Remembrance Sunday Intercessions

A Prayer for Remembrance Sunday


Remembrance Sunday Intercessions; Here’s a petition of mediation for Remembrance Day (November 11). It originates from the Church of England site.


Prayer for Remembrance Day


Give us a chance to appeal to God for all who endure because of contention,

what’s more, ask that God may give us harmony:


for the administration people

who have kicked the bucket in the brutality of war,

every one recollected by and known to God;

may God give harmony.

God give harmony.

For the individuals who adore them in death as throughout everyday life,

offering the pain of our despondency

furthermore, the trouble of our misfortune;

may God give harmony.

God give harmony.



For all individuals from the military

who are in threat this day,

recollecting family, companions

and all who appeal to God for their sheltered return;

may God give harmony.

God give harmony.

For non military personnel ladies, kids and men

whose lives are deformed by war or fear,

bringing to mind in humility

the annoyance and abhorrences of humankind;

may God give harmony.

God give harmony.


Remembrance Sunday Intercessions
Remembrance Sunday Intercessions


For peacemakers and peacekeepers,

who look to keep this world secure and free;

may God give harmony.

God give harmony.

For all who bear the weight and benefit of administration,

political, military and religious;

requesting blessings of intelligence and resolve

in the quest for compromise and harmony;

may God give harmony.

God give harmony.



O God of truth and equity,

we hold before you those whose memory we love,

furthermore, those whose names we will never know.

Help us to lift our eyes over the torment of this wrecked world,

what’s more, award us the beauty to petition God for the individuals who wish us hurt.

As we respect the past,

may we put our confidence in your future;

for you are the wellspring of life and expectation,

presently and for ever.

So be it.



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(All consolidate in the Lord’s Prayer)

Our Father, who workmanship in paradise,

consecrated be thy name;

thy the hereafter;

thy will be finished;

on earth all things considered in paradise.

Allow us this day our day by day bread.

Furthermore, excuse us our trespasses,

as we excuse the individuals who trespass against us.

Furthermore, lead us not into allurement;

yet, convey us from malevolence.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the magnificence,

for ever and ever.

So be it.

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