Being a Pisces is a good thing, there are a certain sets of personality traits that are associated with it.
Now, that you know you are a Pisces, you should read more about it and how you are going to deal with it.
If you are a Pisces or you have a friend who is a Pisces, you might want to find some things you can say to him or her.
Here are some Pisces quotes that you can opt to tell him or her or may want to suggest to your friend.

I want to be a Pisces because I think they are awesome, I want to be just like my friends are.


I may just be a bit more sensitive than other people but that is just innate in me, believe me.


I sure wanted to be spontaneous at times, but the truth is that I just cannot though I tried once.


Not that I am depressed or anything I just have these daily mood shifts that just comes and go.


There are times when I get hurt easily but because I am very emotional or at least I tend to be.


I just hate that feeling when people are pressuring me to do something that I do not know of.


A typical Pisces would experience some mood shifts but it does not translate to depression.


I wish you would have known how awful it is to feel so worthless to the people I love the most.


Sometimes, I wish I can just be someone I am not, but they tell me I am the best I can ever be.


You look at me like I am extraordinary and for that I will forever be grateful to you, really.


And now, what I can do best is to tell you that you are like a fish taken out of the ocean, love.


Pisces people do not have emotional boundaries at all and so their feelings get usually hurt.


You seem to adapt really well to the land, when you are but a fish fresh from the water, dear.

Even now, years later, I am still searching for the water, still looking for the way back to it.


I am always too sensible to be too happy knowing that consequences might follow it after.


In reality, I tend to be confused emotionally, helping me to write the right words from then.


If only people were more honest with their emotions, I bet the world would be a better place.



The people in Pisces zodiac are very sensitive so you must be really careful around them now.


It is very important to be very careful when dealing with a Pisces, it is very important too.


You and me, we just like exploring emotions, we like knowing that we can do better things.

I think we can be whoever we want to be, no bearing on what Zodiac we tend to carry with us.


I blend in quite easily, taking qualities that I need from the surroundings so I can easily fit in.


Pisces really hates the feeling of being pressured to do something that they are not used to do.


Though I may look sweet, I also have that brutal side that will go head to head to you, really.


I think that the one thing that rules us all is one emotion beyond us, one emotion called love.


You do not have to say sorry for who you are, I do not have to say sorry for who I am, right?


I think that sometimes Pisces feels that they are worthless to people that they truly care for.


We all deserve to be happy, we all deserve someone we can lean on to, no matter what now.


I really believe that we are all a bit crazy, we are all trying to make a mark in this fine world.


Do not mistreat me for I may be kind to look at but once I walk away I would not come back.


I grew up with a Pisces but she was down to earth and not that sensitive, it varies, after all.


I am real, I am honest, it is just in my nature, that is just the truth of it, believe me on this.


Though I have been mistreated back then, I have stepped out of it and become a better me.









I think that caring too much can be the reason that I get hurt a lot, it must have been that.


Maybe the problem with being with a Pisces is that it is like walking on needles, sensitivity.


Once I stop caring about you, I swear you will know you should not have messed me up so.


I will treat you the same way you treated me, that I will, believe me and I will show you then.


I will never stop fighting for what I need and what I want, it is a quality I have always had.


I look into your eyes and I see your soul, I see what and who you truly are, that is the truth.


She is eyeing me right now like a prize the first time she knew that I was another Pisces.


Okay, so I am a Pisces, but I want to be able to keep going on this life, to keep fighting too.


Remember this: I hate playing dumb, I want to keep things real all the time, that’s about it.


Yes, I am nice but it does not mean I will keep tolerating you for all the bad you had done.


Out of all these people I stand alone in supporting others as well, but I will keep standing.


I am another of those Pisces, wanting to search for the water that is my home, wishing for it.


I have opened my heart, I have gave all my love and still got nothing in return, it is a bit sad.


What I want in this life is to get back up every single time that life will bring me down, okay?


There will come a time when I will give up on you and I will swim away from you, right away.


Pisces are not spontaneous and so do not invite them just now, try saying it two weeks before.


I shall show you a side of this word called love, one that you have never known until now.


Boy, you must realize it is not easy to understand me but if you try to, I will treasure you a lot.


It seems that Pisces are way too conscious when they do thing so I hope you are sensible too.


I will keep on arguing with you until you try to open your eyes and see the things my way too.


I strictly believe that all opinions should be tested out, should be seen to, that is the truth of it.


I am a Pisces and sometimes I feel emotionally confused in this life, so I write more songs too.


Think about it, sometimes you must be sensitive enough to feel other’s emotions as well.


I thought I was but a wreckage then a Piscean came along and totally changed this life I live.


There are a lot of reasons why you should try dating me and one is because I like you a lot.


I think that being sensitive is a Pisces trait that we should be proud of, after all this time now.


I have a very good intuition, the things I feel almost always happen and it is just so awesome.


There are things that I sense that I cannot even explain about, that is about the truth of it too.


Pisces people are very sensitive, even men are honest with the emotions that they have inside.


You should get to know a person even if he is a Pisces or not, do things the same way, always.


I may not be able to offer you a lot but I can assure you that I will give you my loyalty now.


I have never been anyone that people try to pressure me into, I want to be my own person.


Sometimes, it is like Piscean has some sort of connection that I can barely figure out then.


Though I am a Pisces, I am very comfortable even without any water, we are very okay now.


I learned to play an instrument but terribly failed at them, just my voice that is an instrument.


I am a very good listener, throw me that story and I promise to keep being with you always.


I tend to be forgetful at times and a bit irresponsive, but I love and I get hurt a lot as well.


Pisces are said to be very closed minded, but I do not believe that, I am very nice and open.


May the mistakes your previous Piscean help you out, for you are the only hope as well.


Are you ready to make your child feel so special, to make sure that you will be just fine now.


There ain’t no one who can mess with a Pisces and not be revenged back by the rest of us.


One of my biggest problems is that people tend to think I am too sensitive do you do the same?


What I want now is a proof of my mother, being sure that you should be careful of everything.


I am a Pisces, but it doesn’t mean that I am too sensitive, I think I am just my own self, really.


I was born on this Zodiac so is that any fault of mine if you want me any other person that do.


I wish I can tell people that this is already consistent so you just have to keep all the things.


When you notice that a Pisces is being noticeably quiet take a good look on what’s inside him.


Instead of fireworks and dates, just give yourself some time and believe everything’s fine.


We Pisces loves to try out new things as well, from time to time, just like other people do now.


I think you have to see me past that Pisces stereotype & maybe we will be just fine from then.

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