Short Deep Quotes

If you have ever felt that you lack some sense of something in your life such as in your action as well as your thoughts, then maybe you have start being more mindful of your surroundings.
Do not worry, it is normal for people to want to know more about things or to be tired of everything going on in their lives.
You need to take a break at times and try to realize more about your feelings as well as your ideas.
See, what you need is some short deep quotes to help you out.

What you need to do now is to take deep breaths and calmly count to ten.


You see, the real type of gold may not always glitter but fake diamonds, they shine.


Beauty is as much as a state of the mind of the one looking.


Inside a woman’s heart is a stash of all the secrets she keeps in.


The problems that seem so hard are the ones that makes you think.


In order to get a better understanding of things, what you need is to just think deep.


Some things are like water, slipping through your very fingers.


Look forward to what is coming not look back on the things on the past.


Learn from water to slip through the tiniest holes but be able to hold big ships up.


Dive a bit deep into your thoughts and go where exactly it shall lead you on.

The more that you learn about things, the less you would seem to know about the world.


Stop doing two things at once, your brain can only handle so much.


Be yourself or else even your very identity may be stolen away from you.


Think deep of this: how would it be like to be Nature itself and love all of what you are.

Life is like the ocean, you seem to know how to dive but you never know how deep it really is.


See, you do not have to impress anyone besides yourself, so get a move on.


This life will take you to different journey but then it is one big journey itself.



You will experience some chaos so try to find the peace within you.


Stop being so shallow and try to be a bit deep, there is a difference in between.


Every moment that you get, try your best to be a bit happier, make it a goal.


Stop waiting for the best things to come to you and instead start trying to go to them.


Live the moments that you have and stop pretending not to like yourself.


What you need are deep books to read so you can evaluate your life better.


The disappointments that you feel will only bring you down, lessen those.


Life is but a color picture that you fill in with the colors that you choose.


Your real self ought to come out some time, make that time right now, be you.


Start being bolder, being someone you want to become besides who you are now.


The only thing that you need are some deep experiences to help you out on this life.



You have the power to create the things you want to come true, use this power too.


When your choices seem so easy, beware for life may get hard then.


The best way to live the life you are given is to be more of actions and less of those words.


Deep inside of your heart, you know who you are, you know what you want to be.


We only have the freedom that we give ourselves above all else.


Yes, you were born to be free but only as free as you want to be.


Keep analyzing those thoughts, you are going to get further than this.


It is being unpredictable that can give you the best advantage so just do that.


Let yourself reach for the dreams inside of you, to reach deep into your very core.


You say that you can’t change the world but you already did by being in it.


You do not have to change the way you think, make the world change theirs.


Stop looking for the truth on the people filled with lies, you are wasting time.


Deep in your soul, what you need is just a taste of things you are yet to achieve, to become.


Keep your sadness inside you and use it as your strength.


There is really no one out there that wants to help you but yourself so do that.


Explore the world through your mind and you will go to places far away.


Nothing is more important than having a heart with a sense of understanding.


When you think deep about it, maybe you will finally get to where you want to be.


People are suffering from the products of their very imagination, it is the saddest thing.


What is inside us we cannot control and that is what makes life challenging.


An easy life is boring which is why we are given tons of problems to deal with.


With some deep thought in life, you will get the place you have always wanted to be in.


The most important thing in the world is your heart so keep it open for yourself.


Do something about your life instead of feeling something like pity for yourself.


Use the possibilities that are in front of you and stop regretting decisions you made.


In this moment, I want you to know that you deserve some deep thinking as well.


There are a lot of times when you have to think about the universe besides yourself.


Your gut is not really great at predicting things, your instinct is what is better.


I hope you do not regret the choices that you have made in life, try not to.


What you need to do is to focus your eyes on those in front of you, not what’s behind.


Close your eyes and breath deep, enter a different world inside of your head too.


Just because other people has it worse than you do not make things lighter.


No one should be able to make you into someone else completely, take control.


If you have something to prove, be sure to prove it to yourself, not anyone else.


There is no deep sense when it comes to the truth, it is the most honest thing you can get.


You shall not throw insults lightly for there are those who do not forget things.


If no one believes in you, be good and try to be the one to believe in yourself.


You want to understand someone so start trying to look at that person’s heart.


No matter what, your family will be there to stand beside you, try to consider that.


Some people can only scratch your heart but the ones you love can hurt you deep.


If they want to leave you, let them be, you are not in this world to please them all.


Maybe distance is what matters the most in life, before anything else.


When you feel depressed, you got to have a happy pill, try to find someone to be that.


Try to feel deep inside of your soul and find the things you want in this life.


An important part in a relationship is to be honest with yourself all the time.


If you want to be understood, you should first understand yourself.


Maybe what you need is to try and be deep about the simple things you see around you.


Being on equal grounds is what you need a friend for, to help you be on the same level then.


Stop trying to close the gap and instead march forward until you get past that person.


Everyone is entitled to drama at some point, just make sure to dry up your tears.


It was not yours to hold but it was deep enough to jump on to, go and risk your life for it.


The most important time of the century is this moment, so do what you need to do now,


Maybe what you say will be the last thing you ever say for life, make sure that it counts.


I want people to know that there are better things than what we know, make ourselves proud.


The thing you want the most is within you it is just hidden too deep within your body.


When you start believing, that is when you start seeing the things you want to see.


If your friend does not treat you like a human, he is not your friend.


Being willing to cope with all the hardships with the person is a sign of love.


Whom you love and what hurts you all depends on the person you love.


And all you wanted was to let the world know that you can be deep too when you want to.


Do not let love control you to be this evil monster of green, love yourself, trust your love.


If there is a measure to love, let it be the kisses, the hugs and all the sweet words.


Do not love everyone, you are not obliged to, just love someone fair and true.


He was looking for a deep conversationalist, but I was sorry that it just was not me.


It is okay to keep things to yourself for that is a completely normal thing to do.


There is more to this life than what you know, try to figure out the unknown.


The sad thing is that deep inside you know you are not the one for her, the sad truth.


You know it, deep in your brain you know that you are gonna fail but you keep fighting.


You have nothing left but to try and pickup being deep so you would get more things.


It is more like going deep into a place that you want above anything else.


The deep part of the sea seems like an enchanting place but try it out sometime else.


The deep holes in your heart are places where hurt had once lived in.


And though you have been hurt way too deep, you still worry about the other person.

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