There is nothing wrong with giving respect and expecting it in return. After all, why should you not accept what it is that is freely given to you. The thing is that getting respect from another person will need to be earned maybe the hard way or maybe the easy way, the point is you will have to earn it.

Once you do, it is a satisfaction, knowing a person respects you because you have worked very hard just to get it. Or maybe you did something right and there is something in doing the right thing that makes you happy, that makes you feel more satisfied about the life that you have led and that is about that.

So here are some respect meme that you can send to the people that you have respected in your life all along with the ones that you are just learning to respect or has come to respect.


Mission passed + respect


I'm old school, I still believe in respect


Respect, I don't think it means what you think it means.

Sometimes, you have to leave not for ego but for self respect...


I have friends who hate me. Talk shit about me. Then they see me and show respect.
Hang Over Memes
Cheer Up Memes

Respect and kindness, respect and kindness everywhere...


Y u no repsect famiry?


Sir, I salute you with respect and awesomeness.


Respect your parents, They passed school without Google.


My parents spanked me as a child. As a result I now suffer from a psychological condition known as "Respect for others"


If you want it, first show some respect.


Remember, just because you have their attention doesn't mean that you have their respect.


Real car guys respect other car guys.




Found out my supervisor was anti-vaccines, had a lot of respect for that man, aaand it's gone.


Respect others as much as Dwight respects battle star galactica


I don't care if you're black, white, rich or poor. If you respect me, I'll give you double respect.


It's called respect, have some


It's a man's job to respect a woman, but it's a woman's job to give him something to respect.


Respect for women... get in the kitchen bitch.


"Anakin we gotta respect women!"... "If she breathes, she a thot!"... "All women are queens, Anakin!"


Don't ever lie to me, if you told me the truth no matter how ugly it is, I'll respect you even more.


Respect your parents, they pay for your internet. .. No... My neighbor pays for my internet.


You respect me, I respect you.


Respect. Me. Women.


Ever feel like you just don't get the respect you deserve?


Respect is taught at home. If your child is disrespectful, then it's your fault. It's not society's fault. It's not the fault of some video game or TV show, it's yours.


There's just certain shit you don't do in life out of respect!


Don't respect her because she is a woman, respect her because you are a man.


Oh, so you want respect from guys? Please keep ripping them off at all costs


I don't have an ego, it's called Self-Respect.


Respect your mother, you son of a bitch


I pure, straight hate you but god dammit do I respect you!


List of presidential candidates I trust and respect.


If you could have your self-respect handed in by monday, that would be great.


Respect must be shown.


My face when Trump says, "I have great respect for women."


When you see your ex liking photos about respect and loyalty.


Reason why I'm single: I'm shy. I don't flirt. I don't fake and I respect woman.

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