Remembrance Sunday Weymouth

Pages of the Sea by Danny Boyle will be hung on Weymouth Beach on November 11, the century of Armistice day.


Remembrance Sunday Weymouth; As a major aspect of the occasion countenances of the a huge number of individuals whose lives were lost or changed perpetually by the First World War will be carved on to 12 shorelines over the UK in a “thank you” planned by movie producer Danny Boyle.


An enormous scale representation of a setback from the First World War, which could be as huge as 50 meters by 50 meters and structured by sand craftsmen, will be washed away as the tide comes in.


Councilor Richard Kosior, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s representative for the travel industry, stated: “It’s incredible for the town to be picked for such a critical occasion.


Remembrance Sunday Weymouth
Remembrance Sunday Weymouth



“We were browsed numerous and it ought to be praised. We have a person used to putting on awesome occasions, think about the Olympic opening and shutting function, the town ought to be regarded to be engaged with such a regarded group.”




He included that he trusts the movie producer will visit Weymouth on the day and stated: “I would envision he will. It has his name against it. He should be nearby to ensure it can occur. It’s his vision.”


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The open will be welcome to participate by “making outlines of individuals in the sand, recollecting the a large number of lives lost or changed always by the contention”.



Mr Boyle said that as a “little country, encompassed by shorelines,” the areas for the tributes were an “incredible stage”.


Remembrance Sunday Weymouth


Shorelines are “raucous, majority rule places”, he stated, where “no one standards other than the tide. It doesn’t need to be a tragic event. It could be celebratory.”


Remembrance Sunday Weymouth
Remembrance Sunday Weymouth


He said that making the opening function for the London 2012 Olympic Games had changed his reasoning.


“London 2012 was a changing thing in my life in view of the volunteers,” he said.


“It showed me a thing or two about how much individuals need to contribute.”


The occasions will be a “tremulous thank you for every one of the individuals who relinquished to such an extent”.


Pages Of The Sea is depicted as a “casual, across the country signal of recognition for the people who left their home shores during the First World War”.


Writer Carol Ann Duffy has been welcome to compose another lyric, which will be perused by people, families and networks as they accumulate on the shorelines.


Copies will be available at the shorelines around the UK.

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