Still Waiting Memes

People of the world hates to wait especially in these modern times when everyone is so busy with their life and it seems for them that every second counts as to make money or as to do something productive with their life.


However, when it comes to other things such as romance, it is believed that a lot of people are still willing to wait for the right person to come instead of tumbling in the sheets with the wrong person. There are still people who are willing to wait on someone, there are still people who are more than willing to be patient to do just that.

In case you are one of those people who are still waiting for the right one or waiting for someone to come back, here are some still waiting meme that you might relate to and you can share with your friends or to anyone at all.


Nope, still waiting


Still waiting dawg


Yeah, well... I'm still waiting

I'm still waiting for the day that I will actually use in real life


Hello, it's me. I'm still waiting on the results of my mole biopsy

Still waiting for this to become #1 meme


Still waiting


Still waiting for Friday to come


Waiting for the perfect woman


Still waiting for new notifications


We still waiting?


Still waiitng for that fucking safe to open


I'm still waiting for the day my parents will say: "It's all fake, we are millionaires, this was just to teach you how to be humble."


Still waiting


P.E. teacher asks to partner up... Still waiting


Waiting and still waiting


Good things happen to those who wait? You lied to me!


Still waiting for a reply....


Still waiting for you to hit me up...


Surely a response will come, I just have to wait patiently...


Still waiting for OP to deliver


You text me, I respond in 15 seconds, then apparently you die of excitement because 2 hours later I'm still waiting for a response.


Still waiting for Bleach anime


Waiting in the car... She sais she'd only be two minutes


Still waiting for the mainstream media to report the truth


I'm waiting and still waiting nigga...


Still waiting for my leave chit... still waiting


Still waiting


Waiting for my refund


Still waiting for motorcycles to be considered safe


Uuuhhh I'm waiting... What taking sooo long dammit?


Still waiting for someone to put me in a cryogenic chamber

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