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Sometimes it is very hard to say thank you to someone because you just do not know the right words to say.
Or better yet expressing your gratitude is not something that a simple thank you can do.
Whatever your reason is, it is very important to say thank you.
Here are some thank you quotes that will help you out in order to say the thank you that you have always wanted to say.

Thank you for all the precious memories that you have shared with me, I care for you, a lot.


Thanks a lot for helping me carry all the burdens in this sad life of mine, wish you the best.


Be thankful and grateful for the people that are around you and choose to remain in your life.


You were never there for me just like before but I want to say thanks for making me stronger.


You might think leaving me was for the best and I guess it was, I learned to protect myself.


I just want to say thank you for always bringing me to school safely, you deserve to be loved.

I am so grateful for having food on my table and being to eat the food that I want to eat too.


It is the smallest of things that tries to take up most of the space in your heart, that is the truth.


No matter how small it is that someone does for you, I hope you will find a way to say thanks.


You are you and I think that is something to be thankful for, do you not think the same?

For every time you were so patient and kind with me, I just want to tell you that I thank you.


You always believed that I can do it and I can’t help but be grateful now that I did.


There is nothing more important than being grateful of the people who helped you.


You brightened my day and I can’t help but to tell you that I am truly grateful for that.


Thanks for being kind to me when the rest of the world would not even look me in the eyes.


You mean the world to me for you cared a lot for me as well so I wish to finally thank you.


You are an important part of this story of my life and I just want to say my thanks for it.



You saved me in ways that you do not know how so I am just gonna give my thanks.


Be kind and let the rest of the world remember you for being that way, be grateful as well.


I know that a simple thank you is not enough but I still do wish to be with you a lot as well.


There will always be a reason to say thanks, may it be to a stranger who picked up your book.


Express that gratitude you feel in your heart and remember the reason you feel that way.


Never let the differences between you and others to stop you from being thankful to people.


No matter what race, gender or religion, a simple thanks is necessary to feel appreciated.

Though I have pushed you tons of times before, you still stayed by this side of mine thank you.


I hope you never let anything that you have wanted make you forget what you have already.


The best thing you can do to the one who served you is to be grateful enough to say thanks.


There is nothing wrong and difficult with saying that you are grateful, so go ahead and do so.


You should give the gift of gratitude to the ones who truly deserve it, no more and no less.


You make me feel so special by the simple things that you do for me, so thank you very much.


Thanks for being with me everyday and remaining to be by my side though I am a bit crazy.


I think that even the simplest things and reasons in life are something to be grateful for.


You give joy as you give your thanks so I hope you will give them as often and as freely.


See, the smallest bit of gratitude can transform someone else’s life without your knowledge.


Friends will be there for each other and you did that for me so I just want to thank you.


There are moments when all you need to do is say thanks and everything gets better then.


You are the reason that I can transform all normal days into bright ones, so thanks for that.


You helped me get through this life for the last four years and I just need to say thanks.


No matter what happens I will be grateful for the moment you laughed together with me.


Thank you, God for lending us your strength when we needed someone we can lean on to.


The best memories in life were the ones I had spent in you so I just wanted to say thanks.


For all the help you gave me when I needed it, I just have to say thank you for everything.


I am truly thankful for every waking moment that you remain to be the constant in my life.


It is the feeling of being grateful that makes us all feel a lot more joyful than normal.


Now, would you just tell me that you love me and that you are thankful that you do?


I hope you develop that attitude where you are grateful for the simple things others do for you.


Thank you are such simple words that can mean a lot of thing, so I will say it over and over.


I appreciate all the kindness you had shown me ever since so thanks for that, enjoy your life.


Make a habit that you can be proud of and others be grateful for you being alive, I wish that.


If you make a stand against injustice, that should be enough reason to keep going, be strong.


Look at you trying your hardest to get to your goals, be thankful for the help you are getting.


It is not every day that someone would help you stand up when you are having a hard time.


When someone does something nice to you, please never forget to say thank you to him or her.


And yet in this world there are still those souls that are kind enough to be grateful for, really.


There are moments when you will feel that you can do what you want, be grateful for those.


In the times you had no one but yourself, I wonder what you thought of, I really did.


I think that appreciating someone for the things they had done is nothing less of wonderful.


Just a simple thank you can do great wonders and I hope you realize that by this point in life.


If it makes other people thankful, you must be doing something right, think about that now.


Be grateful for the people who cares for you and loves you unconditionally, they are rare.


Stop expecting so much from other people and just be glad that you are alive right now.


You brought change into my life so much that I can’t help but be thankful to you as well.


You have been a big part of the journey that I call life so I just want to thank you properly.


You are one of the reasons I have for smiling so I just want to thank you a lot in this life.


For noticing me when no one else would and no one else did, here is a big thanks for me.


I may not have great looks or great riches but I have a grateful heart and that is enough.


You have changed my life the moment you let me know that someone cares to say thanks.


Your thanks can change a person, even the way their life is heading, so take that first step.


You are one of the persons who made me feel like I was accepted so I want to say thank you.


Act in a way that would make people feel grateful to you, that is the easy way, the best one.


Forever I will do my best to be as humble as ever in your presence for you are the best indeed.


Do what it is that makes you want to thank the world for being alive, that is the best of it.


If you have had less in life, make way for those who have less to have more right now.


Just for one minute, I hope you look into the sky and look at what you should be thankful for.


Thank you, you were a wonderful part of my life and I am glad to have been in yours as well.


You have had the best moments of your life in the past years so go and be thankful for those.


Give out compliments easily so that others can be happy and grateful to you, I love you.


In the moments you least expect, you will enjoy your life coz your friends will be there too.


The things that should make you happy should be those that are inside of your heart, really.


The amount of money inside of your pocket should not matter one bit, just be happy.


I know you feel unusual but you really should try saying that you are truly thankful as well.


You may be having a bad time but someone has it worse than you do so be grateful now.


I was always a pain but you should always be thankful for what you have, try that greatly.


You make me feel grateful that you are in my life, I promise to always be kind as well.


From this moment forward, I know that you will always be there and that matters too.


In the end, you were there when I needed you so thank you for everything too.


The toughest moments were easier to beat coz you were there to hold my hand tightly.

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