Single On Valentine’s Day Meme

Being single during the month of February is never fun, but these Valentine’s Day memes might make it a little better. The only way to embrace being alone on the 14th is to laugh about being single.

Woman in pink wig with heart-shaped sunglasses. Meme text: I'm the only one I need on Valentine's day.

Funny (and maybe a little sad) Valentine’s Day memes

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. But if you happen to be single on February 14th it can feel like the longest and loneliest day ever. The best way to get through the day? Laugh through it. These Valentine’s Day memes will get you laughing and put a smile on your face. Want to smile even more? These dog memes will give you the boost of serotonin you need.


Angry woman. Meme text: Do you have a date for Valentine's Day? Yes, it's February 14th.

Valentine’s Day date


Obviously. If these Valentine’s Day memes are cracking you up, also take a look at the best 2020 memes.

Man in office. Meme text: What are you doing on Valentine's Day? Me: Umm, going to work.

Paperwork date

Just like I do every other day. If you still want to spread the love this Valentine’s Day, here are some love memes to send to that special someone.


Man pointing to his head as if he has a great idea. Meme text: You don't have to be sad about being single on Valentine's Day if you remember you're alone every other day of the year too

Single 365

This sad reminder will help you get through the day. Here are some facts you probably never knew about Valentine’s Day.

Gecko on leaf. Meme text: I saved a ton of money on Valentine's Day by switching to single. 

Single saver

No need to by flowers, chocolates, or a fancy dinner. You can’t help but laugh at these funny animal memes.


Person wearing robot costume, holding out arms. Meme text: Hold up! Before Valentine's Day is over Does anyone want to confess their love for me?


You’ve still got time. Did you know that Valentine’s Day has a surprisingly dark history?


Woman opening the door and screaming. Meme text: Me acting surprised when the chocolate cake and flowers that I ordered for myself arrive.

Delivery for one

How did they know that this is my favorite dessert? If these Valentine’s Day memes remind you that you’re spending February 14th alone with your cat, take a look at these cat memes to feel better.


Watching television in bed. Meme text: Roses are red, violets are blue, watching murder mysteries on Netflix costs less than dinner for two.

Saving money

There’s nothing like scaring yourself before bed. These Valentine’s Day puns will also have you laughing.

Baby sticking out tongue angrily. Meme text: My face when someone asks me what I'm doing for Valentine's Day.

Don’t ask

Leave me alone! Here’s why roses are so popular for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic dinner. Meme text: Plans for Valentine's Day Eat chocolates Watch a romantic movie Dinner for two Regret eating two dinners

Romantic dinner

Too full to care about being single. Here are some funny thank you memes for every occasion.


Dog looking crazy. Meme text: I'm only single on Valentine's Day because I haven't found someone that can handle how awesome I am yet.

Too awesome

It’s difficult to date me, I understand.

Grocery store aisle with candy. Meme text: I'll see you tomorrow for half price ;)


If you don’t wait until February 15th to buy Valentine’s Day chocolate, you’re doing it wrong. If you still want to send a card to a loved one, here are some of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards.


Woman raising hand. Meme text: Is Netflix a valentine?

Question for the class

If you want Netflix to be your valentine I can’t stop you. Here are the funniest happy birthday memes.


Coupon that says "free wish." Meme text: This coupon will get you one full day of me not complaining about Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day coupon

Only one day, that’s all I can do.

I know you know

Just don’t even ask. These are the types of Valentine’s Day candy everyone secretly hates.


Hospital bed. Meme text: If you get hospitalized on February 13th, then there's probably a better chance you'll get flowers on the 14th.

Better chance for flowers

Think smarter.


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