Short Happy Quotes

There will be times when you wake up in the morning and you are unsure of what your day will become, when you struggle to produce your own light to follow or to find your way.
On the other times, you feel great and sunny, well those are great days indeed.
When you need that extra dose of sunshine like the cherry on top of the sundae, you ought to have use of some happy quotes.
These happy quotes will help you stay on top of the clouds no matter what you’re going through.
Enjoy these short happy quotes and may they find you some rainbows during rainy days.

Do your best and the rest of it will be up to the fates then.


Stay happy, there are a lot of reasons out there so go ahead and find one now for yourself.


Your life may not have gone as you had planned it to be but it’ll be okay.


Be your own sun in this hard life, make a stand now.


Happiness is there where you would least expect to find it, be strong.


Do what you think is the best for you and you will be able to smile.


One day you will see that there is much to this world to be happy about, believe me.


Be grateful of the things you have & you will be just fine.


It is the little things in this world that makes people a little bit happier.


When you stand with your feet in the ground, you know you can fly.

Whether you become happy or not is up to you so you might want to choose to be happy.


Keep shining by just being yourself, you deserve to be what you can be.


Wherever you plan to be, just keep your focus, make it come to life.


There will be no flowers if there is no rain, just like life and problems.


All in all, the truth is that you can be happy on your own, just learn to love you too.


Just be a little bit braver and stronger each day, I put my trust in you.


I hope that you would choose to make the most out of today as well.


You should be the rainbow that would give hope to other people.


What I hope for you is that you will be happy by all means possible, that is what I wish.


The purpose of this life is to be the happiest person you can be.

There is no right way to happiness, you have to find your own way around it.


You either find a path or you can create a path that will lead you to the happiness you want.


Seeing you happy is all that I can ever really hope for, that is the truth of it now.


I think that having hope can lead you to a happier place, I wish you find that.

Whatever you should decide to be doing, be sure to think things through.


You can have so many reasons to smile so go ahead and find them now.


Well, you know what they say: you need to make it or break it, choose to be happy instead.


It is most definitely okay to be a little silly, just laugh a little too.



You can become whoever you want to be if you try your best.


Whatever you do would not be worth it if you are not smiling.


Stop worrying about what others should think of you, be true to you.


You decide whether you are happy or not, I hope you pick the right one.


Keep on laughing up until you finally become happier now.


You should be the sun and keep on spreading the warmth to others too.


Stop being miserable by stopping thinking that you are, you are not.


You should be cheering for a brand new day.


Whatever happens, I will be there, if you do not feel happy, I’ll try to make you feel that way.


Create what you can now and it will pay off later on in your life too.


If you believe yourself to become what you are then you will be that then.


You should stop thinking too hard about things, the sun would keep rising when it would.


Keep smiling so much that when someone looks at you they’d do the same too.


Stay happy no matter what type of situation you are in.


Happiness is practically the best type of success.


Stop postponing your own happiness and do what you can right now.


Do not choose negativity, choose to be positive all the time.


The goal of this life is to be happy, so do whatever it takes to be.


If you can embrace what you have right now, you will be alright.


What you should do is to remember what your goals are and you’d be fine.


I can see things radiating inside of you, I bet you will be truly fine as well.


Like a flower blooming, I want you to draw things better than ever.


May you find yourself happy even when life goes against you.


This is a new day, so you should start off new as well.


Each morning you should wake up with a bright smile on your face


The most important part of your life is to be in peace with yourself.


May the wisdom of all the universe comes to you, I love you so much.


When you learn how to be happy in the most negative situations, you are lucky.


You should learn how to be grateful for what you have, my dear.


With grace you should have the best things that you can do.


Do not let the little things in this life upset you, have power over them.


It is actually the simplest things in this world that can bring you great deal.


It does not take much to be happy so do try your best to be.


Nothing can really make you truly feel good but yourself, believe me.


Life is stressful that is true, but nothing should beat you.


I think happiness suits you, you look even more beautiful now.


Maybe sadness is very important to remind yourself how great it is to feel happiness.


And all that I want you to know is that you can be happy too if you do your best.


I wish you would remind yourself that it is okay to let go of things that hurts you.


It is you who should feel good about you because you are awesome.


The easiest way to achieve happiness is to let your burdens go.


You have the chance to be happy so you might as well make use of it.


I hope this helps you when you feel down: You are blessed.


In times when happiness is the key, calm yourself and find that.


Choose to be alive, choose to wake up without any negativity.


The small mistakes in life may lead you to the best path ever.


Stay strong and stay happy and you will do just fine in this life, my dear.


The mistakes you make, you should embrace them and you’ll be fine.


You are but a human, but it should not make you feel less about yourself.


Your family should be your source of happiness, or else within yourself.


Him who knows how to live life should be the luckiest one of all.


You either be happy or not, so you must be wise in making that choice.


Well it is true that you only have this one life so go ahead and make your choices.


You need no vacation from life, you have the power to make it that way.


I wish you would learn how to appreciate that things that are just right in front of you.


The power to be happy is in your hands so you might as well take it.


Go ahead and be silly, be whatever you want to be in this world.


Forget about others and I bet your life would be a whole lot happier.


Happiness can be the reason why you are looking prettier than ever.


When you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud of your reflection, that is happiness.


So now I will do the best that I can for me so that I too, can be happy.


Whatever it is that you decide to do, make sure it makes you smile.


You should start making this part of your life the best part of your life.


When you laugh and then you realize there is no reason at all, that is the best part of it.


Finding someone you can enjoy this life with is truly amazing indeed.


For this moment alone I am very happy to be part of something bigger.


You have got to take care of what you own and yourself, make happiness your goal.


You should prioritize your own well-being, I hope you do.


When the time comes I wish you can be proud of yourself, what you have done.


In the end of it, all you had to be was happy that you are still alive and breathing.


Smiling and laughing are basic necessities just like breathing.


Life would only come once around your life so make your choice to be happy.


Maybe what you need is a meal and a long hot bath tonight.


It was moments like this where you are happy that I can’t let go of.


Forget everything else and just focus on what you have right now.


In this world where everything hates everyone, what can you really do then?


Believe in your power and your capability make change.


I want you to know that the best thing you can do is to be you.


You were the one person that can make me happy on days like this.


Whatever you decide to do, remember I will be there for you.


When I feel miserable, I call you for hearing your voice makes me happy.


Thanks for making me happy when I do not feel like myself at all.


You are the best type of person for me in this world, thanks for keeping me happy.

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