Strong Girl Quotes

What you are woman, is a strong girl that has been through a lot in this life.
You need a lot of experience and a lot of things to tell.
There is so much more to being a strong girl than what most people thinks.
You need not only be strong physically but also emotionally, you must be a person that can withstand the trials that life will be throwing straight at you.
Let other strong girl figure out how to be one with these amazing strong girl quotes.

A strong girl is someone who does not care if the rest of the worlds decides not to like her too.


As a woman, you can do anything as long as you put all your soul and mind into it, my dear.


Do not worry, though life is tough, you just have to be tougher, I believe in you, so trust you.



Most women are strong because they need to be coz the circumstances has made them into.


Women never know just how strong they really are until they are put into the test, that is true.


Being a strong girl means that you accept the harshest criticism to the sweetest compliments.


You need no validation from other people, you just have to be yourself and that is enough too.


Walk that road like you are in a fashion show for heels can also be weapons just as well now.


The type of girl that is truly strong is the one that would never give up no matter what occurs.


The one who forgives is strong but the one that loves again even after the pain is stronger.


We all have flaws, even you, girl have them but do not let them get you the littlest bit down.


You are the type of person I consider a strong girl for you know what to do in tough situation.


Be uncontrollable, be someone who does things her way, the way she wants them to, my dear.


I do not care what people think about me and I hope that would be enough to make me strong.


If you are yourself all time, then you are what most people would know as courageous too.


You need not try to go far beyond but being brave surely takes some guts to be, believe me.


The best person to love a woman is herself for you know yourself better than anyone here.



That strong girl knows that there is more to the destination that it is the journey that counts.


The strength of a strong girl is in the things that she has been through, the hurdles she passed.


After all, it is the matters of the heart that are the hardest to try out but the most important to.


You decide how much you are worth as a woman and that is what you will become believe me.


The hardest people to deal with are those that are the best for they know what they are worth.


If you need to work hard around a woman it is coz she wants people around her to be better.


You need not a man to be a strong girl you just need to know yourself and accept yourself too.


Stop slacking off or she will never be contented with what you are, go ahead and do things.


Some girls are not the way they were before, they were made into what they are right now.


If you look to see what is inside of a woman: it still has softness but mostly steel and bones.


Woman, speak your own mind and go and tell the world about your story, you deserve that.


Being a strong girl means never waiting for someone else’s approval in your decisions now.


Do not give anything to what people say, keep being beautiful, be determined in this life too.


You are your own personal hero, you no longer need any knight in a shining armor now.


Girl, you can’t keep standing tall all the time you also need some back up plan to get up.


It is okay to cry, letting out your feelings is a sign of strength rather than weakness, my girl.


Always give it your all when you do things so you would never have to regret anything too.


Never should you apologize for being who you are, a woman that lives up to all her words.


Do what you have to do and what you want to do because that is what makes you strong girl.


You are as strong as you make yourself to be so go ahead and be who you want to become.


Never accept anything less from others as you would yourself for you must set standards too.


The mind of a woman is truly a beautiful one, I believe that, so you must look into it well now.


Cheers to all the strong willed woman out there that does not give a crap to everything else.


I believe this: that a strong girl is one of the best role model that your daughter can have now.


We need the type of woman who are with strength but knows how to be so gentle and loving.


What you really need is some woman who can be fierce while being compassionate as well.


Be fierce and be passionate, that is all that I ask of you for now, girl, let that be your legacy.


Be disciplined but never forget to be free as a bird, do the things that you want to do still.


Stay strong girl, the journey is not over, it is but a beginning to the next one that you will take.


Never should you ever settle for anything that you know you do not deserve, be more then.


I have stopped sitting around to just feel sorry for my mistakes, I decided to take action.


Stop trying to dictate me or bring me way below, I will stand up for myself even up to now.


There is nothing that I cannot achieve for I am a woman of caliber, I can do things my way.


A strong girl does not give a damn to what other people say, instead focus on improving too.


I stand up for the weak and also for the oppressed, I am just that type of women, deal with it.


I love fiercely and fiercely I was loved back and I think that is an amazing thing to feel, right?


I feel and I hope that is enough for now when it comes to getting exposed to being a woman.


And you learn, just how to be tough when times call for it and be a bitch when you need to.


And when everything suddenly goes wrong, but happiest days are truly better days now really.


You will know a strong girl when she tell you things straight forward, never mutter it to you.


I know how brave you are, for you never back down no matter how hard things are going.


She knew what she wanted and so she did her best, what she had to do in order to get it too.


I believe in her for I know her and if you know her, believe me, you would believe in her too.


There is nothing lovelier to watch than her growing up to be the woman you desired her to be.


She used to be a wallflower and now she is the brightest star inside the room, how amazing.


Sometimes a strong girl is one that is wild enough to not have fears and wants to improve too.


Life is truly unpredictable, the shy girl you once knew turned out to be an active feminist now.


There are things that you never expected to happen but did, she is like that, truly unexpected.


I wish I can tell her how proud I am of the woman she has become, coz I truly am surprised.


Seeing her fight for herself like that makes me wonder how much stronger she is inside now.


What a strong girl needs is a strong heart to conquer little things at a time until it piles on.


Little did I know that things are not going the right way for her, I should have known better.


Inside that smile she has was a lonely heart that she was brave enough to hide, I feel for her.


There are times when I look at her and see the happy kid she once was, know she’s happier.


Everything turned out for the better and I am truly happy for her, I hope you are happy too.


Strong girl, it is okay to cry, it does not mean that you are weak, you can do so anytime now.


She adjusted herself when the wind blew too hard on her direction, never taking her eyes off.


Her goal was clear & so she decided that things will be easier if she focused on that for now.


Though things have changed and so did time, she withstood her ground on her view of things.


Her determination will truly blow you away even after everything else in this world has gone.


A strong girl knows that it is okay to have fears as long as you try to overcome them later on.


You can literally see the fire in her eyes when she talks about the goals she has in this life.


Maybe it runs in the family, her mother was courageous and maybe that is why she was too.


One strong girl can recognize another just by the look in her eyes, that is what it really is.


She was not afraid of anything, but she knows fear, something about her is so contradicting.


I could not believe my eyes when I saw her tonight, looking so ferocious in her red gown.


And in my dreams she was a goddess & now I realize that maybe she is, just in disguise.


She may have a face of an angel but she has within her the spirit of a warrior, be wary now.


A strong girl has been through hell and also back to live a better life this time around now.

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