Struggle Quotes

We all struggle in life, everyone has their own reason to struggle.
Some people struggle to live, some people struggle to get a good life, others struggle just to have money to eat, some struggle to survive, others struggle to finish their college degree and so much more.
Everyone struggles at one point of their lives.
It is up to you to make your struggles worth it.
It is up to you to make sure that every sacrifice and every struggle you have been through will bring you one step closer to your goal.
To help out with that, here are some quotes about struggle to inspire you.

When everyone else in the world tells you to give up, do not do so, instead, go and struggle.


The worst hurdle I had to get to was not being able to relate to anyone and being left alone.


Maybe I needed the challenge to be who I am on this day, the obstacles all shaped me too.



I was given the chance to prove myself and come out stronger, that is what I thank God for.


In this life, we grow as we struggle and learn how to overcome the hardest hurdles as well.


I have no opportunity, no room left for regrets, only the chance to be better and so I took it.


I do not think it is the triumph that makes you happy but the obstacles that you have survived.


Struggling is the thing that makes us human, it helps people to remember to be humble too.


There is no real progress without any struggle, every single step comes with some hardships.


Sometimes, struggling can be quite brutal but you need to do that to be able to be yourself.


I think that when you battle against your wills, you come out stronger than before you did.


It is okay to face consequences, you can lose but no totally as you gain some experience.


I am just thankful for all the challenges I was given in this life for it has shaped me, truly.


As you struggle today, you also develop the strength that you need for your tomorrow, okay?


We are all trying to avoid the blocks we have in life and yet we try to value it as well now.


The reason we get the obstacle and hurdle is so we understand the value of life even better.


When we understand the reasons for all our hurdles we can then know miracles are possible.



The harder your problems are, the better your rewards will be so do not worry that much too.


You do not have to struggle all by yourself, we are here for you, let us do it slowly and surely.


And you get some realizations for yourself when you try and work against the obstacles too.


The reward is only worth it after you have worked hard for the things that you needed to.


I believe that struggle is what feeds success, you cannot have success if you never tried things.


It is not the victory in the end or the goal that makes us happy but the struggle we overcame.


You make sacrifices, you go through hurdles and that is all because you want to be stronger.


Hardships are not really things that makes life more difficult but only more chances to grow.


You should take some action and go for the appropriate situations in this life, my dear, okay?


We get strength as we struggle in order to get to where we want to be, that is the truth of it all.


The people who are well accomplished already are those who knows what the hurdles were.


Be willing to give yourself to the hardships this life will give you, that is normal, believe me.


Engage yourself and realize that the hurdles are there for you to improve yourself as well.


You learn from the things that you struggle from as they are opportunities you need for now.


What is life without the struggles is like asking yourself what is a mountain without trees?


We may need help along the way and that is okay but you can still do more by yourself too.


The Lord is able to fix anything you just need to believe in Him, trust that He will help you.


You become wiser, stronger, and even better because of all the struggle that you have gone.


Keep healing and keep on loving yourself, there are obstacles you’ve been in, you deserve it.


Share the lessons you have learned from the experiences that you have been in, do that now.


Your whole life, you will have to keep on struggling and believing for the best in this life.


You say you can do this when you are faced with a struggle you feel you can’t overcome now.


Nature is extremely harsh at times and you can’t do anything but deal with it, keep going tho.


If you do not struggle, you would not get the strength that you need, so go ahead and do so.


The way I see things, if you keep on trying over and over, eventually you will get there too.


There is a great deal ahead of you if you just try and understand where you are coming from.


No matter what your struggle is, always remember that you should keep going, do that now.


If you just try to understand things, you will see the greatest struggles of all time, believe me.


I think the worse thing in life is to give up when everyone else is trying to get to the end now.


Today, if you just push yourself a little further, you can get a little farther as well, do that too.


Ones step a time through every struggle you get through in life and you will be just fine too.


I think there is no real alternative to trying, you either do or don’t, do not stand idle now.


If you stop trying things out, you have stopped living life all the same, I believe that too.


Be who you want to become and forget about other people, the ones who care will be there.


Every single struggle you get through in this life will only make you so much stronger now.


You make your life the way you want to by the decisions that you make, so pick the right one.


I think life is more of how you actually react to what happens to you, in general so go do that.


So that you understand better, there really are worse days but you try to survive them as well.


And it has already shaped you, the struggle that you have been thru, one way or another.


When you want to give up on something that is the moment you should try even harder too.


No matter how hard your situation gets, I hope that you will hold on and never ever give up.


Even if you lose, as long as you gave it your best, then there really is nothing to regret on.


The person you have become, what has shaped you for today is all for the struggle you did.


For once, try to be confident of what you did and where you are going in life as well, bro.


Maybe things are way bigger than how you have imagined them to be, maybe they are now.


Be thankful for the struggle you have been through for that is what made you who you are.


Girl, if you want change, you need to make it happen with your own two hands, believe me.


There is no limit to creativity, rather the more that you use it, the greater it evolves as well.


Be responsible for the things that you do and know that what happens will happen to you.


The real struggle in this life is making the hardest decisions in life just to survive all alone.


If you want to be successful as well, go and help other people, make name helping others.


Live life in such a way that you would not have to regret anything you have done in this life.


Wherever you may be, just start now and the rest will follow, just believe me on this now.


Maybe you needed to struggle so you can see just how hard it is to stay alive in this world.


Define where you are now and later on, see how much progress you have already achieved.


Just by believing that you can do it gives you the courage to actually do it, believe me on it.


Do not wait for the right time to happen but define the right time and do what you need to.


If you want to make life a bit more interesting, go and face the challenges you want in life.


There is nothing impossible if you believe that you can do great things, make life better too.


How wonderful will it be if you never need to get help from anyone, what an impossible thing.


Just show up every time, and you will get the success that you want to have, now or later on.


You have to make sure that your actions are okay and when they are, you will get happiness.


I know how hard it is to wait for the results to show up but when they do, you will be happy.


You have these what might have been’s in your head and it’s killing you, it’s not too late yet.


Is there a limit to going to where you want to be, I believe that there should be you and me.


Do not lose sight of the things you want in your life, instead take things one step at a time.


With courage comes the responsibilities as well so go and take them both right along now.


There will be times when you would not succeed but hey, you should try your best now.


You may not be able to change your destiny but you can do your best to try, so do just that.


There is no way to go but up when you have hit the bottom, so just do what you do best now.

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