Retirement Memes

Eventually, people get out of the work force once they reach a certain age and they are then left at the home for the aged or they are let alone by themselves to do whatever they want. Retirement is another phase of life that most people do not like that much.


On the other hand, it signifies that you no longer need to wake up early in the morning to prepare yourself for school nor for work. You no longer need to sleep at a certain hour in order to wake up early the next day. You no longer need to wait for Friday to end the week. You can do whatever it is you want in life. So, somehow, retirement is also equal to freedom.

In that sense, here are some retirement memes that will help you to express how happy you are over this and just spread the word.


Wives hate retirement. They get twice as much husband and half the money.


Retirement so close, you can taste it.


Let's have a look at my retirement fund, I have to work til I die.
Retirement... Life is short and now you will figure that out.


Proper server retirement process.
Still Waiting Memes
Excited Memes

It's called... "Retirement"


Retirement Level: Expert.


Fuck you and your early retirement package.


Time to come out of Retirement


I'm going to wish you the best retirement and I'm going to make Mexico pay for it! Believe me!


Retirement... better than they said it'll be!


Starts contributing to 401K at a young age for early retirement. Smartest guy in the world.


Tomorrows the day! Happy Retirement!!!!


We've got another retirement thread. We've got a guy posting another retirement thread over here! See? Nobody cares


One day left til my retirement


Wanted to put me in a retirement home, not anymore!


Retirement home? I am not the old man you are looking for.


Chewie... We're home... Retirement village.


Social security raised the retirement age again???


Retirement party? I'll be there.


Retirement plan? Hell yeah, I own pontiac grand prix's


Army retirement? You mean master's degree for being a badass?


Am I putting away enough kitty kibble to cover my retirement?


Retirement, when you can finally relax and be yourself


So, you trust the government to look after your retirement? Let me know how that works out for you.


Retirement planning


So if you could enjoy your retirement... that would be great.


That moment when your employer failed to deposit in your 401(k) retirement plan account a contribution it withheld from your paycheck


I'm coming out of retirement just 1 more time


You don't have to save for retirement if you're dead before you can retire.


Retirement: Before and After... Say cheese


I'm worried we're not saving enough for our retirement alcohol.

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