Remembrance Sunday Torquay

Torquay Remembrance Parade and Service



Remembrance Sunday Torquay


Sunday eleventh November 2018 Commemorates 100 years of the consummation of World War 1


There will be a motorcade and administration at Torquay War Memorial in Princess Gardens, with rockets being terminated to stamp the two moment quiet at 11am.


The cash raised by the Poppy Appeal gives the primary wellspring of financing which empowers the Royal British Legion to keep on helping ex-serving individuals and their families, as it has done since 1921. In supporting the Poppy Appeal in any case we are capable, we demonstrate our regard and gratefulness for past and current individuals from our military.


Remembrance Sunday Torquay
Remembrance Sunday Torquay


We recollect the individuals who have made the preeminent penance yet in addition perceive the requirements of the survivors and their families. Without your liberal gifts it is difficult to do this fundamental work. When you purchase your poppy, wear it with satisfaction, in memory of the individuals who have given to such an extent.


Torbay Road will be shut down between 9 am and 12 early afternoon.



Arrangements for Remembrance Sunday


To celebrate servicemen and servicewoman over a significant time span, a Remembrance Sunday Ceremony will occur at the Cenotaph in Princess Gardens, Torquay on 11 November 2018.


The Remembrance Sunday Service will occur at 11am.


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Remembrance Sunday Torquay
Remembrance Sunday Torquay



So as to make the occasion sheltered and secure, Torbay Council has been working intimately with the Police and is mentioning a sterile region for the entire of the seafront region. In this way, Torbay Road will be shut down between the Belgrave Road/Abbey Crescent intersections along to Torquay Pavilion somewhere in the range of 9am and 2pm on Sunday.


Torbay Road will have a stopping suspension, in the two bearings, dynamic from 1am on early Sunday morning through to 2pm on Sunday evening.


No vehicles will be allowed inside the shut down street of Torbay Road between the long periods of 9am to 2pm (no matter what).


Just people on foot will be allowed through the conclusion somewhere in the range of 9am and 2pm.


Remembrance Sunday Torquay
Remembrance Sunday Torquay


Neighborhood organizations, crisis administrations, cabs and open vehicle have all been educated, and redirection courses and suitable game plans will be set up during these occasions.


When the service has completed and the procession has serenely passed, Torbay Council will try to revive the thruway as quickly as time permits.


There is a drop off point for handicapped and older participants at Torquay Pavilion by means of the preoccupation courses (if it’s not too much trouble pursue the redirection course if going from Paignton).


Parking will be available at:


  • Lower Union Lane
  • Shedden Hill
  • The Terrace Car Park


At night we will likewise be participating in Battle’s Over.

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