There will be times when you will feel as if you are useless, they will make you feel as if you do not have anything to your name, when you have nothing. You will feel sad, you will feel as if things are no longer going to go your way and so you slump around and tell yourself that tomorrow is going to be worse than today and you just have to do what you can do.


Well, do not worry, when those time comes, remember that you have friends with you, that you have family that is more than willing to help you in overcoming those moments when you feel that you are alone. Do not fear because you would not be sad for too long.

However, when you do feel sad, here are some sad meme that can help you to express out all that sadness that you have within you.


I'm sorry, I made you sad


You make me a sad panda


When you're sad and you listen to sad music to get even sadder

I'm always afraid that I have a sad cow's disease.


When ur ugly and sad but trying ur best to stay positive

That sad moment when candy has a better love life than you


Don't go, I'll be sad


When you give yourself a gentle hug every night before you got to bed, reassuring yourself that no matter what, they day was yours because you chose to live it.


Don't be sad because of people. They will all die.


That sad moment when your crush says that she can find you a GF


Your eyes water when you yawn because you miss your bed and it makes you sad.


Hey you, don't be sad, I'm here for you.


Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in the world, there's an idiot pulling a door that says "Push"


Isn't it sad when you get hurt so much, you can finally say "I'm used to it."


Me: I'm sad.... Me after one french fry


When you tell people: "You won't like me when I'm angry" but they tell you they never liked you anyways... Hulk sad


Don't worry about me, I'm irrelephant...


When you smoke weed to get rid of the sadness but now you're just really high and sad.


Oh man, sometimes I'm just feeling so down


I'm a sad panda now


Sad cat is very sad


The sad truth is, so many people are in love and not together and so many people are together and not in love


Y u no love me? It makes me sad...


Every time I'm sad, I imagine a T-rex trying to put a hat.


This is so sad because it's true


I am that type of girl who overthink for simple reason and get very sad


The sad moment when you realize that your childhood is over.


Sometimes I look at you and I'm sad because you are not a dragon.


but, u said, okay


Sad banana is sad


When you're feeling sad and try to think of ways to feel better and realize nothing makes you happy anymore


When you deal with being sad by listening to sad music

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