Rest in Peace

Sometimes, the people we love passes away way too early.
And all we want them is to rest in peace, to have that sense of peace that we know they deserve.
For those people, who had someone they love pass away, do not worry, here are some rest in peace quotes that will help you to express your feelings for them.
Rest in peace quotes will help in making you feel better.

He died coz he has served his purpose in life already and I hope that he will rest in peace.


Your soul has learned everything that it was supposed to learn so it was then free for leaving.


I wish you never would have left us this early but then at one point, we will have to let you go.



The tears would not stop for I still think it was unfair of life that yours had to end this early.


You have so much dreams and aspirations ahead of you, I cannot help but wonder for you.


Rest in peace, my brother, I know that wherever you may be right now, you are well enough.

One day, when my soul is old, I would willingly welcome Death and we will part friends then.


I will always remember you, my friend even when the rest of the world has forgotten you now.


I shall immortalize you through all my writings, through all my words and all my works, dear.


May you rest in peace, sister, though we have had our share of arguments, I really loved you.


I would not let the world forget who you are, I will always be true to you and loyal as well.


When I have forgotten everyone else, I will remember you as the best thing for me, forever.


The dead can rest quietly, in peace but I wonder about the living, will we ever live at peace?


Maybe we should start worrying about living in peace that we should achieve it before we die.


Your soul has already done what it needed to do, so for now, I hope you can rest in peace.


The time has come when we must take action when we must try to live for ourselves right now.


It is difficult to live with the memories of the one we loved when they pass away but necessary.



He was gone, he was a good man so we will remember him in memory, now and forever too.


He had so much potential it still hurt to see him gone forever though we must accept that.


Rest in peace, maybe one day you will be reincarnated into someone else and we will meet.


Death is certainly not the end, there is more that we can impart on the next generations too.


I want to tell you that these bodies are just containers, our soul will move on to the next life.


Even after death, you will still be alive in your children and the next ones after them, always.


Sometimes, our dead love ones hold more space in our hearts than the living ones, sadly.


I wish that you can rest in peace now, you have died fighting your disease, so now just relax.


May you have the peace that you need now that you are no longer alive, I wish you the best.


I want you to remember that you only have one life so you have to do the things you want to.


May your soul find the peace that it needs to forget all the bad things that happened before.


I tell you, rest in peace and always remember that there is light at the end of all of this, baby.


While you are still alive, find peace within your soul so you won’t need to search later on.


You love life and life will love you, just not as much, for death is its counterpart, always was.


The child cries when he was born but when he dies, everyone else shall cry for him, his loss.


We will never lose those we have loved, though death might try to take them away from us.


Love leaves an imprint in our hearts that never fades, even after such a long time, that’s true.


Just rest in peace, you need not worry about the living anymore, we can handle all else now.


There is comfort in knowing that this life can still be improved with love, that is the truth of it.









Death is not the end, it will not make you lose your love, instead, make you appreciate more.


I think that we should appreciate the people we love more, instead of at their death beds, now.


Our dead loved ones still affects the way we act, the way we make our own decisions, truly.


Let go and let him finally rest and go in peace as he was always meant to, start letting go now.


Rest in peace, dear friend, do not worry, death is not the end, you will be born once again.


I cannot stop the tears from flowing for I miss you, but I wish you would rest in peace now.


Memories are forever, even after his death, you will never forget the memories you shared.


There is a joy inside me right now, knowing you shall be at peace, that helps me get through.


When you died, I thought I was going to be lost, but it was you who guided me to the path.


I must have been dreaming but your hand reached out to me and helped me get free of you.


Rest in peace and remember that we will never once forget how you touched all our lives.


The first moment we saw each other, I felt peace and now that you are dead, I hope you feel it.


Live in such a way that people will cry for you when the moment comes that you finally die.


There is comfort knowing that you may no longer be here but you are finally at peace, finally.


When you face the gatekeeper, I hope you can show him how happily you have lived your life.


You deserve the best burial and wishes that your soul can finally rest in peace, after all this.


I think you are going to heaven for you have exude nothing but kindness to people you meet.


There is no going back now but no going forward for you either, sometimes it still hurts me.


There are times when it must be a choice to decide to let his memory go so he can find peace.


You died a hero and so now, you can rest in peace and let all the thoughts of war leave you.


When you die and your life flashes right in front of your very eyes, I do hope that it is good.


You have lived a good life and I bet all your memories would prove that is totally true for you.


There is nothing better than being able to find some peace after the life that you have lived.


There is enlightenment when you finally rest in peace, I hope that you get that, that sense.


There is a terrible sense of belonging that I wish you would no longer feel here in this earth.


You should move on to the next part of your life, after death has happened to you, my dear.


Friend, I hope that you survive whatever it is you are going through, I am here for you still.


Now, you are in heaven and I hope to God that you can rest in peace and forget everything.


Grief, after losing someone is normal, it is something that helps you express the pain you feel.


Loss is something that you should reminisce, remember the feeling so you will never forget.


Let your grief go, only take some time because it will only amplify your pain, so let it go now.


I believe that you are going to find peace and comfort, finally after knowing your loved one.


Your memories will always be the most painful painting of your life, but you were happy then.


We will always remember the things you have done for us and hope you can rest in peace.


Neither time nor death can ever separate you from loving the people you truly love, believe it.


It is inevitable, death is so always consider telling the person you love that you love them now.


I think that death may just be another stage in this life, one that you wish would happen later.


Rest in peace and you will see that the afterlife is a place where you belong now, my dear.


May you know that we will always remember you in the best way that we can, forever true.


When you come to the next stage, which is death, remember you are loved and be at peace.


You have done your life right and now I wish that you can finally achieve some peace, dear.


It was not fair that you were taken too early from us but we do wish you will rest in peace.


I hope one day you will look back at our memories and realize that death is not the end.


Death leaves people with bitter thoughts but then it also makes people realize that it’s okay.


There are no goodbyes when you think about it, always remember that you are loved, dear.


Just take a seat, relax and remember that things are going to be just fine, years from now.


Take a seat back, and just let the scars relax, you are gonna get better, it will be fine today.


All that there is to say is that people have to die sometime, you just do not know when it’ll be.


For people, I guess it is hard to find peace sometimes, but we must, it is very necessary.


When death comes, you must welcome it with open arms, with heart that is filled with it.


Let his soul rest and remember that you will have to say prayers for his soul, for it all.


Rest in peace and one day we will meet once more, in different bodies with the same souls.

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