South Park Halloween Episodes

South Park Halloween Episodes Halloween specials aren’t as renowned as those on The Simpsons, but that’s only because of a schedule change after three seasons. The show’s Halloween episodes didn’t air until after Halloween, so we were left without them for a while. Fortunately, the schedule changed again a few years ago, so that Trey Parker and Matt Stone could produce the episodes during the week they aired, and the Halloween episodes returned.


Theo Kogod updated this article on December 4th, 2020: South Park has for decades been on top of the times and released episodes that discuss current events, along with silly jokes, horror themes, and goofy holiday episodes. Since this list was first published in 2019, a new Halloween Special has been released, so let’s reassess and see which Halloween episodes can appear on this list, regardless of quality.


14Worst: Pandemic

South Park. Pandemic.

Ironicly the Halloween two-section scene “Pandemic” possibly now gets added to the rundown when the entire world is affected by a worldwide pandemic. The scene follows the repercussions of the young men attempting to shape a Peruvian woodwind band to bring in cash, just for the world to be devoured by masses of goliath guinea pigs, remembering some for Halloween ensembles.

Randy attempts to catch the occasions on another camcorder, overcompensating as he gazes into the focal point and announces how surprising everything is. “Pandemic” was intended to exploit the accomplishment of the then-as of late released movie Cloverfield, utilizing unsteady cam and a plot about goliath beasts. It was a beautiful fair scene.

13Best: Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

South Park Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

The freshest Halloween Special is the “Tegridy Farms Halloween Special,” which follows Randy as he participates in one of his most crazy hijinks to date. Since the time Randy began his new business developing and selling pot from Tegridy Farms, he has occupied with pretty much every corrupt business practice under the sun. Randy’s outrageous character makes him one of the most well known characters of the show, and each time he has at any point gotten a splendid thought, it either appears to backfire or come to the detriment of others.

At the point when Randy chooses he needs another strain of weed to sell for Halloween, he and Towelie settle on a new hybrid which they decision their “Halloween Special.” However, Randy’s girl Shelley has a weed issue—or, in other words she objects to his maryjane business. To communicate her dissatisfaction, she pours a tank of synthetic compounds all around the new strain of cannabis, making it become changed Lovecraftian plants. At the point when individuals smoke it, they transform into plant zombies (or rather, the synthetic substances cause individuals to fantasize a zombie end of the world). An extra side plot includes Butters being followed by a mummy from the nearby gallery.

12Worst: Pandemic 2: The Startling

South Park. Pandemic 2: The Startling

This is the continuation of the Season 12 episode “Pandemic.” The principal scene was a failure, and making this a two-section scene makes it twice as terrible (and twice as excruciating to endure).

The story from the past scene about monster guinea pigs keeps, taking the young men to the wildernesses of Peru where they investigate the lost remains of an old Incan sanctuary that predicts how Peruvian woodwind groups (and Craig) will actually want to drive off the goliath guinea pigs. Here and there, the senseless over-the-top idea of scenes works, yet this isn’t such a scene.

11Best: The Major Bush

South Park. The Major Bush

It is hard to tell whether “The Major Bush” considers a legitimate Halloween Special or not, however it has clear frightfulness components to it and first circulated on October 29th, 2014, so appears to possess all the necessary qualities.

At the point when Cartman, Butters, and Kenny utilize Butters’ father’s new robot without authorization, they spy on Craig’s mother while she is stripped down, then, at that point, transfer a video of her to the web, bringing about a famous reaction as the whole local area believes on her own preparing in her most close to home region. Spreads’ father, Stephen Stotch, starts to presume that his robot is flying without help from anyone else. He attempts to return the robot to the store, alarmed that it has become aware—which sounds good to him than thinking his child Butters would fly it without authorization.

10Worst: Goth Kids 3: Dawn Of The Posers


The most disillusioning scenes of South Park tend to be the ones that emphasis on anybody outside the primary gathering of four young men. In the event that the show digresses from Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, it must be intended for a truly incredible person, similar to Randy or Butters.

“Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” has some good times take on goth and emotional culture, permeating it with vampire fiction and a farce of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, however lamentably, the goth kids simply aren’t sufficiently interesting to convey their own scene. They’re alright for an oddball gag, or when Stan went along with them after Wendy unloaded him, yet not all alone.

9Best: Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery

A lot of big names have visitor featured in South Park, however they’re normally utilized for an amusingly little job, similar to when Jay Leno played Cartman’s feline. In “Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery,” the whole band Korn play themselves in a satire of Scooby-Doo.

From the Antonio Banderas sex doll that Cartman botches for a Christmas present to kids about necrophilia, this scene is brimming with the improper, insane humor that made South Park a social marvel in any case. Besides, the mocking of Hanna-Barbera’s movement style falls off splendidly, with every one of the unmistakable shadings and idiosyncrasies and visual reference focuses.

8Worst: Dead Celebrities

Several celebrities passed away in 2009: Michael Jackson, David Carradine, Billy Mays, Walter Cronkite, Bea Arthur, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, etc. The Summer of Death has become so ridiculous that people are calling it that.

South Park tackled this topic with a spooky parody of movies like Poltergeist and The Sixth Sense in which Ike sees dead celebrities. There are some funny moments in this episode, but the targets of dead celebrities and beauty pageants are too easy to be truly satirical. The episode isn’t awful, but it’s also not one of the best Halloween episodes.

7Best: Pinkeye

“Pinkeye” was not just the main ever South Park Halloween scene – it was the seventh scene of the show out and out. Watchers were all the while becoming acquainted with the characters and the style of humor and activity since it was all exceptionally new and interesting and new and abnormal in those days.

“Pinkeye,” with its spearing of zombie motion pictures, Worcester sauce, and Michael Jackson’s “Thrill ride” video, is an ideal illustration of how to mix the unrefined parody of the show with the scares and dreads of Halloween. It set the format for the remainder of the show’s Halloween scenes in the most ideal manner conceivable.

6Worst: The Scoots

“The Scoots” was the most recent South Park Halloween scene. The best scenes of South Park in general – basically the most recent ones, when they’re delivered the week they air – are the ones that take a couple of recent developments or social marvels and make them fit into a drawing in story. Once in a while they’re simply packed together, similar to the George Zimmerman preliminary and World War Z, and unfortunately, “The Scoots” is one more illustration of that.

Mocking takes on the e-bike frenzy and Fortnite are packed into a Halloween-themed spoof of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The scene centers around Mr. Mackey and Kenny, two of the show’s most clever characters, however it’s simply not exciting.

5Best: Sons A Witches

In the fall of 2017, Halloween was the farthest thing from individuals’ psyches. The emphasis was rather on the #MeToo development, which at long last uncovered all the sexual maltreatment that had been occurring in Hollywood for quite a long time. As any semblance of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Louis C.K. were uncovered and immediately had their vocations finished, other male superstars like Liam Neeson and Woody Allen began considering it a “witch chase.” So, South Park responded by allegorizing the development with real witches.

Every one of the men in South Park dress up as witches and afterward when one of them begins hijacking youngsters, Randy attempts to get ladies to see a qualification between “great witches” and “terrible witches.” It’s an extraordinary parody.

4Worst: Spookyfish

Season 2’s “Spookyfish” has the makings of an incredible scene, without the substance. It’s introduced in “Creepy Vision,” which simply implies Barbra Streisand’s face is everywhere around the screen, as a reaction to her negative remarks about the show. In any case, what’s in the scene doesn’t satisfy that – the entire embodiment of Aunt Flo is more horrendous than humorous.

Its farce of Star Trek’s Mirror Universe – complete with the goatees on the equal variants of individuals – is quite amusing. Also, the way that everybody enjoys the Mirror Universe rendition of Cartman significantly better than the genuine one is a decent touch. Yet, all in all, this is certainly not a solid scene.

3Best: A Nightmare On FaceTime

Scenes with an attention on Randy will in general be the most amusing. In “A Nightmare on FaceTime,” Randy purchases a Blockbuster store as the organization rapidly leaves business and anticipates that Halloween should make him a huge load of cash as individuals lease “creepy motion pictures.” He won’t acknowledge that video rental is a dead industry and lapses into full Jack Torrance mode.

The scene is a pitch-amazing farce of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, nailing the outlining and the camera developments and the looks and the melodic prompts impeccably. The B-plot, including Stan going house to house asking for candy with the folks by means of FaceTime with his iPad lashed to a skateboard, isn’t as solid, however it actually makes up the bits of an incredible Halloween scene.

2Worst: City Sushi

This one may not actually consider a Halloween scene, since it broadcasted in June 2011 and its plot doesn’t spin around Halloween, yet there are sufficient creepy minutes and blood and gore film parodies in “City Sushi” to make it something like a semi-Halloween scene.

It’s a genuine disgrace when scenes rotating around Butters end up being frail, however this one wasn’t a very remarkable shock, on the grounds that a great deal of season 15 was powerless – from “Funnybot” to “Illustrious Pudding” to “Break Baby Athletic Association,” there weren’t numerous diamonds concealed in the season. Thinking of it as’ Butters featuring in a farce of both Paranormal Activity and Psycho, we hoped for something else from this.

1Best: Hell On Earth 2006

South Park Hell on Earth 2006

Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided My Super Sweet 16 was the “most disgusting, foul show ever made,” so they parodied it with “Hell on Earth 2006,” which replaces the bratty teenagers on the show with Satan, who wants to throw the perfect Halloween party.

“Hell on Earth 2006” features unabashedly dark humor, like depicting Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy as the Three Stooges.


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