st andrew day russia

St Andrew Day Russia: St Andrew’s Day will be praised in St Petersburg, Moscow and different urban communities crosswise over Russia on 30 November. Both Moscow and St Petersburg have facilitated yearly St Andrew’s Day balls for a long time and will do so again this year. The Scotland and Russia relationship is brimming with rich history and culture going back over a huge number of years. Scotland and Russia share a similar benefactor holy person, St Andrew, and the saltire was utilized by Peter the Great as the central Russian request of knighthood. ★★ St Andrew’s Day BBC ★★


St Andrew Day Russia Event 2019

It’s difficult to do equity in a blog entry to the full range and profundity of this relationship. Rather, I figured I would concentrate on North West Russia which has had especially solid connections with Scotland going back to the very establishing of the city of St Petersburg by Peter the Great in 1703. Subside the Great and his successors utilized Scottish doctors, draftsmen and troopers to assist them with making and run the wonderful city of St Petersburg and a portion of the eminent bequests in close by Pushkin. People like Bruce, Cameron, Wylie and others are still recalled today.


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st andrew day russia
st andrew day russia


World War Two and the repulsions of the Leningrad Siege likewise featured the quality of the relationship. The trading of heavenly collections of kinship and backing between the ladies of Coatbridge and Airdrie, and Leningrad are a strong image of the quality of individuals to individuals contact in very troublesome occasions. These unique collections are deliberately saved in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and the Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg.


The pretended by the Arctic Convoys in conveying fundamental guide to Russia during World War Two is additionally a significant piece of Scotland’s association with Russia. Huge numbers of the caravans that set out for Russia cruised from the west shoreline of Scotland and a significant number of the fearless individuals from the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy who participated and lost their lives in the ‘most exceedingly awful voyage on the planet’ were Scottish.


st andrew day russia
st andrew day russia


I ought to likewise make reference to a prior however related association from World War One when the ship RRS Discovery, which took Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton to Antarctica in 1901-04, was utilized to dispatch supplies to Russia. Revelation is presently berthed in her home port of Dundee, beside the site of the new V&A Design Museum which will bring an energizing new and inventive fascination in Scotland.


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Twinning is likewise a significant piece of the relationship and the encouraging of social and individuals to individuals associations. Glasgow is twinned with Rostov-on-Don, Perth with Pskov and Edinburgh has a long haul organization with St Petersburg. These connections have been utilized to advance a wide scope of social participation throughout the years and stay significant today. Perth and Pskov will without further ado praise the 25th commemoration of their relationship.


st andrew day russia


St Petersburg has a yearly ‘Long periods of Scotland’ arrangement of occasions around Burns Night in late January. Consumes stays famous in Russia and, as a local of Glasgow, I’ve generally delighted in tuning in to Russian visitors recounting a portion of his works that they learned at school. The subject of Days of Scotland 2016 will be Charles Rennie Mackintosh which is profoundly fitting given that 2016 is Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.


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As we observe St Andrew’s Day in St Petersburg, and hear the First Minister’s message, we will accept the open door to consider Scotland’s association with Russia and why individuals to individuals contact and shared history stay as significant today as they were when Scotsmen were building St Petersburg, Russia’s ‘window to Europe’.

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