St Andrew Day Lesson Plan

St Andrew Day Lesson Plan: Scotland’s National Day is a genuine festival of Scottish culture and a key piece of Scottish personality. Scottish schools generally hold their own occasions and exercises, which are all intended to be both instructive about Scottish culture and a festival exhibiting various gifts, for example, music, expressions, moving presentations and introductions.


St Andrew Day Lesson Plan Ideas

Through Glow, Scottish schools approach a money box of social history, ‘Scotland on Screen’. This asset causes us to find Scotland’s legacy in film. Scotland on Screen contains many movies to watch, examine and use as motivation for your own undertakings, for example, St Andrew’s Day. Each film cut is joined by proposals for exercises that you can do previously, during or subsequent to viewing.


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This is one of a progression of exercise thoughts that assist instructors with utilizing a portion of the devices in Glow. The abilities that understudies create in utilizing communitarian and distributing devices are center aptitudes that can encourage numerous other learning openings. Instructors seeing this by and by have been motivated to utilize a similar technique crosswise over themes and settings.



In this exercise thought students will inquire about online substance utilizing Scotland on Screen at that point make a Glow Blog to observe St Andrew’s Day. Figuring out how to blog in a sheltered situation can add to online security and adequate use arrangements.

Direction for blogging in Glow can be found here:

It is perceived that this session might be conveyed over various exercises; it is an extraordinary setting to constantly expand on.


  • To learn about and celebrate Scottish history, traditions, environment, music and culture.
  • To curate historical content using ‘Scotland on Screen’.
  • To present findings to an authentic audience and gain valuable feedback from peers and to develop skills in posting and responsible use of the Internet by using Glow Blogs.

Learning Outcomes

  • All children will develop a deeper understanding of Scottish history, culture and St Andrew’s Day and will contribute to a class blog.
  • Most children will curate and download relevant video content.
  • Some children will understand how to create blog posts, search and analyse video content.

Learning Intentions

  • To celebrate and expand current understanding of Scottish culture and traditions.
  • To contribute to an online blog, tag and post content.
  • To search an online database of multimedia content.

Cross curricular / Interdisciplinary learning Links

  • Citizenship, Health and Wellbeing

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