St Andrew Day Haggis

St Andrew Day Haggis: The Chicago Scots energetically welcome everybody who is Scottish by birth, by legacy or essentially by tendency to come and appreciate a night saturated with history and Scottish fun. The festival of Scotland will incorporate a perfect supper, live amusement including bagpipers, Highland Dancers, a vivacious ceilidh, sale and significantly more.


174th St Andrew Haggis 2019

2019 Distinguished Citizens

Displayed in acknowledgment of accomplishment of greatness and commitments to Society, the Distinguished Citizen Award is the most noteworthy respect the Chicago Scots can pay.

The Chicago Scots are glad to exhibit the 2019 Distinguished Citizen Awards, to:

Bethany McLean, writer and contributing manager at Vanity Fair.

Dan Casey, organizer of Sterling Engineering.

This occasion benefits the Chicago Scots’ chief philanthropy, Caledonia Senior Living and Memory Care.



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st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis




The Chicago Scots’ yearly Saint Andrew’s Day Gala, “the Feast of the Haggis” is the most seasoned ceaselessly running dark tie supper in Chicago. On December first 1845, when Chicago’s populace was only 12,000, a gathering of Scots accumulated at the city’s best inn, the Lake House, to observe Saint Andrew’s Day. They framed the Illinois Saint Andrew Society, the first and still the most established 501c3 not-for-benefit in Illinois.



Today, as the Chicago Scots, the Society has developed into one of the world’s biggest and most fundamental Scottish social associations. The Chicago Scots compose occasions and activities that instruct, engage and advance Scottish culture – including the yearly Scottish Festival and Highland Games which, in 2019 highlighted the biggest bagpiping title in North America.

Around the globe there are numerous Scottish social orders that observe Scotland’s way of life, yet there is one in particular that claims, works and supports a senior consideration network – the Chicago Scots.

This occasion benefits the Chicago Scots’ foremost philanthropy, Caledonia Senior Living and Memory Care.


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis



Singular tickets and tables are accessible at this point.

Purchase Tickets by means of Eventbrite

Note: Avoid ticket charges by acquiring straightforwardly by means of check from Chicago Scots. If it’s not too much trouble contact Dawn Miller through telephone at 708-426-7144 or by means of email at [email protected] for subtleties.

A great deal of work goes into making the Scottish delicacy, all of which sounds grisly offal. David James reports.

The way in to a decent haggis is readiness, says Chris McKay.

What’s more, Chris should know, he’s been making them for a long time.

Master haggis producer Chris McKay keeps the family formula very “quiet, quiet”.



Master haggis producer Chris McKay keeps the family formula very “quiet, quiet”.

His formula however is all very “quiet, quiet”.

“I could let you know yet I’ll need to slaughter you,” he jokes.

“My dad, my granddad and my extraordinary granddad, every one of my progenitors, made haggis. It’s a finely cleaved, or minced, meat truly. Much the same as pate.”


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis


The paunch, or gut pack, must be altogether cleaned before the offal is included.

Kiwi Chris says his precursors hail back to the MacKay faction from the furthest north of the Scottish Highlands.

They made a trip out to New Zealand in the nineteenth century.

“My family was cleared from their property in Scotland during the clearances by the English. A great deal of that region was cleared to clear a path for sheep. My family was worn out, and my two old extraordinary incredible grannies were singed alive. Goodness we always remember.”


Blenheim and Districts Highland Pipe Band individuals, from left, Allan Cameron, John Nicol and Morea Cameron practice outside St Andrew’s Church.

Chris says it’s imperative to him and his family to keep a portion of their Scottish customs alive through their language, music and, indeed, food.

The custom of haggis-production returns several years, and like other praised luxuries the haggis is gotten from need, not creation.

The substantial pudding is basically a sort of laborer’s nourishment.


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Allan Cameron, with his base drum, prepares for the St Andrew’s Day festivity.

“A haggis is what was left after the high society upper class and family boss took all the great cuts of meat,” Chris says, “And afterward the ghillie – or hireling, or lower class – were given the paunch and the offal. It’s significant to Scotland, yet in addition Malay and Bulgaria – they all utilized the paunch in some sort of dish, as a cooking container.”


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis


Chris says it takes him around seven hours to set up a solitary haggis.

“It’s around 3 kilos,” Chris says. “As it occurs, to do it the conventional way you need to execute the sheep, and you clean the paunch. The paunch implies the gut, or gut sack. It’s loaded with grass when you get it. So you need to turn it back to front and clean it. Spotless.

“That is the greatest readiness. Here and there it will take you 45 minutes to complete that, and you’re cleaning, on scour board. You need to get every one of the microorganisms out. It’s everything done in heated water, and your hands are spotless a short time later.”

When the pack is perfect, Chris sources new fixings from around Marlborough to complete it, including minced offal, oats and flavors.

Everything must be cleaned and cooked to the correct temperature, he says.

Chris’ haggis will be served at the St Andrew’s Day festivity in Blenheim on Sunday, November 26, four days before St Andrew’s Day.

The feature will no uncertainty be the eerie haggis function.

“We walk in with the flute player, on the grounds that the flautist frightened every one of the spirits off. At that point we have a man with a sword, and he wards off any English from our nourishment,” Chris snickers. “At that point we have a light conveyor.

“[Back] then the ladies were customarily the haggis cooks, and she acquired the haggis.”


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis


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At that point came the most significant part; the bourbon, or as Chris calls it, “the sauce”.

“In Gaelic, you state Uisce beatha, which implies the ‘water of life’ or ‘great water’. Also, when we toast the haggis, we state ‘slainte mhaith’, which signifies ‘great wellbeing’.”

One the haggis is displayed, a fair address is made by the speaker, which generally interpreted methods:

“Good karma to you and your genuine, stout face, extraordinary chieftain of the frankfurter race!

“Above them all you have your spot, stomach, tripe, or digestion tracts,

“Well are you deserving of a beauty, as long as my arm.”

The St Andrew’s Day festivity will be held at Seymour Square, in Blenheim, before a motorcade with the Blenheim and Districts Highland Pipe Band.

Band secretary Margaret Tepania supports individuals from people in general to display their internal Scot.

“We have a prize for the best dressed Scottish clothing on the day. They don’t need to be customary family hues, you can simply wear plaid dress, something fun.”

The Marlborough Highland Dancing gathering will likewise perform for the duration of the day.

“It’s simply dazzling,” Margaret says. “At that point we will have the haggis function. It’s a full haggis service. We will serve haggis baps. That is haggis on a bap. There’ll be lines for that, I wager.”

The festival and march is only an approach to advance and observe Scottish culture, and “spare it simultaneously”, Chris says.


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggisst andrew day haggis


st andrew day haggis
st andrew day haggis



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“There is a great deal of Scottish individuals in Marlborough,” he says. “I guess it’s superior to having wet feet and bronchitis in Scotland, would it say it isn’t? Turn out to daylight and wine nation.”

The subtleties

St Andrew’s Day Celebration

Seymour Square, 92 High St, Blenheim, Marlborough

Sunday, November 26

11am – 2pm

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