At one point, everyone becomes tired of everything, like you just want to fall into your bed and sleep for the rest of the day or even for the rest of the week. With the way things are going, you can probably sleep away for the rest of the month unless something interesting happens in your life.


One of the seven deadly sins, being a sloth means being too lazy to do anything at all. With that said though, a lot of people are guilty of it simply because it is sometimes a point of relaxation, not doing anything at all even for just a day.

When you are feeling too stressed and you just want to laze yourself, here are some sloth meme that you can send to your friends so that they will know just exactly what you plan on doing for the whole day: nothing at all.


feeln' philoslothical


Started from the bottom, now we here


Look ma, no hands!

I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge


I'm having a really nice day, and I hope you have a really nice day too

Take it slow? That's the only way I know how, baby


Awww, come on man


Walk into the club like.. What up I got a bowl cut


No sir. I don't like to "move it"


Look at this boob... This is a nice boob


Started from the bottom, finish on your face


Damn it feels good to be a gangsta


I'm pretty sure my spirit animal is a sloth.




I don't always move but when I do, it's because it's absolutely necessary


Hey baby, you must be a light switch coz every time I see you, you turn me on!


When your mother gives you a haircut and then she says you are handsome


u want some of dis? bring it


Chewbacca, the early years


Me looking at my friends as I'm being thrown out of the bar


Wanna know my favorite beverage? Mount and do


Let's play a game called hide and get raped


If you ever feel stupid, remember that the tree sloth will sometimes grab his own arm thinking it's a branch, and fall to his death.


Why did the sloth cross the road? To fucking slaughter your whole family.


Tonight we sleep, tomorrow we sloths take over the world!


What rhymes with sloth? Rape


Wet sloths are made of nightmares


you are no match for my sloth fu


It's sunday, movements is optional


Ooh gurl what you sayin'


I'm no weather man but expect a few inches tonight


Spend my nights in bars

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