★★ St Andrew’s Day Ball London ★★

St Andrew’s Day Ball London: St Andrew’s Ball is the feature of the winter reeling season. We are exceptionally pleased to declare that St Andrew’s Ball 2019 will happen on St Andrew’s Day at the recently remodeled Porchester Hall in Notting Hill. Supper will be served in the lower lounge area and we will reel the night away on a legitimate, full size move floor. As constantly Frank Reid and his superb band will give the music. St Andrew Day Activities

Join Peter McAuslan and Ellen Bounsall, our Guests of Honor, for a night of feasting, moving and pomp praising one hundred and eighty-four years of Scottish legacy in Montreal.


The Marriott Château Champlain Hotel

1 Place du Canada

Montreal QC

Mixed drinks 6:30 p.m. Supper 8:00 p.m.

Formal Evening Dress – Highland Dress – Miniatures

Scottish nation move practices will happen at Black Watch Armory,

​every Wednesday beginning October 16.

St. Andrew’s Ball clothing regulation


Here are a few rules for newcomers:

Fellows: You have a few alternatives; Highland Formal, Mess Kit, or Tuxedo (not a matching suit). You are likewise urged to wear your improvements, military or common. St Andrew’s Day Bank Holiday

Lassies: The trim of your dress should contact your moving shoes, not end mid-calf or higher up. Your dress or skirt ought to ooze a specific style. This isn’t the ideal opportunity for a short semi-formal gown. Women are urged to wear plaid bands, Celtic pins, and military or common adornments.


We are satisfied to present Scottish Affairs Canada as one of our backers for the 2019 St. Andrew’s Ball. Scotland and Canada have appreciated an uncommon relationship for quite a long time. It would be ideal if you click on the Scotland is Now logo beneath and get some answers concerning a portion of the associations that dilemma our two nations together. ★ ★ St Andrew Day Assembly 30 November 2019★ ★


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


Where and when is the Ball this year?

The Ball will be hung on Saturday, November 30, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Just because since 1929, the Ball will take up its new home Toronto’s Carlu.

Move to mixing dances and reels from the Pipes and Drums of the 48th Highlanders of Canada, eat on a four-course feast by the Carlu’s official culinary expert, at that point, appreciate excitement from champion good country artists of the McDonnell School of Highland Dance during recess. St Andrew’s Day Food


What amount are tickets and tables?

Tickets extend from $75.00-$200.00 per individual. Full tables can be obtained too and run from $1,520 – $1,900 per table. Snap on the following tab for more data.

I couldn’t imagine anything better than to go to the Ball however I’ve never ceilidh moved. Are the moves very simple to get?

Indeed, the moves are moderately simple to get however significantly simpler when you go to the free ceilidh moving practices before the Ball! We are running 4 practices this year: Tuesday November nineteenth, Friday November 22nd, and Tuesday November 26 from 8 to 10 pm at the Moss Park Armory. The additional training will be on Saturday, November sixteenth at Glenview Presbyterian Church. St Andrew’s Day Scotland


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


Will there be a picture taker at the Ball this year?

Two picture takers will be there to photo us in the entirety of our delicacy! After the Ball we will present how on acquire the photographs on this site.

Imagine a scenario in which I have nourishment sensitivities.

It would be ideal if you show your sensitivities on the ticket structure when buying, or email us legitimately and we will tell The Carlu. St Andrew’s Day School


Where would we be able to remain medium-term?

The Chelsea Hotel is only a brief stroll down the road from The Carlu on Gerrard and will offer an exceptional rate to Ball participants.


What do noble men wear to the Ball?

Refined men going to the Ball are approached to dress in dark tie. This leaves a wide range of choices open to the stylishly disapproved of man of his word; from the customary good country formal attire to plaid propelled evening clothing, Mess Kit, to the exemplary tuxedo. Every individual’s taste just adds to the rich visual of the occasion. St Andrew’s Day School


Where can a kilt be procured for the Ball?

William Glen and Son at 1825 Avenue Road and The Scottish Company at 2001 Leslie Street are two extraordinary Scottish shops in Toronto where you can procure kilts for the Ball.


What do women wear to the Ball?

For Ladies going to the Ball, the decision of outfit is practically boundless. That being stated, it is essential to remember that moving is a basic piece of the night. Nearly before the dress is picked, the shoes ought to be a deciding piece of your night’s group; a night of moving requires uncommon regard for the best possible shoes.


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


Where are the benefits from the Ball applied?

In 2018 we had the option to give nearly $100,000 to nearby, grassroots foundations in Toronto. Our Grants Committee takes a hands-on enthusiasm for our beneficiaries and their work.

Beneficent gifts are made with the necessities of the most helpless individuals at the top of the priority list, including ladies, youngsters and those new to the nation.

We give the greater part of this help through offices which give nourishment, guiding, lodging, recreational projects and other required administrations. So as to ensure that the assets of the Society are required and that they are utilized as per the objectives of the Society, individuals from the Grants Committee visit every philanthropy normally.


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


St Andrews Day Ball London
St Andrews Day Ball London


The foundations we support guarantee us that our help is essential to them, particularly as government subsidizing is being decreased, new reasonable lodging for the poor isn’t being made, and the salary of the poor isn’t ascending as fast as the average cost for basic items in our city. The entirety of the assets raised through participation gifts and benefits from occasions of the Society are utilized to help comfort, feed, educate and bolster others.

You are invited to the Westminster Society’s fourth St Andrew’s Celebration Dinner on Thursday 28th November 2019.

Enjoy a dinner with classic Scottish dishes, accompanied by fine wines and classic Scottish Malt Whiskey.

The event wil be hosted by Riki Hutchinson of Clan Donald- raonteur, wine merchant and David Burroghs Scholar of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

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