Remembrance Sunday Hereford

remembrance sunday hereford ;The people of Herefordshire made a gigantic commitment to the war exertion; from the valiant youngsters enrolled into the Herefordshire Regiment, to the Canary Girls who filled ammo shells at the Rotherwas Munitions Factory. Nearby ranchers gave nourishment and steeds to the war exertion, while the Home Front kept Tommy warm with carefully assembled sewed products.

As we approach the centennial of the part of the arrangement World War, there will be a progression of occasions in the house of prayer during November to recognize the fallen and recollect the Home Front.


remembrance sunday hereford
Remembrance Sunday Hereford




Monday 5 November onwards


From Monday 5 November, the Royal British Legion’s Field of Remembrance will be open in the Lady Arbor Garden for guests during Cathedral opening times.



5 – 11 November (4.30 pm day by day)

In the week paving the way to Remembrance Sunday, Hereford Cathedral will peruse every one of the 3,213 names of the province’s war dead. Around 500 names will be perused every day in a day by day administration driven by area dignitaries and associations, and family agents of the individuals who passed on, were harmed or who served during the First World War. The full rundown of the fallen will be imprinted in the Hereford Times and is accessible to see on the Herefordshire Council site. Open to all.


Remembrance Sunday Hereford
Remembrance Sunday Hereford


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Remembrance SUNDAY


10 am Cathedral Eucharist


The Cathedral Eucharist will stamp Remembrance Day with music from Duruflé’s Requiem. The exhibition of the Duruflé is accessible to tune in to here.


3.30 pm A Service of Reflection to stamp the Centenary of the Armistice and the Restoration of Peace.


A district administration of recognition for the part of the arrangement World War during which 3,213 poppies, denoting every one of the region’s war dead, will be dropped from the church tower. Open to all.


Remembrance Sunday Hereford


The request for administration might be downloaded here.

More subtleties of the countywide Remembrance occasions can be found at


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