Support Quotes

Sometimes, all that someone needs in this life is a person that will give him or her some support.
When you are going through the toughest moments in your life, you want someone that will support you no matter what.
Support is one of the most important things to have especially from the people you love.
When you think that no one is there to support you, think twice and realize that there are actually people who will.
Here are some support quotes to help you out as well.

All I want to be able to do is to support you a lot and to encourage you to be the best you can.

When someone is down, the best you can do is to help them back up right away, don’t hesitate.

If you have something to give it you should and bear in mind that your heart will have peace.

I think the most important thing is that you give out the things that you barely need anyways.

Failure is not the end, believe me, you just have to get through things and then try harder.

There is much going on in life but you do not have to worry because I will support you, dear.

All that you need to survive in this life is the courage to keep going, so just do what you need.

I want you to know that it way better to fail coz of yourself than succeed coz of someone else.

The road to getting to success and failure just looks the same so just keep going, my dear.

Be busy enough not to look for success and you won’t find it, it would find you, believe me.

Give your support to the people that matter the most to you because it will matter the most.

Opportunities are created and who better to create them than you, so just do what you can.

Stop being afraid and find the strength to go on and make something of yourself, darling.

The harder that you try and do your work, the more things you would be able to work out.

There are probably two types of people, those who keep trying and those that are afraid to.

Support your friends when they need that and in turn they can do the same for you, darling.

Stop wishing things to be easier, instead wish yourself to be a lot better, work on that now.


The moment you stop chasing money and just chase what you are passionate about is the best.

In every difficult situation there is an opportunity to support the other person, make it happen.

Now, more than ever is the right time for us to cheer on the friends that are important to us.

Keep going, keep trying because nothing takes the place of persistence, ever so just do it right.

You have to be determined to do what you want and then you will be just fine, my dear, really.

If you ever need someone to push you, give me a call and you will be out there going for it.

When you are struggling, try to channel some support in yourself, that is indeed the goal.

Take that risk & you never know just what great surprises it can bring to you in the long run.

Move forward, there is nothing to go back to simply because you can no longer change it too.

Keep on aiming way higher so that when you fall down, things will still be okay then, my dear.

Stop waiting for someone to come along to help you out and just believe yourself that you can.


I think we all need a line of support to help us out, that is really the key to a happy life, right?

The moment you change your attitude about this life is the moment you become free, my girl.

The experiences that we go through are the very ones that changes our lives, keep doing that.

Believe me when I say this: no one matters more to me than you do, go and have fun now.

Things do not change drastically overnight but you can keep faith that there will be some.

We either support the people we love or forget everything else, just make it work right now.

Just keep on accepting the things that life has to offer you, it will bring you closer to success.


There are some things about character that you can’t develop using silence, do better too.

The thing is that if you want to get stronger, you need to suffer but I will be here for you.

Stop proving yourself to others and just be proud of yourself and who you want to become.

Fall down a bit and get better because you can and you will be okay, believe me ont hat.

The person you support now will give the favor back later so do so kindly, believe me on it.

In moments of weakness, that is when we should support each other the most, my friend.

Encouraging your other person is one of the best things that you can do for that friend.


The thing is that whenever you try, you will get a step closer to the dreams you want to get.

I know you have tried before but if so, you just need more time for yourself in the process.

When you support someone with all your heart, it will surely translate into what you want.

Maybe what you need is some praise and a bit of encouragement to go and find yourself.

As you get older, your patience grows thing but darling, please keep holding on, try that.

When you feel that you have conquered something, thank your body for it, keep doing that.

I wish that you would be smart enough to get what the clients want and just to give that then.


The thing with support is that you can give it away freely to the people who needs it most.

The moment you realize that your reality is just the truth, you will learn and just grew up.

You say that most times you fail but that is not failure, it is a lesson made to ready you too.

Misfortune may come to your door the moment you least expect it, but just keep going then.

People have words that are as sharp as blades and can cut through you, just keep going girl.

The truth is that we can’t support someone all the time but it’s best if we can make it work.

It may seem so terrible now but you are not helpless, you can call me when you need help.


The only thing standing in between you and who you love is yourself so keep pushing it far.

When you do not pay attention to what should have it, you waste more time in the process.

The problem was not in getting there but the journey you need to go through, it will be ok.

Encourage it other, support them as well so that they can live a better life indeed, my friend.

Just know that you can get to where you want to go if you just promise that it will be okay.

When people try to drown themselves in the miseries, it is best to just feel okay about yourself.

These are the moments when we feel like fighting for what we need so let us support you too.


He might bring you into deep waters but worry not he won’t drown you up in them, darling.

I just wish that you would never let anything that has made you smile make you feel regret.

For me it does not matter where you come from, you have the capacity to succeed, you do.

Baby, what you need is to just trust the process and in turn, just trust yourself, do that now.

Support, lift and encourage your friends and spread positivity wherever you go, I tell you.

You feel like you know less but you actually know more than what you think, believe that.

At the end, metamorphosis turned the caterpillar in the beautiful young butterfly, you will.


Mistakes are a part of growth, they may hurt but they will help you to spread your wings.

There is another chance to get to solve this problem, you will have a fresh start, do not worry.

There is more to this life than what you know, might as well support each other right now.

No matter how many people say it, you just have to get things done, and believe me, you will.

Make it a point to prove all other people wrong, do not just glide through life, prove yourself.

I hope that you would realize just how important you are, always have been, my dear friend.

If it’s your first attempt at it, you can be wrong, it is okay to realize that it is okay to be wrong.


We are all connected even when we least believe that we are so let us support each other now.

At the end of the day, you should realize that the people that matters will believe in you, dear.

Honey, just believe in yourself first and the rest of us will follow through, you go do just that.

When the time comes, I hope that you can move on very confidently to the path you will pick

A small show of your support to someone can make dreams come true, especially for kids.

Support you children on what they want and things will turn out for the best, trust me on it.

Just a small show of support can help to accomplish big dreams indeed, so keep on going.

Support is most needed when one expects it the least so be there to support your beloved too.

There is more to support than what you expect it to be, small things bring bigger things too.

I think there is a moral obligation to support a person especially when he needs it a lot now.

For now, I think you should really support the ones that craves your attention, my dear.

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