Sunset Quotes

Every sunset is another ending to a day whether it was good or bad.
It is a mundane event in a person’s life but in the greater good of people, some realize its importance.
It is the mark of an end but also a prologue to a new beginning, something that would normally make people a whole lot happier about seeing sunset because there will eventually be a sunrise and that is pretty much the promise that it offers.
There are a lot of things in this world that needs to be addressed and this is definitely one of them so here are some quotes about sunset that you might like or you might want to use to describe just how every sunset composes your day.

Every sunset comes with a light that brightens up every darkest night of your life, the stars.


I think you are the one who I truly love, whom I want to watch every setting sun together with.


It is moments like this when I wish you could be right here beside me just having some fun.


There were so many times in my life when I thought it was the end but there was another day.


I am thankful to you for every single day that we have been through together, I love you so.


How do I move on from you when I am still stuck in the yesterday, on that setting sun, love?


I know what I want to be right now, where I want to be and I swear I will strive harder for it.


May you know that those who see every end as another beginning will most likely succeed.


I have never known anyone that hates the setting of the sun when it means end of the day.


There is not a wrong thing about watching the sun as it goes down in the west, for sure.



Every day as I watch the sun go down in the west, I am reminded of God’s great love, girl.


I like that every day that we spent have markers such as sunrise and the setting of our sun.

It is so beautiful, so aesthetic that I am in awe whenever I have always seen it happen.


How do I find something as beautiful as the setting sun when it just amazes me so much?


You are my sunshine and because of that I want the sun to keep shining forever and ever.

Somehow, we are all bound by our past and the setting of the sun makes it more applicable.


I hope you never waste any time doing something that is not as important as you are doing.


There is something about the sun setting that makes people stop what they are already doing.


I want you to stay with me until the night comes, to just talk about lessons that were covered.


I want to share each of my sunset with you until the day we grow old and eventually die, girl.


The sunset is a beautiful blessing that I just cannot understand at times but do appreciate it.


It takes dreams and large imagination to enjoy the setting of the sun, that is why I love this.


Keep looking forward, the past is just something that you should never forget because of you.


How come that every memory that I remember you seem to be right there together with me.


I remember how you broke up with me that day that we watch as the sun started setting, boy.


Do not worry, I got you, there are some things you’ll need to learn to do still, do not worry.


There is this comment inside your head telling you to sleep because the sun have come to set.


We do not want seeing the sun set but for college you may just have to present yourself.


A portion in the thesis that you defend yourself and I cannot wait for just that, that you can.


He walks in darkness, he revels in all sunsets for he is the creator of heaven in earth, God.


For me you look as beautiful as every orange sun setting I have ever seen in this life of mine.


When the sun comes down from way up high, I hope you will be able to just start using that.


The good thing about things being dark is you can listen to a lot of things, watch the stars.


It makes all the difference in the world when you start to talk to someone you really love.


Hope is found in the moments you least expect it to be at, like in very setting of the sun.


I want that good night every night of my life, to be able to hear your voice, my dear, do that.


Every sunset has been quoted as quiet, as silent, as kind one in a lifetime, that it really does.


There is nothing impossible for as long as you believe it in yourself that you can do that.


Dreams are your thing so I suggest that you make every day a new opportunity for you, dear.


It may seem very impossible right now but you will eventually be where you should be in life.


The most beautiful moments in your life are those that you will never ever forget ever, girl.


This is my escape from reality, when I see you and I see just how we could have been, baby.


I feel so sad as I stare into that sky and I see that setting sun, it keeps reminding me of you.


I do not want to even think of you but every time the sun sets you are who I think about.


The love I have for you is like the sunset that never grows tired of showing itself to all of us.


There is something about looking at a sunset that makes you feel so nostalgic about all things.


You have such a big influence in me, I used to never look at the sky and now I am staring at it.


Nature is but a painting to be enjoyed and the setting sun is one of the best picture nature has.


I love watching the sun as it goes down and then the darkness envelop us slowly but surely.


I have long wondered what it would be like to see you one day and bring light to your life.


There is just something so nice about watching every time the sun sets on the west, right?


Learn from the past and live it today while do not worry about the future, just relax, my dear.


How do I tell you that I appreciate all that you have done for me and do not forget to eat.


I am happy right now even when there is not light anymore for I have seen that sun setting.


Watching the setting of the sun sometime feels like the best thing this life has to offer to me.


Sometimes, I wish that I can be another person, someone with a different position in this life.


May you understand that you are the best thing that I have ever had and I just love you so.


Allow those mistakes in the past to shape you to be the person you are right this moment.


I know people change but sometimes it takes a lot of time and I do not even know, really.


There is something so marvelous about looking at the moon that brings me to tears.


When I watch the setting sun with you, I cry because I cannot believe how lucky I am then.


If you want to be with someone else, I will let you go, I will now watch the sun setting alone.


I am happy to be able to help someone to see some light even just the edge of it, that it is.


You fill me up with strength and make me feel as if I was never gone from your side, ever.


How could I let you go when I look at the floor and still I see the footprints we stepped on.


I swear that one day, you will realize that I am like the sunset that will not work without you.


All I really want is to have some peace, to make a work that means a lot to me, that is true.


How do I tell you that no one else in this world will feel the same without you in it here.


Clouds have come and go but the essence is still there, to be able to be as efficient as you can.


Let me put this up right now, there are setting suns that are just too painful to watch.


I think that every sunset is beautiful how the sun sets down and gives way for the moon, really.


Wonderful is what a sunset really is because it just mesmerize everything in vicinity, honestly.


My favorite color is the color of the sunset, a little orange with tinges of red and yellow, boy.


It was in a sunset where you knelt down on one knee and proposed to me with sweet words.


Once you have seen a sunset, your life will never ever be the same, because it will wow you.


May you take every sunset as a challenge to make your next day even a better one, my girl.


It is funny how every sunset marks the end of the day but also the start of your night, right?


There really is not much of a difference between a sunset and the dawn, for most times.


I hope when you watch a sunset you will be reminded of me and everything we used to be.


I cannot even watch a sunset right now because it sucks to be the one who never did forget.


We used to spend every sunset together and now here we are a thousand miles apart, my dear.


It is sad when you know that this sunset will be the last one you will watch together, forever.


I used to hate sunset because it feels like goodbye until you came here in my life, my baby.

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