New Year Resolution Quotes 2021

As soon as the new year approaches, everyone rush to make new year resolutions that can uplift their life on a personal and professional level.

With only a few months left in the Happy New Year 2021, we all are quite exuberant about intriguing things that new year is going throw in our life.

Everyone plans and expects a lot of things to happen in the new year. Everything is possible if your new year resolutions are as firm as the Himalayas. To help you kick-start the new year with a high spirit, we have jotted down resolution new year quotes with pictures that will be your perennial source of motivation.

Tomorrow is the day to write your own story and leave a major impact on the world. Make sure to write the best one. Happy New Year!

New Year Resolution Quotes 2021

There is nothing enigmatic or magical about the new year. It’s your burning desire to improve yourself that makes it alluring. Happy New Year!


Make positive hopes your opium this new year. Always say, you are capable of doing everything in life and feel the difference. Happy New Year to everyone!


Trust existence, there are far, far better things lie ahead for your in the new year. Stop crying for past deeds. I wish you a wonderful Happy New Year!


Hope is something which we can find every moment, every day, every week, and every year. Never be afraid to start something new. Cheers for the Happy New Year!


I am so grateful to the god for keeping me alive for witnessing another new year. Spread love, peace out. Happy New Year!


Every day of the new year is the best day if you are willing to put your soul out for making it special. Happy New Year!


You are neither superior nor inferior to anyone. You are simply unique! With this idea, welcome the new year with immense delight in your heart.

You can solve the new problems with the same old mindset. Life is all about bending yourself according to the situation. Happy New Year to everyone!


The sole objective of the new year is to remove ‘I Can’t’ from your dictionary and add ‘I Can’ in it. Start your journey to achieve dreams and Happy New Year!


And you should enter the new year loving yourself little less and loving little more what actually matters. I wish you a stupendous new year!


One of the best new year resolutions can be finding out the answer to “Who Am I?”. Happy New Year fellas!


Small daily improvements in life may lead to a big stunning success. Keep pushing yourself and Happy New Year!


The whole aim of education in life is to take actions at the right moments. Have an enticing new year!


As they say, he who makes the resolution is a dolt; he who breaks the resolution is a person with a feeble heart.

happy new year's resolution 2021 quotes

Happy New Year Quotes for Him – Happy New Year Quote for Her

Are you eagerly looking for Happy New Year quotes for him or her? If yes, you have landed up at the right place.

Boyfriends or girlfriends do cranky things for each other to put a huge smile on each others faces. While boyfriends like to impress their sweethearts with greeting cards and swanky gift items, girlfriends like to woo their men hearts by sending them heart-touching happy new year image quotes & messages and wishes.

This new year eve, show your girlfriend or boyfriend that how much love her/him by sending Happy New Year quotes for her or happy new year 2021 wishes quotes for him. You sweetheart will feel more than blessed after receiving such astonishing new year quotes from the love of his/her life.

The only present I want from you this new year is your presence on this special day. Let’s dine, wine, dance, and welcome the new year together. Happy New Year boyfriend!

Happy New Year Quote for Her

Just like previous year, our love and trust for each other will grow manifold times this year as well. Let’s make this year the best of all new years. Happy New Year girlfriend!


Life gives us opportunities every day to create new stories that inspire people and spread happiness in the entire world. Happy New Year darling!


The arrival of the new year means we have another year to love each other and express our gratitude towards life and God. Happy New Year sweetheart!


You are unquestionably a great lover. More than that, you are the greatest friend in this world. Here I wishing you a Happy New Year!


Don’t you think the new year day is the best day to cherishing memories we’ve created over the years? Let’s create some more magical moments this new year. A very Happy New Year to my love!


I will be one of the luckiest persons this new year because my love will be with me to celebrate this coveted day.

May this new year, all our worries vanish, all our misunderstanding sway away, and The God gives us the strength to consolidate our relationship. Happy New Year baby!


I wish love, happiness, and opulence we had the previous year may also continue this new year. Thanks for making my life noteworthy. Happy New Year babe!


I promise, this new year, I will love you more than ever, care for you like a madman, and protect you from every threat. Let’s have a blasting new year celebration together!


Your presence in my life is like fireworks, so dreamy and so glittering. A Happy New Year and all the blessings of this world to you!


The very thought of spending another 365 years with you is causing butterflies in my stomach. A very Happy New Year to my love and my life!

happy new year 2021 quotes for love

The best way to end the year 2019 is a kiss from you. The best way to commence the new year 2021 is by kissing you on the forehead. A Happy New Year and let’s rock the new year eve together!


Funny Happy New Year 2021 Quotes With Images

We have saved the best one for the last to end this comprehensive post with a bang.

Humor is that one single thing which can put a massive smile on our face even in the most bothersome time. Humor gives us perceptive to look a the things from different angles and elicit the fun out of them.

We have talked a lot about love, life, girlfriend, boyfriend, inspiration, motivation, husband, and the wife. It’s time to bring out amazing and funny new year quotes from our kitty and spill tons of laughter in your life. Let’s get started with an enticing selection of funny new year quotes!


Once a wise man said, in the youth time, you happily stay up late on New Year day. However, in the middle and old age, you are forced to. Happy New Year fellas!


funny happy new years quotes

The best new year resolution can be: Tolerate the dolts with elegance and dodge the problems like a circus joker dodges criticism. Happy New Year!


This new year, I will not wish happiness and success for you. You have these in heaps. It’s my time to get them. Happy New Year lovely friend!


Do you want to eat pizza free on the new year? Order it five minutes before the arrival of the new year and when Pizza arrives, say I ordered this a year ago, LOL!


Dear love, success, money, and happiness, please can we be good friends in 2021?


Life is all about grabbing the next best opportunity as quickly as possible. In this context, it is called a new year!


Make new year resolutions when you are drunk. Even if you break one of them, you can say I was drunk when I make them. Happy New Year crazy man!

funny new year quotes in hindi


Instead of reading people Whatsapp status, read good books this year so that you can pass the examinations. Happy New Year!


You can’t be everything, but you can be something. Small efforts can make a big difference. The problem is you don’t make efforts at all. A Happy New Year my lazy friend!


If nothing changes in the new year 2021, I am pretty sure the problem is you. Stop complaining and start acting. Happy New Year hustlers!


This new year, do less social media and socialize more in real life. No lovely text message can beat the warmth of hugs. Happy New Year!


The real reason why most of the new year resolutions fail is people set aim too high and act on them too low. Be realistic. A very Happy New Year to everyone and keep hustling!


This new year, I wish you overcome all your fears like fear of lizard, fear of heights, and the list go on. Jokes apart, Happy New Year to my wonderful friends!

new year funny quotes for friends

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