Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea

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Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea: LEIGH is good to go for an all-inclusive celebration of the centennial of the completion of the First World War, which this year really falls on Remembrance Sunday, November 10.

As a basic method to stamp the part of the bargain War Leigh will join artists everywhere throughout the UK and abroad who will play ‘Fight’s O’er’ with a mass playing of this retreat walk outside houses of worship and church buildings at 06:00 on Sunday, November 10.


Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea
Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea


At St Clement’s this will be played in the churchyard at The Calvary, the commemoration to the neighborhood war dead given by the individuals of Leigh after the Great War.

A representative for St Clement’s clarified: “We recollect the a large number who were either executed or returned home horribly injured, alongside recalling the families and sweethearts who lost friends and family while remaining at home to keep the ‘home flames consuming’.”

At St. Forgiving’s November 10t in this century year will be set apart at 06:00 and for the duration of the day:


Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea
Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea


06:00 The Battle’s O’er, played at The Calvary

08:00 Low Mass

09:30 Remembrance Requiem Mass

10:45 Act of Remembrance at The Calvary

15:00 Remembrance Service with the Royal British Legion

18:55 The Last Post, sounded at The Calvary

19:05 Church Bells Ringing out for Peace


After the Last Post is sounded at The Calvary at 18:55, the last occasion to check this significant commemoration will be ‘Ringing Out For Peace’ when the chimes of St Clement’s will ring out close by other nearby places of worship and more than 1,000 houses of worship and churches over the UK and the world.

Following the evening administration, there will be a motorcade from St Clement’s Church.

Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea
Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea


Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea
Remembrance Sunday Leigh On Sea


Prior in the day a Memorial Service will be held in Eastwood Memorial Hall, Rayleih Road.

The Memorial Hal is the War Memorial for all of Belfairs, Leigh and Eastwood and the administration will be held at 2 pm and keep going for around 30 minutes, enabling the individuals who so wish to go to the Leigh march to do as such,

In participation will be Sir David Amess MP, nearby councilors and agents structure Leigh Town Council, close by neighborhood occupants.

A gathering will be taken, which will go to the Poppy Appeal.

At 6am the Hall will likewise be open for a flute player to have as impact of the national undertaking ‘Fight’s O’er,’ which will see buglers the nation over sounding the authentic tribute.

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