Remembrance Sunday ks1

Remembrance Sunday ks1; This session spins around a PowerPoint introduction which offers 6 noteworthy conversation starters, each intended to urge understudies to think and to share their insight and comprehension of this yearly occasion.


Remembrance Sunday ks1
Remembrance Sunday ks1


Question 1

Who and what do we recollect on Poppy Day?

Show PowerPoint slide 2 which shows poppies developing along security fencing against a background of fighting. Can the students utilize the pieces of information in the picture to think who it is we are recollecting on Poppy Day. This could urge a few understudies to contemplate relatives from a wide assortment of nations who may have battled in wars during the most recent 100 years. Slide 3 clarifies the connection among poppies and the channel fighting which describes World War One for some individuals. Slides 5 and 6 remind understudies that it isn’t only the tumbled from 100 years back who are recollected yet all servicemen who kicked the bucket in resulting clashes


Remembrance Sunday ks1
Remembrance Sunday ks1


Question 2

How would we recollect the dead today?

Slide 7 demonstrates a picture from the current year’s celebration, indicating something missing from a man’s coat lapel. Move from a straightforward inquiry posing to what it is that somebody would typically wear? To a requesting one, Why do they think this blurb was delivered, an inquiry progressively reasonable for KS2.


Remembrance Sunday ks1

Question 3

For what reason do we wear poppies?

Understudies are demonstrated the primary refrain of McCrae’s acclaimed ballad – the remainder of the sections are increasingly troublesome. A little foundation into McCrae is given alongside solid pictures of war time and the poppies developing close by impermanent wooden crosses.



Remembrance Sunday ks1



Question 4

In what different ways do we recollect the dead who gave their lives for this nation?

Show slides 11 and 12 to perceive what thoughts understudies may as of now have or can conclude. Great to utilize a bit of contemporary newsreel film particularly one including the playing of the Last Post.


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Question 5

What would we be able to find out about the past from nearby war remembrances? ( discretionary and increasingly fit to Y2 or KS2)?

Understudies visit the nearby war commemoration and are asked to investigate and raise inquiries about it. Slide 14 basically requests that they guess, ahead of time of the visit, what may be composed on it, drawing on their logical information.


Remembrance Sunday ks1
Remembrance Sunday ks1


Question 6

For what reason is Poppy Day consistently in the second seven day stretch of November?

Use slide 15 to clarify the essentialness of the date. This ought to likewise fill in as a token of the progression of time and that it will before long be a long time since the First World War began. The ongoing going of the last Tommy to have battled in this war helps students to remember the need to keep our recollections of what they did alive.



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