st andrew day run

St Andrew Day Run: The occasion will have a six hour time limit for you to run the same number of, or as barely any laps as you wish. With a coordinated occasion, as long as you complete one lap, at that point you are an official finisher!

There are slants as opposed to slopes, so its not absolutely level, each circle has possibly 100 feet of height rise, yet there are some stunning woods to go through, lakes, fields, wet grounds and some natural life to spot as well! On the off chance that its wet there may be an opportunity of some mud however the trails are high caliber and channel well. St Andrew Day Quiz

As regular we’ll have an all around supplied help station, an interesting specially crafted decoration and a goody pack that really contains treats which will make the undulations and any mud more than justified, despite all the trouble. There is additionally an on location bistro, a play area for children and with everything taken into account is a pleasant spot to have a run! ★★ St Andrew Day Crafts Activities ★★


Best St Andrew Day Run 2019

It’s our point that this occasion has a significant effect to the Betteshanger Country Park in a positive style and all things considered £5 from every passage charge will be given legitimately to the Park to help them in keeping up this dazzling condition.

st andrew day run
st andrew day run


This occasion shapes some portion of a 10 Challenges in 10 Days Challenge, every occasion however is thoroughly independent and you are allowed to simply participate in one occasion, two occasions or anyway numerous you wish!

It would be ideal if you investigate the races and think about going along with us!


If you don’t mind note that because of continuous development at Betteshanger it’s far-fetched that we’ll have the option to utilize the default course we have and won’t realize the real course till much close to occasion day. Anyway we’ll have the course checked and the options will be 3.28 or 4.37 miles long…

The course goes around the landing area cycle track yet at no time crosses it so there are no traffic worries to stress over. The surface is a top notch rock surface in the principle with the odd fix of possibly sloppy bits in the event that they’re wet however in general it’s a great running surface and should create some quick occasions.

The Fowlmead Challenge course is visible on MapMyRun here.

There are slants as opposed to slopes, so its not absolutely level, each circle has possibly 100 feet of rise, yet there are some flawless woods to run by, lakes, prairies, wet grounds and some untamed life to spot as well! On the off chance that its wet there may be an opportunity of some mud yet the trails are high caliber and channel well.

The course is reasonable for either street or trail shoes.


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st andrew day run
st andrew day run
st andrew day run
st andrew day run



Every now and again Asked Questions

What do I get?

1) An extremely extraordinary finishers award, specially designed and planned, not a nonexclusive one.

2) A goody pack toward the completion, which has treats in, not a lot of adverts. There will be nothing solid in our goody sacks, things they contain for instance, chocolate, crisps..

3) A very much loaded base camp with a lot of snack and refreshments for during and post race recharging, including the unbelievable Rachel’s Rocky Road!


Where is the occasion?

Betteshanger Country Park, A258, Deal, Kent CT14 0BF. If you don’t mind click here for our Betteshanger Country Park data. (It would be ideal if you note that the scene has additionally been known as Fowlmead Country Park)

Building work… (on the off chance that all goes to design this will change before occasion day)

If it’s not too much trouble note that while the last period of building work is going on they’ve included some brief structures and reconfigured the stopping.


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When do I get my race number?

You’ll lift this up on race day from the race base camp. This will be at the race start/finish region (Google Map) or in the bistro relying upon the climate!


st andrew day run
st andrew day run


Are there time limits?

Indeed, six hours to run the same number of laps as you can. You can complete whenever inside the 6 hours and your last separation will be recorded alongside your completing time. Just complete laps inside the 6 hours will be recorded or you more likely than not left the guide station for your last lap by 5.59:59 after the occasion start.

Any sprinter finishing more than 26 miles will have finished long distance race remove and will consider a long distance race finish for the motivations behind the 100 Marathon Club, on the off chance that you complete 27 miles, at that point you’ve finished a ultra. For whatever length of time that you finish one lap then you’ll get an official completion time, decoration and goody pack. With coordinated occasions there are no DNFs as long as you complete one lap.


Do you have secure things offices

No. However, you’re allowed to leave sacks toward the beginning/finish. There will consistently be somebody around however we can’t ensure their security, in case of downpour we can’t ensure things won’t get wet. You’ll have the option to stop near the beginning/finish remember.

Would i be able to leave my very own beverages/nourishment at the guide station?

Truly no issue by any means, we have a committed table for sprinters possess supplies on the off chance that they have anything uncommon that they’d prefer to bring along..


Trail shoes? Street Shoes?

Either ought to be fine. The running surface is generally excellent, in the event that it’s wet, at that point perhaps blunder towards trail, if its dry fail towards street. The site depletes very prosperity based on shale from the old mine.


Is the course shut to the general population?

No. We are utilizing the Betteshanger Country Park which is a piece of a system of nearby pathways, cycle ways and trails and is imparted to drifters, dogwalkers, horseriders and cyclists. Anyway the cyclists do have their very own committed trails so shouldn’t be a lot of an issue. Sprinters don’t have the option to proceed and should be accommodating of different clients of the land. Kindly don’t litter, we’ll have a container at the base camp and another on the most distant side of the course so please store any junk in these..

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What on course offices do you give?

Water, squash, snack, treats, starter, timekeeper and support each lap! Base station will be very much loaded for all sprinters. This is a regular case of the picnics, sorry guide station, we have…

By what method will the laps be checked?

At race enrollment you’ll be given a little overlaid lap tallying card, append this to yourself with a self clasping pin or link tie. Toward the finish of each circle get this punched through by one of the opening puncher chaps or chappesses.

Are there any offices toward the beginning/finish territory?

There are toilets, a bistro and a children play area.

Would i be able to utilize an ipod or mp3 player on the course?

Truly. Despite the fact that please know that you are running on open trails with the overall population so ensure that you focus on cyclists, individuals, hounds, horseriders, natural life, etc.

The passage expense is somewhat more than ordinary – why would that be?

We are holding this occasion by kind authorization of the Betteshanger Country Park. £5 of each passage charge will be given to the Park to aid the upkeep and advancement of this flawless region.

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