Everyone loves partying, how the lights flicker off and on, how everything feels happy. The music is too loud and still people are dancing on the dance floor not caring about anyone else but themselves.


They do not even care how they look like, they are just trying to match the rhythm of the songs that are being played or the sound of the drums when there is a live band. There are so many things that can happen in a party and one of themĀ  is meeting someone new, maybe a new friend or maybe someone you can be more than friends with.

When those time comes that you need to strike up a conversation after the party, when you are already at the luxury of your bed, here are some party memes that you can use in order to give some humor to your chats that will surely be appreciated.


Come on barbie, let's go party!


There's no better party that a non political party


When you just died but your funeral after party poppin'

Fuck this shit, let's party


Best party ever


The feel of being invited to a party and not having fun

Fact, it's party time


Get your party pants on


When there's no pinyata at the party but the emo kid just hung himself... Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


Let's party


Got drunk a t a party talks about it for a week


Who's ready to party? This guy is!!


When u see u not only one who brought weed to the party... Mah nigga


Not invited to party, calls cops on party




When someone at he party is rolling a blunt and you give them this look


Party hard


Good, good, let the party begin


When you're at a party and somebody asks you about your memes


Party hard


This is going to be the best party ever.


You ready to party?


'Cause I like to party


Come to the party they said. You'll have a good time, they said.


Why the fuck would anyone want to go to that party?


Maybe this party will actually be kinda fun... Me the entire night:


Every time I shave before a party


Party Hard


Goes to college party, thinks they're fourlokos


Did someone say party???


When you're drunk af and pass a mirror at a party


Party hard, oh damn, not that hard.

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