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st andrew day daycare centre

St Andrew’s Day Care Centre : Our Kids and Company St. Andrew’s Church focus is situated in the core of downtown Toronto, close to the crossing point of Simcoe Street and Wellington Street West. We are arranged on the second floor of the wonderful and verifiable St. Andrew’s Church, close by to the CN Tower, Roy Thompson Hall and David Pecaut Square, where we love to take our babies for carriage rides. Our middle can oblige up to 37 youngsters going from baby to 5 years. ★★ St Andrew’s Day Celebrations ★★


St Andrew Day Daycare Centre Activities & Teachings

We are one of the littler Kids and Company areas and our inside offers a comfortable, private and sustaining learning condition. Our study halls are brilliant and bright with enormous windows investigating our learning spaces. We have an extraordinary outside play area where our understudies can appreciate unstructured play and the outside all year. At Kids and Company, we utilize a rising educational plan and learn through play reasoning. We’re extremely pleased with our restrictive projects! ★★ St Andrew’s Day BBC ★★



st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


They incorporate Alpha-Mania (pre-proficiency and early perusing), Mini Masters (craftsmanship), and Munchkinetics (development) and are intended to draw in our youngsters in a learning procedure that empowers self-articulation, inventiveness, coordination and in particular, fun! We frequently hear youngsters singing the Alpha-Mania signature tune before the instructor even starts the exercises, an unmistakable sign of their eagerness about learning through play. ★★ St Andrew’s Day Ball London ★★


You’ll discover communication via gestures in our infant and baby rooms, and every one of our youngsters take an interest in music, French, science and investigation and imaginative play consistently. Regardless of whether our kids are partaking in different restrictive programs, appreciating nutritious and delightful suppers from our Kidco Kitchen gourmet experts, or getting dynamic outside, our inside is constantly loaded up with occupied and grinning faces from both our kids and instructors! ★ ★ St Andrew’s Day Barbados ★ ★


Statement of purpose:

​Our central goal at St. Andrews Child Care Inc. is to furnish childcare administrations to families with youngsters between the ages of 12 weeks to 12 years, serving the regions of West St. Paul, St. Andrews and North Winnipeg. ★ ★ St Andrew’s Day British Council ★ ★

Our Philosophy:

St. Andrews Child Care Inc. furnishes every single kid with a sustaining domain. We are comprehensive to all families and encourage their requirement for Early Childhood Education.We accept that kids learn through play and energize decision, regard and a positive inclination about oneself. St Andrew’s Day Bank Holiday

​We urge all youngsters to acknowledge and grasp the assorted variety of our locale. We give an assortment of learning chances to expand on qualities, ALL degrees of advancement, chances to find, and current formative practices. St Andrew Day Activities That You Will Admire

st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


Incorporation Statement:

​St Andrews Child Care Inc. is a comprehensive youngster care focus that is focused on giving an important learning

condition for all kids. St Andrew’s Day Food 

The requirements of youngsters and their families are regarded and bolstered paying little mind to singular capacity, strict alliance, social character, and family sythesis.

We hold fast to openness, investment and backing for all kids. Our group of Early Childhood Educators and Inclusion Support staff work cooperatively with families and early intercession experts to give a program that is fluctuated, agreeable, and concentrated on the way toward learning. St Andrew’s Day Scotland

We perceive that youngsters’ individual needs will change, and we are focused on making adjustments to the timetable or potentially condition to address every kid’s issues.St Andrew’s Day School


Our Centre Information


St. Andrew’s Church
73 Simcoe Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 1W9

Contact Information

[email protected]

Centre Hours

Monday to Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm


Learning Enrichment Foundation [Child care]. St Andrew Child Care Centre

St. Andrew Catholic School, 2533 KIPLING AVE, Toronto, ON M9V 3A8

Etobicoke North


No restrictions

Licensed child care centre
* 10 child care spaces for infants 0-18 months
* 20 child care spaces for toddlers 18-30 months
* 16 child care spaces for preschoolers 30 months up until they enter grade one
* 13 child care spaces for children in full-day kindergarten
* 30 child care spaces for children grade one and up
* 89 child care spaces for all age groups

Call to inquire about spaces available

English – other languages may be available

Subsidies may be available


Non Profit


st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre

St Andrew Day Daycare Teaching Methods

Sir Andrew’s MRT Childcare Centers offers Junior Kindergarten, Preschool and School Aged Programs at our two Burnaby, BC areas. Our main goal is to prepare your kid school and to enable them to create as they develop.

At Sir Andrew’s MRT Childcare Centers, your youngster will discover numerous chances to grow mentally, socially, genuinely and physically. Kids are urged to learn at their own pace however are guided by our accomplished ECE Teachers to take an interest in the day by day exercises and exercises helping them create to their potential.

Our projects depend on the MRT idea. MRT represents Montessori, Reggio and Traditional which are 3 principle sorts of Early Learning instructing techniques. The MRT idea utilizes the best ideas from these learning styles and joins them into one balanced, instructive early learning project for each age gathering.


st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


st andrew day daycare centre
st andrew day daycare centre


In our projects, kids become familiar with the nuts and bolts of Reading, Printing, Maths and Science including checking, letters in order acknowledgment and spelling. They are acquainted with the Arts by means of drawing, painting, imaginative making and music. Gathering exercises and games help youngsters to adhere to rules and give social collaboration exercises including habits and open direct.

The projects additionally incorporate every day indoor and open air physical exercise. We have likewise included a week after week cooking class where youngsters are acquainted with cooking and will make tasty treats to bring home.

We offer field excursions, occasion and birthday festivities and fun extraordinary visitors. Look at our projects in more detail by tapping on our Program Page or get in touch with us for more data.

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