st andrew day newyork

St Andrew Day Newyork: The association was established in 1756 by Scottish authors in New York City who were hoping to “mitigate the troubled.” It was named for the benefactor holy person of Scotland, Saint Andrew.Past leaders of the general public incorporate Philip Livingston (the main president), William Alexander (the “Baron of Stirling”), Andrew Carnegie, Ward Melville,and the Rev. Dr. David H. C. Read.Past individuals incorporate Alexander Hamilton, Lewis Morris, the Rev. John Witherspoon, John Stewart Kennedy.


St Andrew Day Newyork Celebration 2019

In 1897, the association updated its constitution to extend qualification for participation to lineal relative of a Scot, not only a child or grandson of a Scot. In 1966, in excess of 800 individuals and visitors respected Saint Andrew, the supporter holy person with its 210th commemoration supper at the Waldorf Astoria lodging in Manhattan.

In 1993, there were 980 individuals from the Society.In 2010, the constitution is again changed, this time enabling ladies to be conceded into participation in the general public with Margaret “Peggy” Macmillan turning into the main lady to be conceded.


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st andrew day newyork
st andrew day newyork


st andrew day newyork
st andrew day newyork


st andrew day newyork
st andrew day newyork


st andrew day newyork
st andrew day newyork



The general public still accommodates penniless Scots in New York City by means of its almoners program and has a grant program that enables two Scots to go to graduate school in the USA and two American understudies to go to graduate school at a Scottish foundation of higher learning.


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Get-togethers for the Society incorporate the Tartan Day march in April and a yearly dinner in November. The Society supports a Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan administration during Tartan Week in April of every year. The Society workplaces are situated on East 55th Street in Manhattan, which houses an assortment of books about Scotland.

Come join the New York Caledonian Club as we praise the day committed to the Scottish benefactor holy person, St. Andrews. Smorgasbord supper and 2 beverages, and obviously, bagpipes are incorporated!

The New York Caledonian Club will hold their yearly St. Andrew’s festival today at The Parlor Midtown: 247 W. 30th St. (between seventh and eighth Ave.), New York, NY. They will begin at 6pm with their semi-yearly broad participation meeting, trailed by merriments including supper at 7pm. RSVP to the Club at 212-662-1083

Look at MurphGuide’s index of Scottish bars and eateries in New York:

Index of Scottish Pubs in NYC:

Caledonia: 1609 Second Ave. (between 83rd and 84th St.) upper east side

New York, NY. (212) 879-0402

The Grisly Pear: 107 MacDougal St. (between Minetta Lane and Bleecker St.), Greenwich Village, New York, NY. (212) 529-3933.

Good countries: 150 W. tenth St. (between Waverly Pl. and Greenwich Ave.) Greenwich Village, New York, NY. (212) 229-2670

St. Andrew’s: 140 W. 46th St. (wager. sixth and seventh Ave.) New York, NY. (212) 840-8413

Shoolbred’s: 197 Second Ave. (between twelfth and thirteenth St.) East Village

New York, NY. (212) 529-0340

what’s more, coming in 2013…

Duke of Montrose Scottish Pub: 47 fifth Ave. (corner of Bergen St.) Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

Isle of Skye Scottish Pub: 488 Driggs Ave. (between N. ninth and N. tenth St.) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

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