butterfly is hovering over me, I always think that it is my father in disguise who went down from heaven to visit me for a while.


Just like a dazzling butterfly, me too will become stunning in my own time.


Butterflies are our little winged happy friends.


Butterflies float on the breeze like a hair. As graceful as they can be, they dance in the air.


Someday I will flutter my wings as I fly just like a butterfly.


I wish I can enjoy my life like how the butterflies enjoy theirs.


Are we still going to like and adore them if butterflies bite?


I am not aware if I was back then a man dreaming I was a handsome butterfly or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a handsome man.


Is it too much for me to ask to be free? Like a free butterfly I want to be.


People are like butterflies, for a short period of time they belong to our world but after a while it will fly again and though no matter how hard we wish they will stay, we just content ourselves that at least we met them.


If I will be another thing in another life, I want to be a butterfly so I can experience how it is to be marvelous and free at the same time.


You can’t achieve something beautiful and great if you are not willing to undergo hardships and obstacles that’s why a butterfly has to become a caterpillar first.


Love is similar to butterfly. It goes where it wants and it is being wanted wherever it goes.


Butterflies have this magic wherein they bring happiness to the people who see them.


If there are no changes, surely there will be no butterfly.


A butterfly is a reminder to us that even the ugliest thing can be beautiful if given its own personal time and space.


If the butterfly can see its own beauty most definitely it will say, The difficulties of the adventure was worth it.


A caterpillar does not become a butterfly by simply adding wings to it for it will only create a weird and dreadful caterpillar. A butterfly is created by undergoing transformation.


Someday, I will become a gorgeous butterfly and after that everything might get better.


Whenever you feel like you are being isolated in a cocoon and seem to can’t find your way out of the shadows, keep in mind that this is similar to a place where caterpillar go to become a free butterfly.


35 Quotes about butterflies and angels

Butterflies are the heaven sent regards of our departed beloved ones.


The caterpillar endures all the hardship because it believed that it will be rewarded.


Some says that, Only in wildest dreams men can be truly free. But a butterfly does not need to dream about it because it is already free.


Butterflies can’t hear our cheers when we see them but they can feel the vibration of our hearts out of excitement that.


A butterfly is a living proof that females lives longer than males.


We take pleasure in the beauty of a butterfly, but we do not appreciate the struggles of the caterpillar just to achieve that splendor.


The caterpillar did not quit because it knows that miracles do happen.


We toyed and crushed the caterpillars then we will complain that there are no more butterflies.


A great and wonderful start is sometimes disguised like it is the end of your existence. A butterfly is a good example.


Butterflies are caterpillars which chose to fight back in the battle and came out with flying vivid colors.


Only the butterfly will know the mysteries and secrets of its metamorphosis.


A caterpillar is a magnificent butterfly in disguise.


Everybody is like a butterfly; we start out first as despicable and ugly creatures and transforms into lovely and lovable beings.


Adversity is needed to build and strengthen the character and personality of a person same thing happened with the caterpillar before it became a butterfly.


Butterflies are flowers with wings which can soar to the sky.


A beautiful butterfly is so humble that it can sit still on a pile of dirt unlike a man who is so proud to get himself dirty.


In life, float like a pretty butterfly but do not forget to sting like a fierce bee.



They are not birds but they can also reach the sky. They are not flowers but the beauty that they behold is also alluring. What are they? They are called butterflies.


I want to be loved like how the butterfly hovers over the red roses-a thousand times.


How beautiful the butterfly is against the calmness of the blue sky.


A butterfly is the universe’s gift which will bring happiness to lonely souls.


It flutters it wings and in the air it gently glides, oh butterfly what a beautiful sight.


Each butterfly that I see causes the little child to be awakened inside me.


I find peace by simply watching a butterfly hover from one flower to another.


Butterflies are so small but they can make us happy and all.


The butterfly blooms splendidly under the happy rays of the bright sun.


Butterflies are nature’s breath of magnificence.


How can a person be so shy if she is as gorgeous as a butterfly?


The butterfly has the rainbow to thank for its vivid colors.


A butterfly can bloom even if the place is doomed.


A story untold. A sight to behold. A beauty you can’t hold. It is a butterfly.


The beauty of nature is best observed if it is free in the wild. Can you appreciate the beauty of the butterfly if it is in a jar dying inside?


A butterfly is tangible proof of nature’s flying masterpiece of art.


What happens inside the cocoon stays in the cocoon that is why the butterfly can’t divulge the details of its amazing and mysterious transformation.


The butterfly said, Living is not simply sufficient. One must have a cheerful ray of sunshine, freedom and a little pretty flower.


A butterfly is not just a flying insect; it is a representation of perseverance, hard work and faith.


If you want to become a butterfly yourself, be sure to open to changes.


Change is inevitable, there are negative changes but there are also great changes. It so happened that mine was a great one, the butterfly said.


If a tiny creature such as the caterpillar, can endure all the complexity and intricacy of its transformation to become a butterfly; there is no reason for us humans not to do the same thing.


The result will only be as great as the will of an individual, said the caterpillar.


Be beautiful like a butterfly. Soar up to the sky like a butterfly. Spread your wings like a butterfly. But just like a butterfly, remain humble and be still.


The butterfly will be the happiest insect if only it can see how magnificent he is.

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