Sarcastic Memes

There is a tightrope between sarcasm and playing it off rude. Sometimes, when a person is using sarcasm, he or she might come off rude and that is the hardest part, keeping your sarcasm as light as possible to the point that it isn’t even noticeable at all.


Now, when the time comes that you have to use it, be careful with your selection of words as to make sure that you do not offend anyone, at least if you intend not to. However, there are times when you want to make a sarcastic remark in order to make someone realize their mistake.

For times when you cannot do so in person and you need to use some text or chat, you can use the following sarcastic memes to do the talking for you. After all, some things cannot be translated into text, but these memes should come close enough to that.


You just deserve a clap and a stare


If I die in my sleep, at least I'll have died doing something I loved.


You're hilarious man. I'm laughing so hard.


Someday I'm going to eye roll myself into another dimension.

I miss the good old days when everybody wasn't an overly sensitive cunt.


*clap clap* still not impressed


I take my problems with a grain of salt... and a slice of lime... and a shot of tequila.


That face you make when someone you don't like says hi to you


I either give too many fucks or no fucks at all. It is like I cannot find a middle ground for moderate fuck distribution. Fuckology


I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say "Hey look.. that one is shaped like an idiot."


Today's mood: Cranky with a touch of psycho


Controlling my tongue is no problem... It's my face that needs deliverance.


When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask "Are you sleeping?" ... "No, I'm training to die."


You're changing your Facebook status for the next hour to bring awareness to an issue? You deserve a round of applause.


Your existence repulses me


He asked why the house isn't clean since I'm home all day. I asked why we aren't rich since he works all day...


When you're ugly but you get a like


The words "Let's see who will read this" at he beginning of your post virtually guarantees I won't read it. Ever.


Fuck you asshole


She said she wanted the "D"... so I gave her Diabeetus


You think I'm OCD? Well, I think you're a slacker who can't do things right.


The face you pull when people don't understand sarcasm.


I don't have the energy to shit butterflies and piss rainbows today.


Some days you feel like you're surrounded by idiots. Other days, you realize it's not just some days.


I would slap you but shit splatters


When you're being sarcastic and someone says "You're so dumb", not knowing you were sarcastic cause they're too dumb.


Congratulations, you took the joke too far


Sarcasm is the ability to insult stupid people without them realizing it


His head is brighter than my future.


Your face when your sarcasm is so perfect, they think you're serious


If you don't have anything nice to say... Be a sarcastic asshole.. But don't forget to say HA HA when you're done...


Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.

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