Remembrance Sunday Assembly

To comprehend that recalling works up a wide range of feelings.

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by Janice Ross


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly

Appropriate for Key Stage 1




  • To comprehend that recalling works up a wide range of feelings.
  • Arrangement and materials
  • A Remembrance Day poppy.
  • PC picture of a poppy or a field of poppies.


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly


Since 1995, the fiftieth commemoration of the consummation of the Second World War in Europe, it is again turning into the custom to recollect the marking of the Armistice at 11 a.m. on 11 November 1918. There is frequently, for instance, a quiet of 2 minutes at 11 a.m.




Clarify that we are going to discover how great our recollections are. What amount would we be able to recall?

State that you are going to begin by posing inquiries about today, for instance:

– Who took in your line today?

– Who did you remain close to in the line?

– How did you feel when you got up at the beginning of today?

Shouldn’t something be said about a weekend ago?

– What did you do on Saturday evening?

– What was on TV on Sunday evening?

What about a week ago? (Pose inquiries fitting to your very own school occasions.)


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly

It turns out to be progressively hard to recall occasions the further away from them you go.

Play the accompanying game. Give some word signs and the kids need to work out what is being recollected. For instance:

– garden, fire, beefburgers (grill)

– daylight, dessert, shells, sand (day at the shoreline)

– companions, bundles, inflatables, cake (birthday party).

Different thoughts may be Sports Day, Pancake Day, a wedding.


These occasions may have happened a quite a while prior. They are recollected on the grounds that they were enjoyable. Glad occasions will in general remain in our recollections for quite a while.

Miserable occasions can remain in our recollections for quite a while, as well.

(You might need to make reference to pets that have kicked the bucket, companions who have moved away.)


Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday Assembly


Demonstrate the poppy.

This poppy is utilized to enable us to recall something that happened quite a while prior. Brave people from our nation needed to proceed to battle in a long war, which we call the First World War, on the mainland of Europe. A considerable lot of these warriors passed on and didn’t get back home.

Their families and companions were tragic. Everybody was tragic in light of the fact that these valiant troopers were battling for the benefit of the entire nation. How could everybody in the entire nation demonstrate the families who had lost friends and family that the country was contemplating them and recollecting as well?


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly

It was chosen that there would be an extraordinary day consistently for recollecting and imploring. The date picked was 11 November, since 11 November 1918 was the day when the Armistice was marked (a peace negotiation is a consent to end fighting).This day was called Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly

It was likewise chosen that everybody should wear a red poppy on that day. This was on the grounds that a large number of red poppies were developing in the front lines where huge numbers of our officers lost their lives in the First World War.

From 1939 to 1945 there was another horrible world war: the Second World War. After this, it was chosen to move Remembrance Day from November 11 to the second Sunday in November. This Sunday is called Remembrance Sunday.


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly

On Remembrance Sunday we recollect the British and Commonwealth servicemen and ladies who kicked the bucket in two world wars. We additionally recall the people in the military who have given their lives in every one of the wars that have occurred since the completion of the Second World War. There are marches and unique administrations, and poppies are laid at war remembrances.

This year we will consider particularly many courageous troopers who are as yet battling in hazardous spots, for example, Afghanistan.

Wearing a red poppy will signify, ‘We are recalling together.’

Time for reflection

Show picture of poppy, and of the poppies at Flanders.




Dear God,

much obliged to you for the numerous upbeat recollections we have.

We are heartbroken that a few people have miserable recollections during this season

as they recall the individuals who have passed on for our nation.

May we wear our red poppies with affection and sympathy,

what’s more, may we recall and be appreciative.

So be it.


‘Harmony is streaming’ (Come and Praise, 144).


Remembrance Sunday Assembly
Remembrance Sunday Assembly


You may get a kick out of the chance to play the Enigma Variations by Elgar, which is related with recognition.

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